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    windows 10 download wires external drive it was downloaded to

    As chapter 2 of my friend's computer woes... Since I was away, I asked his daughter to DL Win10 so I could upgrade his Win7 She SMSs me. How does she recover her files. Seems the download wiped her files from the external drive she downloaded it to. I hope someone has encountered this and made...
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    Desktop Diagnostic Problem

    Hello, hoping there's a quick explanation for what's happening I built a PC 9 years ago for a friend Gigabyte G31 chipset based motherboard core 2duo E4500 Built in video sharing 9Mb memory (per BIOS) 2x1Gb DDR2 memory No Name (supposedly tru-rated) PSU Initially, I installed 1 Samsung 1Tb HDD...
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    I would like to change hosts for a website. How to leach info for use by the new host

    the old contractor is hard to talk to, making updates difficult. am thinking of changing contractor. the new contractor says updating the website will be a lot easier. now, there's a lot of info on the old website. is it possible for me to take the info from the old website for use in the new...
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    Travel Photos

    Just wanted to share. If you have a facebook account just log in and you can take a peek. There are no restrictions on the album.!/photo.php?fbid=190349700979975&set=a.190349630979982.55271.100000148403328 also here's my album on photos taken in Ho Chi Minh...
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    Typhoon Ondoy and Hard Disks

    Typhoon Ondoy sunk 2 computers in a missionary office i help out with hardware wise. The casualties include two 80gb Hitachi hard drives. They didn't look bad from the outside when they dried out. I don't want to turn them on until maybe next week when they may truly be dried. Anybody have an...
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    network build questions/advice

    Two organizations lean on me for hardware and sometimes software advice. I often build systems for them. Problem is, they deal with kids, off the street kids. One takes them off the streets, off drugs, houses and teaches them. The second deals with gangs and tries to teach them. So some of the...
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    all folders read only

    the work computer downstairs was virus infected 3 weeks ago. I reformatted Now all the folders in 3 partitions are marked 'read-only' in properties. if i uncheck the 'read-only' box and click apply, it asks if I want it to apply to all sub-folders and files. I say yes. But after "ok"ing, then...
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    forgotten password in Vista, any solution?

    My sister's friend apparently forgot or mistyped something when changing the password on a Vista laptop. Now she can't access Vista. Any suggested solution? I asked her to access Vista through safe mode hoping there was no Administrator password. But there is an Administrator password and they...
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    can't use my PC in windows

    I got infected with a virus An automated remover did not prove effective in the long term, it kept coming back. I tried manual removal but became sloppy and deleted an important registry item and the machine kept looping without entering windows, just allowed me put a password before...
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    Military Protest in the Philippines

    Hi, Some soldiers and officers who staged a protest 4 years ago walked out of their trial and walked to a 5 star hotel in the Philippines premier district shortly before noon today. They are calling on the rest of the military to withdraw support from President Arroyo and on the public to flock...
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    dan rutter article on hard drives Do you tend to agree or what?
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    buying advice please, my sister is in Edmonton

    Hello, My sister accepted a job offer in a hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She's been there since the 6th of March. Quite a few of our countrymen have been recruited by this same establishment and they all stay in a "staffhouse". They are thinking to pool their money to buy a PC which they...
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    LG 4163B DVD burner does not read what it burns

    Hello, Our office 160gb Seagate HDD is failing and I have tried backing up our data to DVDs. Problem is, even after "Burn Successful" and Data Verification Successful" messages in Nero, the same burner will not see the disk it has burned. 5 discs already. I brought the disks home and fed them...
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    Socket A upgrade advice please

    I am using a Socket A Sempron 2400+ on a Gigabyte KT600 mobo with 512mb DDR-SDRAM There's a Barton 2600+ on sale and the owner says he'll accept my Sempron if I'll add P1,000 (that's around USD19). Shall I bite? I'm thinking of asking him to go down to P800. The only CPU intensive thing I do...
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    Is it possible to buy MS Powerpoint separately?

    The Office Pro Suite is too expensive. But the person in my office needs Powerpoint and the Small Business Edition comes without it.
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    Friends invite me to YM, what can I do for security?

