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  1. Bartender

    Post Counts Piling Up

    As noted in the thread for Mercutio, post counts are adding up for different members. Congratulations mubs for hitting the 2,000 mark. Whether informative or witty, your posts are always a delight to read. Drinks on the house for mubs! Coming up to the 3,000 mark, we have Tea and Tannin...
  2. Bartender

    Another SF Milestone

    Our intrepid webster, Douglas H. Cahill Esq., has passed the 4,000 post mark. Congratulations! Drinks on the house. Children, farm animals, and Buck at the end of the line please.
  3. Bartender

    Welcome New Members

    Welcome Cyril, tazwegion, et al. It is nice to have not only new members, but also those that enjoy posting. Drinks on the house. From a previous thread, Cyril wrote: "I have known Tannin for some yrs now its more like working for a gentleman than a evil overlord well." Tony, please put...
  4. Bartender

    A Special Forum Highlight

    Congratulations to Steve (Groltz) for passing the 1000 post mark. Your contributions for the last 3.5+ years are certainly appreciated. You've been with Storage Forum since January 2002, and your input has added an important piece to our community. A combination of technical skills, worldly...
  5. Bartender

    Welcome New Members!

    Welcome to Storage Forum d_cameron, Ted, connollyg, Noc616, pvsurfer, and aaron. We had other new members join a few days earlier, and a hearty welcome to you too. Good to see many of you posting your first day on the field. We look forward to many more of your contributions. Drinks on the...
  6. Bartender

    Go Indiana!

    FOX 57
  7. Bartender

    More Storage Forum Highlights

    Congratulations to a trio of posters. Looking through previous threads I was unable to find any good wishes for this group and their much-appreciated contributions to this forum. Thank you for your support, and keep on posting! Drinks on the house. P5-133XL 1000+ posts Pradeep 2000+ posts...
  8. Bartender

    Storage Forum Highlights

    Congratulations go to mubs and CityK. Mubs has passed the 1,000-post mark, currently hovering around 1,034. CityK is as close to 1,000 as you can get on the three-digit side without splitting atoms. Thank you both for your participation. You both write informative posts with a dignified...
  9. Bartender

    Hold on, a Quick Right Turn in the Thread . . .

    I went for Indian food during lunch today (again) -- fantastic stuff. I wish I had tried this type of food earlier in my life. Although there is a decent chance that I might not have liked it. :D Wait a minute, I'm the same age I was a few years ago. How old am I? I hate it when you don't...
  10. Bartender

    Storage Forum Milestones

    As Mercutio rightly pointed out, there are other members in this forum that deserve a congratulations for their contributions, regardless of their post count. However, I will limit this to three who have recently passed the 1,000 mark, and for which I do not recall that we waved any pom-poms or...
  11. Bartender

    Mercutio - 6000 Posts

    Mercutio is only a few posts away from hitting the 6,000 milestone mark! Drinks on the house! I'll fire up the grill for some snacks too. So, what is next, after the Hairy Aussie category?
  12. Bartender

    Welcome Olly!

    Welcome to Storage Forum olly -- drinks on the house for our new member. What can I get you to drink?
  13. Bartender

    Handy - 3,000+ posts

    Congratulations Handy for passing the 3,000 post mark. Drinks on the house!
  14. Bartender


    Welcome Jimshady and others. Drinks on the house for our new members! What's your poison?
  15. Bartender

    Aloha and Welcome New Members!

    We've had a few new members join recently, and I would like to extend a warm welcome to all. Drinks on the house! A hardy Palapala kono for anyone that hasn't posted yet, we'd be happy to hear from you.
  16. Bartender

    [NEWZ] Norway is running dry!

    Norway's beer production has ceased because of a strike, they could run out in a few days!
  17. Bartender

    I Feel Good . . .

