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    problem neighbour keeps stealing wifi

    Hi everyone, Been a long time (maybe 8-9 years?) Anyways, hoping you guys can help me out. Last year, I got notifications from my ISP that I have exceeded my monthly cap within days of starting the month. Turned off tablets and anything that could possibly be using content, and the next day I...
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    Another dream come true

    Dear friends, I am so happy that I wanted to share this with everyone: I am getting married to the girl of my dreams this summer. Beautiful inside and out, she's all I've ever wanted in a girl. I love her very much and think about her all the time. Happy New Year everyone! 2009 is shaping up to...
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    Mobo and CPU upgrade

    Looking at upgrading from my Dell Dimension E521. It has been a faithful workhorse for me, but I am doing a lot of photo editing, and I am getting tired of waiting for the A64x2 5000+ to complete photo editing and rendering tasks. I've already upgraded my storage subsystem twice (Raptor as my...
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    What are my CPU upgrade options?

    I am using a Dell Dimension E521 as described in my sig. It has an A64x2 5000+ that I would like to replace with something faster (direct drop-in). I don't see anything except for 6000+ or 6400+ units that pump out heat at a 125 W clip. Not sure I want to get something that sucks even more power...
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    Has anyone used this before? I just purchased about 18,000 lbs worth of CO2 offsets for my car, home, and plane usage for this year.
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    Colour Laser for Photos

    Just wanted to pass on my satisfaction with the HP Color LaserJet 1600 and its ability to print photos. Printed out a bunch of 8x10 photos and compared them side-by-side with my calibrated BenQ 24" LCD and Epson Stylus Photo R1800 inkjet printouts. The HP used 24 lb plain paper and Auto Color...
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    Inkjet that doesn't suck?

    Hi everyone, Looking for an inexpensive inkjet that doesn't suck. I know that's a tall order, but hopefully someone may know a guy who knows a guy whose sister's boyfriend's former roommate has an inkjet that he absolutely loves. It's for my parents, and that means it's gotta be reliable and...
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    Any reason I couldn't add a Quadro FX 3500 to a Dell PC?

    I'm looking at a good deal on a Dimension E521, but it doesn't offer the option of a Quadro FX 3500 video card that their Precision workstations offer. The Quadro is needed for CAD/CAM work. Is there any technical limitation of the Dimension E521 that doesn't allow the Quadro to be used? i.e...
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    Travel Lens

    Anyone have any thoughts on what I should purchase as a single-lens travel solution? I have a Nikon D40 with the 18-55 kit lens. I find the 18-55 is decent when stopped down, and I love how compact and lightweight it is (205 g) -- a definite plus when carrying it around all day. However, I find...
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    BMW 335i

    Just wanted to say that this car is amazing. Test drove it (the sedan) a couple weeks ago and compared it against the 328i and the Infiniti G35 sedan. Handles perfectly, rides smoothly, steers telepathically, and pulls like a freight train in any gear at any speed. What a marvelous car.
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    State of the union, help me choose/design new PC

    Hi everyone, Haven't been around in a while as I've put computers in general on the back burner (for what seems like an eternity now, because I feel completely lost when I see what's on the market these days). Consequently, I have a lot of questions, and little perspective. Wondering if you...
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    Tektronix Phaser waste cartridges

    Does anyone know what a "waste cartridge" does and why you need to buy a new one? The group Tektronix 7700 refused to print so I look at its status panel. The "waste cartridge" needs to be replaced. So I pop the panel open and remove this thing, toner dust flying all over the floor after I tilt...
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    Compact Digicam recommendations

    Hi everyone, I am writing to tell you about a fantastic little digicam I picked up the other day: The Fuji Finepix F10 Zoom. This move was precipitated by my frustration with my Canon PowerShot SD110. I am quite disappointed with the seemingly universally praised Canon Digital Elph series and...
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    Setting up a business online

    As the computer guy amongst my group of friends, I often get asked questions on what computer / laptop / peripheral to buy, what ISP to go with, upgrading and troubleshooting questions, you know what I mean... But one question that has stumped me is how to set up a business online. I mean, I...
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    Sealed plastic clamshell packaging

    Honestly, is there anything more annoying? I usually have to resort to using scissors or a utility knife to split open the sharp edged plastic. What, good old paper boxes were too convenient for the consumer to open?
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    Form data to text file or cookie

    A question for you web developers out there... How might one capture data from a form for logging purposes (e.g., tracking who signed-in to an intranet page by capturing the username from the username field) without the benefit of server-side scripting or SQL (using only client-side JScript)...
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    New nForce unified driver available v3.13
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    A Tribute to Tea

    No, not that one... ;)
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    Anyone else get these errors on the boards?

    Although the below error is for posting, I get them for viewing threads as well. The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later...
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    Better luck next time, Wings fans

    I don't mean that facetiously, mind you. It's tough when you run into a hot goalie and a tough defensive team when your team is built for finesse.
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    Grado SR60 - Excellent headphones

    I recall there being a post some time ago from hmm... Buck, perhaps? about headphones, soliciting advice from members. He eventually settled on the Beyerdynamic DT831's -- an excellent closed headphone choice. I have never liked headphones myself, but decided that I would purchase a pair for...
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    Worth it to buy a Maxtor 10k3?

    A Canadian online retailer is selling an 18 GB Atlas 10k3 for $160 CDN, which is just over $100 US. I know, not much of a deal in the US, but where I am, the cheapest I can find it for is about $220 CDN ($140 US). I was thinking of getting a WD800JB to replace my aging 9 GB Atlas 10k boot...
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    CrazyBrowser - IE fans, you guys have to try this

    It adds the tabbed-browsing and pop-up blocking features of Opera and Mozilla with that familiar look and feel that you have grown to love with IE.
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    How to optimize performance with 128 MB of RAM?

    Anybody have any ideas? My computer at work is an HP e-Vectra. P3-600, 128 MB of RAM, 7.5 GB Quantum Fireball lct15 4400 rpm ATA-66 HD running Win2k. The 7.5 GB is a single partition, formatted as NTFS with 512-byte clusters. After suffering through excruciatingly slow multitasking performance...
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    Was this a security hole they exploited?

    This is the first time I have seen this... advertisement, I guess you could call it. I believe it was after I left my browser open to the site for several hours... I come back to my computer to find this: (IP address edited for security reasons... not that it would make a...
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    New system... reinstall OS?

    I just put together a new system with the following components: Athlon XP 1800+ Tt Volcano 7+ HSF A7N266-VM nForce 220D, integrated IGP-64 GF2MX, Dolby 5.1 audio, LAN 2x 256 MB Crucial PC2100 DDR 60 GB Seagate Cuda IV HD Lite-On 40x burner Enermax FS-710B case (Antec SX-1030B under a different...
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    What modem to get?

    Obviously, these things are becoming less useful as high speed gains popularity, but they are still useful for faxing. My Sony VAIO notebook is giving me fits when I ask it to do anything communications related (i.e., comunicate to other computers via modem and LAN). It has, until recently, been...
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    Microsoft to open up code book