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    Security News

    Flaw in Intel chips could make malware attacks more potent "Most serious" Linux privilege-escalation bug ever is under active exploit Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing Android phones rooted by "most serious" Linux escalation bug ever
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    How MS is using FPGAs to turn Azure into a champ

    Article here.
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    HP Buying Samsung's Printer Division

    News Here.
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    Home networking question

    This is a question about using two ISPs interchangeably (when one goes down). I currently have a local telco as my ISP, DSL over copper, 8 mbit down, 0.7 mbit up, 100GB bandwidth. There is a DSL modem connected by Ethernet cable to my ancient G-class 54-mbit Buffalo Router/Wi-Fi (called Master)...
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    Major Qualcomm chip security flaws expose 900M Android users

    Android seems worse than Swiss cheese. Sheeh. People like me with Samsung phones that are not top of the line never get updates, ever.
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    Calendar for Android

    Hi Guys, I use MS Outlook in offline mode on my PC and use only the address and contact book. I sync this with my Samsung Android phone, and all was well till a year ago. Then my phone went wonky, and shows each calendar item twice. It also stopped respecting the reminder set; the phone...
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    Browser Security

    How good a firewall does a browser maintain between tabs? If a tab has a website open, is it safe to perform sensitive transactions in another tab, or better to close all tabs other than the sensitive one? Corollary is security between multiple instances of the same browser.
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    Nvidia’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 revealed: Faster than Titan X at half the price

    News Here. DD, let us know your experience!
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    RAM Weirdness

    I bought my daughter a Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 in the fall of 2013. It came with 4GB RAM. I meant to add more, but forgot. Got to it now. Lenovo lists a bunch of SODIMM sticks that are compatible, and I bought one of them, a 4GB Hynix. I opened the laptop up, and whew, one slot was still free...
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    Booting from GPT disk

    My goal is to install W10 in a dual-boot config with my existing W7, migrate all apps to W10 over a period of time, have it stable, then discontinue W7. My motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V with UEFI Bios. I'm on the last released version of the BIOS (2013-09). Many full moons ago I moved my W7...
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    Digital / e-Signature

    For some new stuff I want to do, I need to sign documents electronically. That means I have to get a DSC - I guess this stands for Digital Signature Certificate. There are a handful of CAs providing them here (empowered / empaneled by the gormint). The weird thing is they all talk about Internet...
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    CPU Cooler - keep or junk

    When I built my present system in late 2012, apparently I purchased a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo for the CPU. But I bought a retail Ivy Bridge Core i5-3570K and ended up using the cooler that came with it. The Cooler Master has been sitting in a box since then, and I found it trying to clean...
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    Max Practical Spped of Wi-Fi G

    What would be the maximum real-life speed of a 'G' class Wi-Fi router? Especially when there's a 2.4 GHz cordless phone also in play? My internet is 8 mbps, and I actually get 8 mbps wirelessly (DSL router connected to 'G' class Wi-Fi). I''m looking into options to get 20 mbps speed with...
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    Portable Computing Envronment

    I do a lot of banking and bill paying through the 'net. I travel from time to time, and have the need to do this on the go sometimes. I don't have a laptop and don't intend to buy one; it would sit idle 98% of the time. Almost everywhere I go, I have access to a desktop or laptop but the secure...
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    Mouse Scroll wheel dead after Windows Update

    Win Update is set to manual. Last night I did the update and shut the machine down. Today the mouse scroll wheel doesn't do anything. I'm on Win 7. Is it just me?
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    Laptop SW problems

    Sorry for the long post. Daughters Lenovo IdeaPad, 2 years old, running W8.1, has been chugging along merrily. A couple of days ago it froze on her; I don't know what she did, but she got it running again and used it that evening and the next day. She did complain that she couldn't print...
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    Why are chargers so lame?

    I don't know where the problem is - charger or phone. Between my wife and I, we have two Samsung phones, same type but hers is one gen older. Hers is a 2100 mAh battery; my next gen has a 2600 mAh battery. She's out of town now, and she's run off with my charger. I'm using her charger to charge...
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    Web Weirdness

    Can someone tell me why: 1) I can access a website if I type the URL (not IP address) in the browser address window 2) But if I search for that business's name and Google shows me the same exact URL in the search results, and I click that search result link, I go to the correct web site but...
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    Is my drive toast?

