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    What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Better Than Copper Cables?

    I have just installed one of these: in my office. They are less than $1k here in Aus which is pretty good for a 16port 10G switch. It gives you 12 SFP+ ports and 4 RJ45 ports. The Ubiquiti fibre transceivers are also very well priced and...
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    Defect with Intel C2000 Atoms, multiple NAS units affected

    Yep, got a SuperMicro server dead from this problem. Six months out of warranty, still fighting with them to get it replaced. :-(
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    Have your tried one of these: ? Takes two m.2 SATA SSDs and one NVMe m.2 drive. Have you found one that works? Looking for something like this to access client m.2 drives on my...
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    Laptop Recommendations

    I have found these to be pretty good: 14" with carbon fibre so 1.7Kg with five year warranty. 12Gb ram, one M2 SSD and space for a 2.5" drive as well. or these (if you really want some grunt)...
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    CISCO RV320 port forwading woes...

    :eek: it works! The cisco firewall rules are nuts! Thanks Howell, I got the same answer from Samir at the Small Net Builder forum. I never considered doing this because the access rules page has a default rule to Deny all traffic from WAN1 to any destination. It appears that even though the...
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    CISCO RV320 port forwading woes...

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some help configuring a Cisco RV320 router. The RV320 is at a remote location, I want to configure a port forward for remote desktop from my public static IP address through the RV320 to a server on the RV320's internal lan. I have setup port forwarding on the RV320...
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    How can a router open your browser?

    Hi Tea, I alot of ISPs are not offering the use of the UniV ports on the NBN modems as that is an extra fee they then pay to NBNco. You should be able to request a UniV service from Telstra but it will be more expensive than the VoIP service through their Tel$uck router. 2nd point is you can use...
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    What to do with a problem like VGA?

    Have you tried plugging a normal DVI to VGA adaptor dongle into the monitor? I have a few high-end Dell monitors that come with two DVI ports and no VGA port, I found at least one of the DVI ports worked with a VGA signal through a normal adaptor. Cheers, mangyDOG
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    The magician software comprises of two components. The first is a basic SSD utility that enables firmware updates (for the SSD), monitors total write usage and also links to various windows settings that can be configured to improve SSD performance. The second component of the software is RAPID...
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    For Windows 10 and Samsung SSD users. Samsung have finally updated their Magician software to support RAPID mode under Windows 10.
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    Replacement gaming card

    I have one of these 2nd hand (only six months of use, still a year or so of warranty remaining) for $220.00 Should be faster I think than a pair of GTX690s. In new cards, I would look at one of these: Galax GF GTX 970 Black Edition V2...
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    problem Computers blocked from Local Network.

    Thanks, will try this arvo or tonight. Cheers
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    problem Computers blocked from Local Network.

    Hi All, I have a strange network issues with one of my clients. Their network consists of 100+ computers & printers with another 40 or so wirelessly connected notebooks and mobile devices. The network is managed by a Netgear UTM150 router (DHCP and DNS) and wireless is by a Ubiquity Unifi...
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    Longer-haul wireless

    Second vote for the ubnt stuff. Easy to configure and here in AUS I have a choice of 5Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz radios.
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    "Windows Technical Services"

    Love it. I never have the patience to string them along for more than a couple of minutes. Well done on the PB! Cheers, mangyDOG.
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    32->64, 8.0 -> 8.1 (licence questions)

    Hi Tea, I have two 8.1x64 Home OEM and one 8.1x64 Pro OEM packs in stock if you need some today. DickerData, Ingram Micro and Synnex all have stock if you have accounts with them. Cheers, mangyDOG.
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    Goodbye Firefox

    LoL, I just checked out the Firefox feedback page here: Unhappy comments are upto 85% and almost hit 5000 per day compared to the pre FF29 level of around 1000 per day. Lots of unhappy campers!
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    Goodbye Firefox

    Hi Tannin, I totally agree with everything you have listed. Firefox 29 lasted less than five minutes on my PC once I ran into all of the issues listed above plus the fact that I like my tabs below the toolbar not fardling above it. I can only hope that enough people complain directly to them...
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    SSHD - hybrid drives

    I tried one of the new Seagate 3.5" models a few months ago and was disappointed. If you really need performance then SSD+HDD is the only option. My standard setup for most higher end PCs is to setup on the SSD and create a folder on the HDD called "User_Files" and within that create a folder...
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    problem My AVG FREE 2014 doesn't post the end time of a scan?

    Interesting read, with a fair amount of AVG bashing :-) For those that haven't used AVG for eight years, it may be time to give it another go. Excluding McAfee and any norton product which are terrible beyond belief (for those that haven't seen the John McAfee video check it out...
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    Port Forwarding on a Netgear ProSafe SRX5308

    If using WAN load balancing, check the protocol binding settings page. Cheers, mangyDOG
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    Selecting a new work laptop

    This is what I am getting for myself: Yes it is limited to 4Gb, which is dissapointing, but I only use the notebook for office type applications, network trouble shooting and occasionally downloading photos, but not editing...
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    Sophos AV - a disaster in waiting

    I love Bodgy and Dodgy! Every time I do a quote where a potiential client needs to get a second price, I point them there. Even with my highest levels of markup and hourly install rates I can beat their prices by at 30% or more.
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    Sophos AV - a disaster in waiting

    It is for exactly this reason I have convinced every business client I have to get rid of Sophos.
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    Met my match - I cannot fix this - need help!

