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    I do want to buy a used car

    In your copious spare time? ;)
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    Missing Members

    Then that was terrible, Lunar. Almost a decade ago, when I was laid off, I at least got a decent severance package to "tide me over". A few years later, my wife took the "offer she couldn't refuse", to retire early from her job, and got a minimal, better-than-nothing severance package. The...
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    Missing Members

    So you got lucky ;) Or maybe that was part of a severance package you got, that others who hung on until the company closed did not get.
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    You can preview your whole post, before saving it, and test the links that way.
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    4k video playback: What do you really need?

    That. Spoken as an "old fogie" whose eyes and ears are going somewhat fast. Streaming TV in 4K (+HDR?) may be "good enough" for my vision. And I'm a fan of classic music (jazz, blues, rock (&roll), Motown, hip-hop, etc.), but not classical music, so 95% coverage may be adequate to convey the...
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    Something Random

    I Googled it earlier. I think it's something about a dog show.
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    I think he wants "RAD" changed to "RAID" in Computers/RAD Failure.
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    Windows 10

    But HP may be cluefull. They and CostCo work out a big deal for a proprietary laptop line with impressive-seeming hw specs, and lots of CostCo customers buy in and don't have the background to realize how they've been gypped.
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    I haf already reported the threat you got from that new "nutjob". That was much too much...

    I haf already reported the threat you got from that new "nutjob". That was much too much (something about "must be killed"), and I think it may already be gone.
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    The link above works, but if you go to the linked post, the "here" links in that do not.
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    I noticed yesterday that some older "internal forum links" in threads are no longer functional, presumably because of the forum-conversion complexities. I also assume that this issue may be too difficult to remedy, and not worth the effort, so we may need to just accept it and move on. An...
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    That is a hassle, but at least we can extract the YouTube URL.
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    Hardware Hacking

    So, software hacking is so hard that maybe somebody came up with a hardware solution:
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    Hello, all. I have an Ubuntu 16.04 PC that seems to have been hacked. I got a blackmail Email containing one of my passwords, wanting $3000. They claim to have installed an RDP with key logging from a video clip I viewed. Is there any anti-malware software I could run to "clean" the install...
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    Every modern processor has unfixable security flaws
  16. Newtun

    This is the Only Forum Post You Will Ever Need to View, From Any Forum Anywhere

    Stream the World Chess Federation Grand Prix Series Live !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
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    Potential Upgrades to My New "Vomit Box"

    Thanks for the advice, all. I got the vBox about a couple of hours ago, and installed the second UDIMM. Here are the Memtest86+ RAM speed test results before and after this dual-channeling: 10399 vs 17351 MB/s, about a 67% speed increase. I have included the (fuzzy) screenshot pix from my...
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    Potential Upgrades to My New "Vomit Box"

    Apologies in advance, but I just got one of these: Dell PowerEdge T20 Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 Quad-Core Tower Barebone Server for $279, from yesterday's Ars Technica/TechBargains deals list. (I'm getting too old to "roll my own" any more. This will replace my 8-year-old home-grown PC with a...
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    Intel Announces New Prime95 Suckage in Skylake

    .. (Sorry, couldn't resist the wording variant of the "Seasonic Announce New Prime Series PSU's" thread.
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    vBulletin sEcurity iSsue

    From ArsTechnica: vBulletin password hack fuels fears of serious Internet-wide 0-day attacks
  21. Newtun

    Android Phones: Tricks

    From Ars Technica: Android security on the ropes with one-two punch from researchers
  22. Newtun

    Goodbye Flash?

