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  1. MaxBurn

    problem Trying to get VPN LAN side distributed across VLAN fails

    OK guys I have a weird and I'm not sure where to go from here. Help? I have a VPN device from Contemporary Controls (known in the BMS world but likely never heard of here) and I want to distribute this things LAN side network across several buildings so we don't have to buy one VPN device per...
  2. MaxBurn

    question I need a CMS for company internal documents and procedures: Recommendations?

    I need your thoughts on something I can kludge together to contain documents and procedures for technicians in a small business environment (60). These are the three on my mind but I'm willing to look at anything. Wiki -Seems available and decent choice for a CMS -I'm not sure if I could...
  3. MaxBurn

    Surface Pro

    This was an unexpected and very positive review of the Surface Pro touchscreen. Spotted it here and that's a heck of a quote This is rising up my want list.
  4. MaxBurn

    Selecting a new work laptop

    Getting excited that I may have some input on my next work laptop but getting frustrated with lenovo T series. The combination I want with 256gb or larger SSD, no optical drive bay (for smaller size) and Intel integrated graphics 4000 (for battery life & smaller size) doesn't seem to be offered...
  5. MaxBurn

    For Sale: Intel 120GB X25M-G2 SSD

    This is a lightly used SSD and comes in retail box with all accessories. 120GB X25M-G2 Product code SSDSA2MH120G2K5 $85 shipped conus USPS Priority mail.
  6. MaxBurn

    Google shared calendar

    Need advice, I know some of you mentioned google stuff in the past for business. What's the best way to do a shared calendar via google? I don't want to associate it with my account, assuming start a fresh account? Have a group of 8 that need to read/write to it so I don't think just sharing...
  7. MaxBurn

    problem Video trouble on game computer

    Having trouble on my gaming computer. Started when I was playing games but progressed into presenting shortly after I booted to windows desktop. Basically after a while the screen just goes out and monitor says detecting signal, at the same time I can hear the video card fan ramp up and down a...
  8. MaxBurn

    Aten CS1762 free plus ship cost

    Used, has a bad power supply. Includes original box and everything it came with. Probably something like $15 UPS ground, PM me if interested.
  9. MaxBurn

    VMware real to virtual and 7b stop errors

    Did win7 real to virtual and selected IDE disks and got the 7B/43 error which is pretty much a disk driver far as I can tell. System has ICH9M chipset that I think is set to AHCI but I would have to reboot to be sure. What's the recommended way to handle this? Install vmware tools before...
  10. MaxBurn

    question Winamp on computer sync to Android no SD support?

    OK, I tried winamp on windows and mac but I don't see how to use the android device SD card. Can winamp not use an android device SD card for media sync with a computer? I used the ICS memory management to switch the winamp app itself to SD and that didn't change anything. Winamp for android...
  11. MaxBurn

    Galaxy Nexus thoughts

    Some thoughts after moving to a Galaxy Nexus from an iPhone 4S over the weekend. Hardware The screen on my galaxy nexus has some notable problems. The worst is that it has a blue tint near the top, the guys on android forum were trying to tell me that it is a ghosting of the menu but it does...
  12. MaxBurn

    Nexus 7 tablet

    Could be yours soon.
  13. MaxBurn

    Surface with Windows 8/RT

    I have to admit I'm pretty interested in this and I'm glad to see them taking control of the hardware, i think microsoft makes some really good hardware. The announcement timing is obvious because of other events surrounding but it still seems a little bit early. Not a great time to be a PC...
  14. MaxBurn

    problem Performance / Delays

    From the top of the forum when clicking on subfora like computers or pub & brewery I usually see a delay of several seconds up to fifteen seconds. Doesn't always do that and seemed to start for me three or four days ago, before that nearly instant. Opening individual threads seems as fast as it...
  15. MaxBurn

    Windows update problems lately?

