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    Something Random

    I was just looking through this thread, recalling many of the usernames. So, ummm... did something catastrophic happen to Udaman or did he just decide to move on 14 months ago? Last Activity: 03-May-2010, 11:36 Friends: udaman has not made any friends yet
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    question Frys

    I've got multiple Fry's and Microcenter to choose from. I usually go to Fry's so that I can look for specials on oddball things like tools, LED flashlights, odds'n'ends, and electronic crapola. I rarely buy this stuff, but every once in a while they have something I need for low $$$, like a...
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    USB 3.0 drives

    Power Over eSATA came out about the same time 6.0 Gb/s SATA and SAS hit the marketplace. A PCIe Power Over eSATA interface card... Two (2) external Power Over eSATA connectors; which supports any two of: - Two (2)...
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    And, congrats to CougTek for joining the SF millionaire club. >>> 1,549,264 <<<
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    I'll probably have to write this myself ....

    Just as a side note to this conversation, one of the best -- if not THE BEST -- file renaming utility software is BulkRenameUtility, which is currently at version It is to be found here (including a 64-bit version):
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    Christmas Lights

    And, they tend to leave the outdoor yuletide decorative lighting up all year long. And, they may even fire up this "permanent" lighting once or twice during the summertime when they're drunk out of their skulls. PS: Even if I wanted to mess with this decorative light pollution seasonal...
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    Cheap Core2Quad Q6600 @ Fry's today only

    There are 3 Fry's in this metro area. One has wild west theme, one has outer space theme, and the oldest (i.e. -- the one with worn out floors) has an oil derrick / maritime theme. Otherwise, I went to Fry's on "Black Friday" and saw a *hell of a lot* of bargains everywhere (and a zillion...
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    Where's everybody?

    Damn! I just about upchucked an hour's worth of sardines reading that one.
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    Vista: The first 24hrs with Vista

    Well, I've been calling Vista "ME 2" for a little while. Of note: I bought a retail full version (non-upgrade) WinME package a couple of years ago, still in its original shrink wrap and all, for US$40. At the time of purchase, I certainly had known for years how crappy WinME was, but I...
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    July 22nd Intel price drops

    Well, it seems 1333 MHz FSB will be around for at least a year, until Nehalem shows up. The Nehalem processor family will be the first Intel processors to have an on-die memory controller, but, early word now has it that a (budget?) model line of Nehalem processors will also be available...
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    Same here. There was apparently (yet another) error with the Stanford database. On a related note, that points database error that occurred about ten days ago was an absolute freeking doozie! Ever since the PS3 machines started cramming data into Stanford's F@H system, the weak links in...
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    Another Digital Camera Thread - Point and Shoot

    Believe me, the D-100 is absolutely fine. Even though the D-100 has all those whiz-bang features, and I have a couple of auto-focus lenses, I'm primarily a manual photographer. I still have, and use, my 1999 Olympus CL-2500 Camedia (with its ED glass lens). The 8-year-old camera writes to 2...
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    Erasing your data before dumping your drive

    "Darik's BOOT AND NUKE" (a.k.a. -- DBaN, now at version 1.07) will do all of that -- for FREE. You can select from various methods of data sanitising, such as the DOD 3-pass or DOD 7-pass. Every sector is overwritten. Just download the ISO from SourceForge, burn the ISO image to a CD-R, and...
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    80 Cores

    80 processor cores on the board, 80 processor cores, Take one down and pass it around, 79 processor cores on the board. 79 processor cores on the board, 79 processor cores, Take one down and pass it around, 78 processor cores on the board. 78 processor cores on the board, 78 processor cores...
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    ATI / AMD Streams Processor

    Since there is already higher-end ATI GPU support for F@H processing, one would have to expect the eventual support for this new coprocessor as well.
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    NEWZ: ATI / AMD Streams Procesor Unveiled