    From Ars: Firefox blacklists Flash player due to unpatched 0-day vulnerabilities
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    3 TB Hard Drive Problems

    From Ars: Apple announces recall program for 3TB hard drives in 2012 and 2013 iMacs Quoting from a comment there: Rosyna (Ars Tribunus Militum) retrospooty wrote: Its odd about 3tb HDD's. They are failing in much higher #'s than 1,2 did before it and 4tb did after it. This is all major...
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    ArsTech pwned

    Ars was briefly hacked yesterday; here’s what we know
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    UNIX/Linux/MacOS X bash Major Security Hole

    3 articles: From the boffins at The Register, "A bug discovered in the widely used Bash command interpreter poses a critical...
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    Cooler News

    Researcher finds faster, cheaper way to cool electronic devices. Mix graphene with copper in a heat spreader. Coming soon to a Zalman near you?
  27. Newtun

    Wifi Come from a Land Down Under

    How the Aussie government "invented WiFi" and sued its way to $430 million
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    UNIX Disk-Space Usage Report

    Greetings, all. "At work", I recently got an Email that a 1 TB file system was 96% full on a UNIX server, and I had one of the largest 10 files. But it was way under 1% of the total space. It occurred to me that instead of the system admins reporting a few real big files, it might be better...
  29. Newtun

    RIP FIC AU13

    Checking the status of my PCs on the World Community Grid, I found that my 8.6-year-old FIC Nforce2 PC had "No Reply" for some workunits. Looking at the box, "the lights are on, but nobody's home." I tried powering it down for hours, and jumpering to clear the CMOS, but there's no response...
  30. Newtun

    Thailand Flooding Threatens Hard Drive Supply

    CRN: "Likely To Cause Widespread Hard Drive Shortage" Forbes: "Deepen Crisis at HDD Companies" (... 60% of WD's drive volume, ... Toshiba shuts down plant)
  31. Newtun

    Researchers: Hard Drive Capacities Up to 18TB?

  32. Newtun

    Interesting Issue with "Disk Controllers with 3TB support" Thread

    This thread in Computers seems to indicate new post-age, for the past 10 hours or so (at least for me). But the last post is "old" (2nd thumbnail).
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    Cool Fan Idea

    This Popular Science article claims potential wider applicability, to refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.
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    Prospective Semi-High-End Budget Build

    Hello, storag-ers. I'm considering the components for a new PC build in a couple of months. Primary usage would be the World Community Grid Help Conquer Cancer project, and taking over as my utility PC (browsing, E-mail, Open Office) from my current WCG-HCC box (Gigabyte 965P mobo, Core2 E5200...
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    KVM "Multiplexing"

    I have one 2-way KVM switch already. If I get another, can I hook the outputs of the old one to one of the inputs of the new one, and another computer to the other input of the new one, to create a 3-way KVM? Of course, I can do the connections, but will it work correctly for all 3 computers -...
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    Building Permit

    I'm getting close to buying the parts for my next system. I already have a WD800SE, and this is what else I'm considering: Antec Sonata case2 Kingston 256 MB HyperX DDR400 modulesFIC AU13 motherboardAthlon XP 2100+Spire WhisperRockI hope to get it all at NewEgg, but they just sold out of the...
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    V-Box Problem

    I have a Compaq DeskPro EN Pentium 550 PC from work, running Win95B. No, that's not the problem in and of itself - there's more. It has been having problems when I VPN in to work: random blue-screens, freezes, or screwy error-boxes popping up. Since it's a work PC, I can't do anything...
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    2 Nforce2 or ¬ 2 Nforce2

    I would like to upgrade to an Nforce2 system, within budgetary constraints. For now, I'm considering Thoroughbred 1700+ processors, and hoping I can overclock the FSB to 166 or more (possibly having to lower the multiplier). I don't want to modify the processor or motherboard, though...
  39. Newtun

    PC3000 Memory

    Does anyone have experience with this stuff? Specifically, I'm considering Kingston HyperX DDR 370MHz - CAS 2. It seems like a decent compromise for sync'ed FSB and memory on a Nforce2 mobo, not forcing the issue with a 200 MHz FSB. But what is the standard for this non-standard memory...
  40. Newtun

    Nforce2 + Non-XP Tbird

    I'd like to do a stepped upgrade to an Nforce2 mobo but keep my Athlon 1200 non-XP processor for now. Epox support says it "should work fine". Any experiences or hear-say? Will CPU thermal monitoring be the problem I anticipate? I'd love to get to 166 MHz FSB. My (factory unlocked) 1200 is...