    Anyone have trouble with windows updates killing a machine lately? Basically after installing windows updates it won't boot, hangs on installing updates forever. I had a VM do this to me a couple weeks ago and I had to go into safe mode and remove the latest updates, redid updates and it was...
  16. MaxBurn

    Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft abandoned their update tracker but Nokia steps up. Nokia revives Windows Phone update tracker, but only for Lumia 800
  17. MaxBurn

    Mobile Networks

    This new thread should be lively. WHY “MORE BARS IN MORE PLACES” MEANS SHIT FOR NOTHING NOW - Matt Galligan
  18. MaxBurn

    Western Digital and Toshiba trade hard drive tech, clearing the way for WD / Hitachi

    Western Digital and Toshiba trade hard drive tech, clearing the way for WD / Hitachi merger
  19. MaxBurn

    Windows 8 going to an app store model only for mobile

    You can only get apps and drivers via the microsoft store or update. This is a bit of a surprise. I'm still not getting why they want to link the tablet and desktop OS when they are clearly going to be such different animals...
  20. MaxBurn

    vCenter converter

    Anyone ever use this? Does it molest the source PC in any way I should know about? From what I understand you run it in a running workstation with admin privileges so an encrypted disk shouldn't be a problem, agree? Thinking about taking a machine to virtual but it can't mess up the source...
  21. MaxBurn

    Microsoft confirms UEFI fears, locks down ARM devices

    Will you be able to run any OS you want in the future? Maybe not. This is a big deal.
  22. MaxBurn

    Segment of Symantec source code stolen by hackers

  23. MaxBurn

    The obligatory Blackberry thread

    Well we covered the other two mobile systems we might as well right? OK so I have a rim 9650 for work as most of my workmates do and this email formatting thing has been annoying me quite a bit lately. If I sent someone a table the phones would butcher it. This appears to pertain to the...
  24. MaxBurn

    Sans Digital TR5UT-BP 5 drive RAID enclosure I am waiting on my 5th drive so I took a look inside to see what the RAID engine is. I got this as a...
  25. MaxBurn

    Dell PERC 6i failed?

    Not my week. Got some disks not showing in my server now. I tried moving power cables around and I didn't see any changes. But when I swapped the two SFF-8484 connectors on the card I did see my drives show up in the other location. Sounds like a bad controller card, agree?
  26. MaxBurn

    Can't delete a folder

    Somehow I have a problem moving bookmarks from FF4 to IE9 and in doing so it created a bad folder. I can delete everything in the folder except for this, says the file/folder can't be found. There is nothing in the folder. Can't change the read only properties either. Logged in as admin and...
  27. MaxBurn

    iPhone 3Gs 32GB Unlocked

    iPhone 3Gs 32GB Unlocked $350 obo including Fedex 2day shipping inside US. iphone details -iOS 4.2.1 or 4.3.3 your choice. -Baseband 05.13.04 - unlockable via ultrasn0w! -"OLD" bootROM - generally the first to get an untethered jailbreak on new iOS versions. -SHSH on file for 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3...
  28. MaxBurn

    Intel HD graphics on Dell E6410 and E port dock

    What I have: Dell E6410 laptop with i5 and intel graphics E port docking station Samsung TV LN32A550 Problem, when I try 1080p60 I get green lines very bad on display. Updated to latest dell driver no change. If I select 1080 with refresh rate 30hz in the driver the picture looks good but my...
  29. MaxBurn

    USB Mouse won't connect quickly

    My work computer just recently started giving me trouble. On my KVM it treats the USB keyboard and mouse as plugin/unplug events when you switch computers, which works great. On my laptop it just started delaying the mouse plugin for about 15-20 seconds, more than enough to be super annoying...
  30. MaxBurn

    Dell PERC 6i brackets

    If you bought a Dell PERC 6i RAID adapter you likely didn't get a bracket because in Dell servers they typically use a tray. Ditch the tray use this bracket and you can correctly install the PERC 6i in a standard ATX chassi. I am not sure if these will fit a PERC 5i, I think they will but I...
  31. MaxBurn

    Get rid of server 2003 logged shutdown/restart

    How to? I googled it and I don't have the group policy I see mentioned. Tried a registry key that didn't either. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Reliability Name:ShutdownReasonUI Type:REG_DWORD Value:1=enable;0=disable
  32. MaxBurn

    Samsung doing advanced format too?

    I hadn't noticed this before and especially not on a 320gb drive. This is the stuff that means it won't work in a RAID array right?
  33. MaxBurn

    FS: Two GTX260 216 core OC cards

    Two GTX260 for sale here. $99 each shipped UPS ground. They are both the 216 Core units and both are OC editions for higher GPU and memory clocks. Running SLI for the past six months with them, had the BFG sense new about a year and the EVGA only the last six months. Fans are quiet and not...
  34. MaxBurn

    3TB HD from WD
  35. MaxBurn

    Home Theater Items.