    James Brown not at his best . . .
  18. Bartender


    It is nice to see some new members joining our group, as well it is great to see other members who we have missed for some time, posting again. Welcome, and we hope you all stay for a while. Drinks on the house!
  19. Bartender

    Stroh Rum

    I didn't want to hijack JoJos Technical Support thread anymore then what lazy Buck has already done. Some day I'll have to give Stroh Rum a try. JoJo, do you drink the 80? There website needs a little help, but here it is in all of its Flash glory.
  20. Bartender

    Wireless Glass Ends Bar Queue

    Australian IT Wireless Glass Ends Bar Queue Barbara Gengler and Chris Jenkins SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 "A DRINK that never runs out sounds almost too good to be true, but if wireless iGlasses catch on, punters may never have to queue at the bar again." __________ I think it is time we get this...
  21. Bartender

    Welcome HoustonHusker and others . . .

    Welcome to StorageForum all ye newcomers. Drinks on the house!
  22. Bartender

    Mercutio Passes 2000 Posts

    Congratulations Mercutio, drinks on the house!
  23. Bartender

    Gene Ziegler - a.k.a Dr. Zseuss

    The index for his online work is located here. The poem A Grandchild's Guide To Using Grandpa's Computer is fun to read, as well are some of his other works. Since he has had some copyright issues, I've decided not to reprint his work in this forum.
  24. Bartender

    Subject: Life was good when....

    [I received this from a friend today. Since it brought back good memories for me, I thought some of you would enjoy it as well.] Can you remember when ......... After reading, just close your eyes and............... Remember ... When Mom was at home when the kids got home from school; when...
  25. Bartender

    OS/2 News Download file here. If you are an OS/2 guru, you'll already know this, seeing has how the driver is dated March 15, 2002.
  26. Bartender


    I'm starting this thread so that if anyone wishes, they can give some good or bad experience with a certain drink - alcoholic or not. As usual, I'll start the conversation about this subject without hijacking anyone elses thread, and I'm assuming that either Buck or I will continue this thread...
  27. Bartender


    This subject is mentioned quite often within this forum, so I though I’d express a few of my opinions. Obviously we all have different tastes (fortunately). I was in the mood for rhythm and blues. I started out with Big Joe Turner and his ballad: After a While. After which I moved on to Fats...
  28. Bartender

    Parrot Joke

    May be old to some, but I got a good laugh just the same. The Nasty Parrot Jimmy received a parrot for Christmas. The parrot was fully grown, with a very bad attitude and worse vocabulary. Every other word was an expletive; those that weren't expletives were, to say the least, rude. Jimmy...
  29. Bartender

    Ballarat Spawns Storm

    The Courier has an article showing how a severe thunderstorm was spawned in Ballarat on the edge of a cold front. Maybe it was all of the heat generated by the Genome crunchers at Redhill that collided with this cold front and initiated this freak weather storm. :D
  30. Bartender

    Spring Time

    Since it is spring time in my neck of the woods, I thought I might take a couple of pictures of some flowers in my yard. No, they're not taken with a digital camera, just a plain old Minolta XG1 (pretty time consuming to setup, shoot (without a preview), and then have them developed). I think...
  31. Bartender

    World Cup 2002

    World Cup 2002 starts Friday 31 May, with group A beginning the games. The first teams from group A to play will be France and Senegal. Perhaps some of you don't care for the World Cup, but Buck and I do, so I thought a thread on this subject was appropriate. More updates will come as the...
  32. Bartender

    "SF Logo Proposal" with Poll

    Compliments of Corvair now takes you to the Forums Index: This proposal would, instead, have the large icon at the top of all webpages at Storage Forum dot Net to point to the Home Page for the site, which currently contains links to the Recent News...
  33. Bartender

    Beautiful Begonias

    Tea, did you or Tannin make it to the festival this year?
  34. Bartender


    Welcome to The Storage Forum Pub & Brewery. Not much has changed since we were a Bar & Grill (Tea is still a handful when closing time rolls around), but we're happy to still have an appropriate home. Come in, have a seat, and enjoy our company! The Bartender