    AMD adapted an ATI graphics processor for floating point intensive computing. The stream processor will have 48 floating point cores and offer a peak performance of 360 gigaflops.
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    In the past few days, I've managed to breeze by SteveC, Mercutio, miksmi, and "i" up to #29 on the StorageForum_net member point ranking list. I'm now pursuing F**KBAG. I also noticed that "Gregory_Santilli" (#25) has once again come alive after a l-o-n-g period of hibernation...
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    I think the vast majority of new donators are just donators like me with a conventional X86 CPU. They seem to be high schoolers and whatnot -- just people coming out of the proverbial woodwork. Donator count is at 586415 at this hour, which is up over 1100 since my last post. Nonetheless, the...
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    Well, I should march past "i" in the next few hours, then begin my conquest of SteveC and Mercutio over the next couple days. Since I've started effin' @ home (cough), the F@H donater count has gone from around 576000 up to the current 585300!
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    Weird video card problem

    The Matrox BIOS firmware updater actually runs in Windows (not DOS). However, I suspect the EEPROM (BIOS) has failed. A long time ago, I once had a G100 to do the same thing that was mentioned above by you and Mercutio (this was a computer at work). The cure was to replace the card. I...
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    Well, I would never support those weasels over at Snorage Revvevvwwwwwew..... whatever. ;) anyway... I pretty much follow these two URLs Top 20 Producers (daily average): At the moment I'm beating up on Pradeep, and just got through crushing Tea and... er... F#%@kbag (again). :cheese...
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    B.O.I.N.C. Grid Projects

    For those interested in distributed and grid computing technologies...
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    xSATA and SATA 6G news

    Low volume enterprise product always costs more. Early adopter product always costs more -- though I believe the "early adopter" period for SAS technologies is finally receding rapidly into the past. However, there is more to the premium pricing for SAS than relatively poor supply/demand ratio...
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    NEWLY UPDATED: Firefox, T-Bird, Seamonkey

    HOT OFF THE WWW: Version for Firefox and Thunderbird Version 1.0.5 for Seamonkey :beer:
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    Your favorite browser is now v1.5

    Attribution has been corrected: The above is what happens when you type Seamonkey reptitively, you mistakenly use seams instead of seems. Must be time to go to sleep. Yes.
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    Your favorite browser is now v1.5

    Isn't that actually a Netscrape icon? The above is what happens when you type Seamonkey reptitively, you mistakenly use seams instead of seems. Must be time to go to sleep. Yes.
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    Super popular?

    I realise now that it was some of the new "people" that joined at about the same time (just before or just after) Faloppi did. Those suspicious account names in all those other forums I mentioned above were doing one or two weird things. They were either posting a particular URL in forums or...
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    Small Independent Business Owners: Tell YOUR Story

    Billions, trillions... whatever. :^/ Well..... not exactly. Mostly just curiosity and maybe something to spark some mini-lifestory conversations.
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    Forum complaints / problems to fix master list

    A character display bug that I've noticed in the new forum software, which did not exist in the previous forum software (pHpBB), occcurs when I use the [ list ] command to indent a block of text or a list. No matter what, a "round bullet" character is generated on the first line of text when I...
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    Surveillance Camera Capture Software

    Maybe you could reduce costs by specifying a 120 or 160 GB SATA hard drive for the system/applications drive. Just as a note, if you were building something like this from scratch, you would *definitely* want the system to be a pure PCI Express system. We all know PCI Express is fast, but it...
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    Printing digital pictures

    The wallet-sized, 5x7, and 8x10 prints those commercial establishments produce *are* on regular ol' photo paper. The machines that produce them are mostly Fuji, Konica, Noritsu, and Agfa mini-labs -- with Fuji being the clear leader in such equipment these days. Those machines can also produce...
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    YouTube: Here's Why Fuel Prices Are Sky High...

    If there's anyone that I've seen that absolutely deserves the 2006 Darwin Award, it's this stööpid dimwit... (PS: The language is Italian) Waste fuel, waste rubber, and probably waste your eardrums... (PS: The...
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    storagereview...where is it going these days?