    I last checked the health of my drives a few days ago, using Crystal Diskinfo. Smart values were good, with all the 3 drives being healthy. I shut the system down yesterday morning as I was going to be out the whole day. I turned it on again at around 8:30 pm, did some work, and shut it down...
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    Excruciatingly slow writing to external disks

    I thought I started a smilar thread a few years back for the same problem with the same HDDs, but can't seem to find it in Advanced Search. Anyway, I've been on a backp up spree. I have 2 x 500 GB USB3 Buffalo external HDDs and 2 x 1 TB USB2/FW800 WD external HDDs. My system has USB2 and USB3...
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    Slowly becoming mainstream - Low-carb lifestyle

    In the past few weeks I have been busy reading up on a topic I came across that fascinated me. In a nutshell, we eat a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fats (this is what doctors have told us to do). The Cliff Notes version is: ALL carbohydrates, regardless of type (simple/complex) or...
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    Vulnerabilities: Synology, SuperMicro Motherboards

    Hacker infects Synology storage devices, makes off with $620,000 in Dogecoin Exploiting bug in Supermicro hardware is as easy as connecting to port 49152
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    MS Word - Can't open old docs

    I'm on Office Pro 2010. I have some old Word docs created in 1997 and later - various versions of Word. I cannot open any of them; I get a pop-up Window as follows: At the top of the window, in gray background (cannot copy to paste here) it says: You are attempting to open a file type (Word 2...
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    Dell Coupons

    Dell US emailed me coupons for: 1) 40% off select Latitude, Optiplex and Precision laptops & desktops 2) 35% off PowerEdge Servers 3) 25% of all Ultrasharp monitors Sure everybody got them, but just in case somebody wants these, PM me.
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    Wi-Fi Weirdness

    Long story, please bear with me. My wi-fi gear is Buffalo, purchased in 2006. There's a router/mothership and two identical access points that work with the router. They all have 4 Ethernet ports in the back. Have never used one of the access points; it continues to stay in its box. The router...
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    MS's Nokia acquisition

    Nobody cares about this? Granted Nokia is nobody in the US, but they still are pretty big everywhere else in the feature phone market. They used to be big in business phones as well. IMHO, last gasp of Nokia and MS' mobile business.
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    RIP Dell Dimension 4400

    This was a hand-me-down for my daughter from my sister's family in ~ 2004; no idea how old it already was. Ran well, but had consistent video card problems. I kept alternating between two AGP video cards I had, and things would be fine for a year or so, then the same problems would resurface...
  28. mubs

    Privacy / Tracking Alert Summary: If in the phone camera settings you have GPS tagged to camera, I believe pics you take with the phone and post online will reveal the GPS coordinates where that pic was taken. De-risk by untagging camera from GPS.
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    Need secure, portable computing environment

    Hi folks, I don't have a laptop (my own anyway, and since I'm no longer with my previous employer, have to return that unless they allow me to keep it for a couple of months or buy it at the depreciated price from them {it's 5.5 year old}). I will be travelling and need access to a secure...
  30. mubs

    Screen Cap for W7-64

    I used to use MWSnap on Win XP. It was really good; the screenshots were of very high quality. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since 2002. Tried the PrintScrn from the keyboard; output sucked (very grainy). Tried the Snipping Tool inside Windows - sucked again. Don't know if it's the...
  31. mubs

    Cloning a disk

    Folks, I need to replace a failing HDD. This is not the system drive, but drive 2. However, both drives are very old, and I'd like to make the newer drive going in there the system drive. Once this is up and running, I will make the previous system drive the new data drive and junk the data...
  32. mubs

    Where's Merc?

    He hasn't posted in a while, IIRC. Maybe the mods can look into when his last post was?
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    Best Dupe Finder

    I'll google, but I was wondering if people had a favorite. Need something that'll do a byte for byte check, or an MD5 hash check, etc. Win 32 & 64 bit. Thanks.
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    2013 Model Year IIHS Ratings

  35. mubs

    Media Center (?) Advice

    A friend, who is into collecting eclectic music dating from the '40s onwards, much of it impromptu, live, one-off recordings, etc., has a 6TB digital collection. He's currently got it on multiple external drives and is constantly worried about them failing. Recently a 3TB external WD failed on...
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    Happy 2013!