    Some friends have started sending me those invites to Yahoo Messenger with them. And it's getting to the point that I am starting to feel being impolite if I continue to ignore the invites. Besides, these are people who I'd really like to get in touch with again, people from high school who have...
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    Please recommend a linux distro for a slow pc

    A friend of mine has this, he'd like to run linux on it but the current ones are too big. He'd like it to reside on the HDD what about for this mostly for surfing and email, some correspondence, office work.
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    I can't install Win98SE on my Gigabyte NF3 mobo

    I can't install Win98SE on my Gigabyte NF3 mobo. It is a K8NS, NForce3 250 full ATX motherboard. When I get to Win98SE setup, it hangs. Is it possible that the chipset precludes the use of old Windows? It is reasonably stable on Win2K.
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    Radeon 7000 hangs, is this because of DirectX9?

    A quick question. I have an NVIDIA MX4000 card 64mb. spec'd at AGP 8X and DirectX8.1. I had no problems with it. I got hold of an ATI Radeon 7000, spec'd at AGP 4X and DirectX7, supposedly supports DirectX 8. I like the display better, smoother and more pleasant colors. But every now and then...
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    Erratic 5V values in Sempron-64 system

    Hi, posted this in another thread, but I thought my question about erratic 5V values needs to be on this section: My current rig. proc/mobo/PSU are new Sempron-64 2600+ (default 1,600Mhz but running now @ 2,443Mhz, which is a 53% overclock - NEW Gigabyte K8NS, NForce3-250 mobo - NEW 2x512Mb...
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    I can't surf after some time of idling

    I regularly download some files by Flashget (FireFox Flashgot plug-in). And I have some files queued on BitComet. I can usually surf while all that is going on at speeds roughly equal to or even faster than my old dial-up connection (~2.3 kBps) But after I stop surfing let's say for an hour or...
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    Opera is now Free the guys in the tech forum here at home are all agog. They say it is less of a resource hog than the Fox. What do you people think?
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    WD800JB, 80gb 8mb buffer drives, should I buy?

    There's a deal offered me for the above, 2 of them. should I bite? What's to not like. OTOH, what's to like? I'm thinking they would make video editing a bit more responsive, I mean 3 drives, 1 boot, 1 capture, 1 intermediate files, (I have an 80gb samsung) Thanks a lot.
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    UltraDMA CRC Error Count attribute is very low!

    Hello, I use HDD Health. And my 80gb maxtor gets this comment. It has been like this for months now and the predictive life span has been getting better and better. It started out like 3 days from now. Lately the predicted life is in the year 2010. I've replace the IDE cable and still am...
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    What anti-spyware anti-adware combos do you use nowadays?

    Hello. Since the start of the spyware/adware crisis, I have used 3 programs mostly because of feedback from this place: 1. Adaware 2. Spybot S&D 3. Spyware Blaster Got to thinking, maybe they don't cut it anymore, because my dial-up is crawling. Scans don't come up with anything. What's new in...
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    A serious error hs occurred while writing t drive C: retry?

    I used to be able to dual boot Win98 and 2K from different partitions on a single 80Gb hard drive. Needed the Win98 only because my old Matrox capture card has no drivers for the newer OS’s. When I changed my mobo to an MSI KT6V-LSR (Via KT600) I couldn’t get the Win98 partition to work (I...
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    Intermittent lag in windows response

    I am experiencing intermittent lag in the response of my computer. There are times when I've typed a few words in MS Word and nothing comes out until, say 3 to 5 seconds later when all that I have typed suddenly bursts into the page I'm typing. Windows Explorer doesn't exhibit that behavior...
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    Which GUI for Linux would you recommend for a Windows user

    Hello, been a lurker since 1996 (storagereview yet), posted once or twice. Would you please recommend a version of Linux for someone who has experience only with Windows? I use Word, MS Publisher, Excel, some photo editing and some VHS to VCD video conversion. Hoping for a parallel...
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    WinXP does not list (detect) maxtor80Gb on Promise Ultra66

    I triple boot, W98, W2K, and XP (for some reason). I have 2 HDDs and 2 optical drives on my mobo's 2 IDE channels. The partitions are a mix of Fat32 and NTFS owing to the use of W98. For some reason XP does not see the 80Gb Maxtor drive with a single partition on my Promise Ultra 66 ATA card. It...
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    Question about Opera and Firebird

    Hello, after years of lurking here I finally found a subject I need to ask. Because it seems that a lot of the people here use alternative browsers to IE, I have been trying out Opera for the last three months and Firebird for the last week. I seem to like Opera better (quick and clean, few...