    I just visited StorageReview for the first time in aeons (well, since maybe February of this year). About all I can say is that the forums are still pretty active, but the web content is rather stale. I'm amazed that Eugene and Davin (or anyone) would just abandon a fairly popular website +...
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    Small Independent Business Owners: Tell YOUR Story

    If any of you small business owners that visit here would like to tell how or why you decided to go into business for yourselves, I'm sure that the millions of people like myself that scour this site every day would be quite interested in hearing stories of valiant struggle and success and maybe...
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    Your favorite browser is now v1.5

    Thanks for reminding me, Tannin. Dammit! I *finally* installed Seamonkey (just the web browser component), and I like it as much as Mozilla V1.7.13, mainly because it looks and feels like Moz. The installation of Seamonkey more or less wiped out my installation of Moz V1.7 web browser...
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    If they want to support gobs of the latest memory, they will need to. AMD does have a license for Fully Buffered DDR2 memory. I can buy Kingston 667 MHz 512 MB FB-DIMMs for US$92 versus regular 667MHz 512 MB DDR2 DIMMs for US$40.
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    320GB HD for 94.99

    I typically use a "real world" benchmark as simple read or write copy jobs consisting of large files (for example -- a dozen or so 800 MB binary files) or sometimes a folder full of small files (for example -- a few thousand 50 KB binary files). I time with a stop watch how long it takes to...
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    December 2006 desktop PC

    ...and consuming significant percentage of thy wallet. Back throughout the '80s, I recall populating EMS and XMS boards with bushel baskets of 64 KB or 256 KB RAM chips. "What crapola," I thought then...
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    Ramblings on the brands we love (or hate)

    I heard that the post-merger company will be called ASSus.
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    Speaking of AMD 4x4, I never did get a chance to review what the hell this was precisely about. I got stuck on a work assignment for a while.
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    1207 pins for the future: DDR-2 channels, quad cores, extra pins for new protocols (Pacifica technology), etc.
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    Ramblings on the brands we love (or hate)

    I like Kingston RAM also more than others (in general) -- probably more so in modern times than about 10 years ago when they tended to be borderline stupid-expensive. Most of the other things Kingston Technology sells is pretty much ho-hum. I also like Crucial RAM. But, I can often get...
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    Hold on. Scratch that last part. You can certainly plug a 939-pin Opteron and a 939-pin Athlon into the same mobo.
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    The 940-pin socket for dual-processing or multi-processing Opteron is not at all compatible for anything called Athlon and vice versa. 939-pin socket for Opteron solo processo is not at all compatible for anything called Athlon and vice versa.
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    December 2006 desktop PC

    A wireless mouse is now a smart affordable choice for nearly anyone, unless you are into wild gaming manoeuvres that require fast mouse response. Otherwise, a "stationary" wireless keyboard is a waste of money for nearly anyone who's not going to carry it around (unless you do presentations on...
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    Opteranium Revision "F" dual-core is the same as what you have now with a dual-core Opteron (as in Rev. "E1" ~ "E6"), except better thermal and VM performance, and DDR2 memory (like Athlon64 X2 Socket AM2).
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    320GB HD for 94.99

    If you are talking about more that the obvious (storage capacity), then, yes. I have a 750GB SATA2 Bacaruda 7200.10 and it can destroy my frisky 250GB SATA2 Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 in a multi-gigabyte read/write drag race. Available perpendicular recording technology might be considered...
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    Dual-Core Opteron Revision "F" on 15 / Aug

    AMD is set to launch dual-core Opteron revision "F" on 15/Aug, with improvements in multicore processing, virtualisation and system-level performance per watt, compared to current Opteron chips...
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    Ramblings on the brands we love (or hate)

    At every opportunity back in the '90s, I used to raise hell about Iomega, Norton, and Western Digi. But, I've given up kicking that dead horse. I can tell you for a fact that I've had more than a few problems with &#%$ L·E·X·A·R crappola (flash memories of various types, and their...
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    pci SLOT MODEM/fax????

    A PCI (internal) fax-modem won't slow down a system as much as an ISA fax-modem, because PCI devices handles hardware interrupts (IRQ) much better than ISA. You can get basic PCI fax-modems for very little money at any Wurst Buy, Fry'z, etc. The facsimile part of the fax-modem is still of...