    A Very Happy 2013 to all! We've put the Mayan calendar "catastrophe" behind, here's to wishing 2013 and later being productive, happy years for all.
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    GPU Power to crack passwords

    25-GPU cluster cracks every standard Windows password in <6 hours Especially worrisome for Windows based machines which limit password length.
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    Critical AAA info for gasoline car owners

    See the news video in the link below. Due to the drought, corn crops in the Midwest were devastated. There is now not enough feed for livestock, so the livestock was sold off this fall. The corn that is left has been mandated to be made into ethanol to be added to gas for motor vehicles. The...
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    TP-Link products

    I've never heard of TP-Link before. Newegg sells at least one product, Amazon a few, and they are widely available here. Are they any good? Overall, reviews seem favorable. I need to replace my ADSL wired modem soon, and was thinking of buying the TD-8840T. Solves my other problem of not...
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    WD SHips 4TB 7200 RPM Black

    News here.
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    Mains Voltage Control

    I need help from EE types for an electrical problem. We moved to a different apartment in February. Even since, I have had problems with electrical appliances & gadgets dying or misbehaving. I suspect this is what killed my motherboard recently, and why my UPS acts strange sometimes. It...
  42. mubs

    VMWare Converter

    I wanted to convert my old XP install (the actual boot drive) to a VM. Looks like I'm out of luck. The Converter 5.0 literature led me to believe I could point it any install and convert a physical install to a VM. Not so. The Help says: For computers not powered on: - A bunch of different...
  43. mubs

    Firefox, SF Cookies

    I seem to have this problem every time I use a new PC to access SF. But it's the worst this time, because I started with a fresh install of FF 16.0.2 instead of upgrading on top of very old versions. I always have FF delete all cookies on exit. SF is the only site listed to be an exception...
  44. mubs

    Nested VMWare VMs

    My now dead PC ran a W98 VMWare VM inside VMWare Workstation 4 in XP Pro. I'm planning to use VMWare Converter to convert the physical XP installation into a VM, then run this VM inside Win7-64 using VMWare Player. Will I be able to access the W98 VM inside the WinXP VM? Basically running one...
  45. mubs

    VMWare Player & Old VMs

    I was using VMWare Workstation 4.5.3 in XP to run a legacy app in a W98 virtual machine. Any idea if this VM will work in VMWare Player under Win7-64 and the latest version of Player: 5.0.0-812388 ? Will I be able to modify Win98 settings inside the VM under Player? Thanks.
  46. mubs

    PC not booting :(

    Shutdown my system normally last night. Thing won't boot this morning. The chipset fan and cpu fan start spinning, then everything stops after a few seconds, the chipset fan stopping first. Maybe the chipset fan is kaput, but if the system won't boot because of that, that's pretty aggressive...
  47. mubs

    Won't boot with 4 GB

    Y'all will recollect that I aborted my attempt to build a new system because of the job situation. I had purchased 2 sticks of RAM from Clocker in fall 2007 with the intention of adding them to this PC, but had never got to it (inertia is the most powerful force in the universe). I decided...
  48. mubs

    April 2012 Indonesia Earthquake

    I felt a slight swaying at 2:30 pm local time. Thought I was hallucinating, but it lasted a good 15 seconds, though barely enough to notice. My brother who lives across town (about 20 km as the crow flies) said his apartment building shook for about 5 minutes, enough for everybody to flee the...
  49. mubs

    Printing Exif Info for a bunch of pics

    I'd like print out the Exif info for a bunch of pics; I'll pipe the output to PDFs. Output can be in one file with the picture file name preceding the Exif dump for that pic (so I can identify which pic the info belongs to), or it can be multiple files, one file of Exif info per pic. I took a...
  50. mubs

    Ripping Audio to FLAC

    I haven't ripped a CD in decades. What's currently the best way to rip entire audio CDs to FLAC? I want to feed the CD, fire off the ripper and have a bunch of flac files at the end of the process. It's too tedious to rip one track at a a time. I'd also like to rip sections of DVD audio to...