    All this stuff is big and heavy, really encourage local pickup. All have retail box with manual, remote control and packing material. Box measurements are listed with weights if you wanted to try a shipping estimator. Located in Nashua NH 03060 Contact me via PM heat (just started)...
  36. MaxBurn

    quik i7 and memory question.

    On a i7 965 EE intel says it supports memory DDR3-800/1066. Would I be wasting my money getting 1333 or 1600 memory? Not really familiar with the i7 platform, my first time building one. I plan to overclock a little but this is an unlocked processor so I plan to do it that way and leave the...
  37. MaxBurn

    90° SATA cables that go the other way?

    Is there such a thing? Problem is in the pictures below, if the 90° connector goes that way it will block ports. Just looked at a lot of angled sata cable pictures and I have yet to find one that goes the opposite way from this picture. Considering a Intel DX58SO board which is what is...
  38. MaxBurn

    Intel RAID and TRIM yet?

    I see conflicting news reports that TRIM is supported on the ICHx chipsets with the intel storage manager. Anyone know for sure? News reports center around the end of march but I think tech report brings something pretty important up here: I'm not...
  39. MaxBurn

    HP buys Palm

    I like it, maybe now we can get a decent tablet from HP
  40. MaxBurn

    Nvidia problems

    Needham & Company Downgrades NVIDIA (NVDA) to Hold; Concerns of Fermi Ramp and Gross Margin Risk This can't be good for them.
  41. MaxBurn

    ASUS A696 MyPal PDA with internal GPS receiver

    ASUS A696 MyPal PDA with internal GPS receiver Contact me at: PM me. $75 shipped UPS ground conus Software TomTom US and Canada version 6.010, works great on this, very easy to use. Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 Patch to enable SDHC memory cards uBook ebook Reader free Total Commander file...
  42. MaxBurn

    HDD SMART temps reliable?

    Are temperatures reported by SMART generally reliable? My server is reporting one warm disk at 109°F so I shuffled things around and unless I am crazy and lost track of something that one hot temperature moved to another drive, I thought I grabbed the hot disk and moved it to the front in a...
  43. MaxBurn

    Much stuff for sale.

    This first section are prices including SHIPPING via UPS GROUND. Rosewill drive dock USB and eSATA “toaster” $25 –original box cables everything. 1.3b HDCP compliant HDMI splitter. $28 – just splitter and power supply...
  44. MaxBurn

    ASUS Unveils Exclusive Technology to Unlock Latent AMD CPU Cores

    Another reason I can not trust ASUS. They are assuming there was no good reason that particular core was turned off in the first place, how misleading for people that won't know better.
  45. MaxBurn

    OCZ's Vertex Limited Edition SSD: $399 for best-in-class write speeds, only 5,000 ava
  46. MaxBurn

    HP SAS Expander

    Has anyone here played with one of these? I wasn't even aware that they existed until I stumbled across this thread. The possibilities are really something to think about. It only needs the PCIE slot for power so if you could find a backplane cheap enough that would work, guys in the thread...
  47. MaxBurn

    Home theater items for sale

    All this stuff is big and heavy, really encourage local pickup. All have retail box with manual, remote control and packing material. Box measurements are listed with weights if you wanted to try a shipping estimator from 03060. Sony SLV-679HF VCR - free * 19-micron video heads * VHS hi-fi...
  48. MaxBurn

    Anyone using vPro or AMT to get KVM over IP?

    Anyone? If I understand the technology right and you are careful about motherboard selection sounds like you basically get KVM over IP for free?? Is there a catch?
  49. MaxBurn

    Nvidia and sound out HDMI

    I updated my drivers to 195.62 and just noticed that there is a selection for 1920x1080(sound enabled) mode. Anyone notice it or using it? If this somehow worked in playing bluray I might consider a receiver.
  50. MaxBurn

    Low power 2TB options?

    Hmm considering a couple of 2TB models but which one, the Seagate or the Samsung? The Seagate is a touch faster spindle speed and stats. From what I can tell they are both 4x500gb platter models. Both $150. They are just going to be storage for media files nothing special...