    Normally would have spent 15mins on it, backed up their files and restored from image, but when clients have six servers and 80+ PCs, you try to keep their friends happy ;-) In the end, I will be writing most of the time off and charging the equivalent of a system restore... Cheers, mangyDOG
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    Met my match - I cannot fix this - need help!

    Fixed it! created a batch file which edited the registry turning on remote desktop, saved that to the hard-drive via 2nd PC into the start up folder. logged into the PC via remote desktop and after a bit of stuffing around found that the "Optimiser" programs had deleted the entire contents of...
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    Met my match - I cannot fix this - need help!

    Keyboard and mouse work fine in a linux boot disk environment in all USB ports so it is not a hardware issue. Tried remote desktop but it isn't enabled. Can this be turned on in the registry? If so, I can probably get it sorted that way. --- cool just googled that - looks pretty easy will try...
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    Met my match - I cannot fix this - need help!

    I fourteen years of fixing computer there haven't been to many problems that I haven't been able to fix but this one has me stumped... Here is the situation: Lenovo 8808-BC1 small form factor PC - no PS2 ports only USB. - Windows XP Pro SP3 Client installs multiple "Registry Fixers" / " PC...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    Although the NAS fixed it this problem, it created a few more. In the end the problem was resolved when the client needed a new application using SQL databases so I sold him a Server 2008R2 machine and this also didn't have a problem with lag to the client machines. The particular folder in...
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    Sil3132: Can Silicon Image do anything right?

    I found this at a US website: cheers, mangyDOG
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    Sil3132: Can Silicon Image do anything right?

    I use an adaptec eSata card (which is based on the SI chip) and it works most of the time without any fuss. The two issues I have has are: 1) need to use a short eSata cable, I had lots of trouble until I changed to a high quality 50cm cable rather than the default 100cm cables. 2)...
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    Correct pronunciation of "Asus"

    I did always pronounce it A-suss, however I was speaking to an Asus rep at a sales conference and it is meant to be A-zeus. cheers, mangyDOG
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    90° SATA cables that go the other way?

    The 270 degree cables do exist, I got some bundled with a SuperMicro Server. A quick google search found this website: Cheers, mangyDOG
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    Lower Power

    My server consists of a Supermicro tower chassis & 645watt PSU, with a Tyan AMD serverboard and one of the AMD E series CPUs (BE-2350), 4Gb ram, 8 * 1Tb WD Green drives connected to an Adaptec 5805 controller and 2 * 320Gb Black drives connected to a Highpoint 3120 controller. At idle doing mail...
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    Ancient Computer; Modern Browser, Security software

    "My least-favorite customer" should be "My ex-customer" Do you really want to keep a customer that is really that tight? If he can afford to employ two new staff and won't fork out for a couple of decent PCs and software than it is time to terminate your business relationship. You would be...
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    Home NAS

    I am currently running a Qnap TS-639 with 6 * 1Tb 5400rpm drives in RAID5. This unit may be over kill for home but it is very quiet (it resides on the top shelf of our walk in robe) and is very fast, 60-80Mb/s writes and 90-100Mb/s reads across the network so I can save a Gig of video to the NAS...
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    Cleaning out the garage.

    I have finally moved into my new offices and now my garage is filled with 5 years of accumulated bits and pieces that have to go. I have started a list as I work through all the boxes, (lots) more will be added ;-) Check the List Here. (Please note postage only to Australia.) Regards mangyDOG
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    Way to install SCSI boot disk w/o a floppy drive?

    The only way to do this would be to slipstream the LSI drivers into a new build of your XP disk. There are a lot of articles on the 'net on how to do this, but it would probably be easier to try a different floppy disk and different floppy drive. cheers, mangyDOG.
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    backing up solutions

    I use Acronis extensively for my backup requirements and have written a batch file that adds flexibility to the default TrueImage scheduling. To use the batch file: 1) open TrueImage and create two scheduled tasks (set to run manually later) the first is for a full backup of everything you...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    Hi Bozo, That isn't the problem, I have the auto-unzipping turned off on all the PCs I build and there arn't any zip files in the problem folder. I really did think it might be the Icon cache causing the problem but a couple of hours of experimentation resulted in no improvment. A couple of...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    Tried it and no joy :sad: cheers, mangyDOG
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    The files on the server machine appear in the directory immediately without any delay. If the files are copied to the client machines they also work properly. But they need to be shared someware so all the computers are working with the same set of files. cheers, mangyDOG
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    I think it is client side. I found a few similar problems when googling for a fix, and some mentioned that the problem did not occur with Win2k or Win98 clients. If I get time I will put together a linux NAS and test it with that, but I don't want to tell my client they need to spend more money...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    Tried that, on both, on the server and on the client. made no difference at all. Seems to me that there is a threshold number of files in a folder, and once it is exceeded XP just cannot handle it. My feeling is there is a cache setting somewhere that can deal with a few hundred files to be...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    Where do I find that setting? Cheers, mangyDOG
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    That is what I would normally do, but in this case the folder is used by a specific piece of software which throws a tantrum if any of the files it expects to be in the folder are missing :-( We tried creating a range of subfolders but the error messages from the software are worse than the...
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    Slow network with large numbers of files.

    I have a client running a small network with five computers, all running Windows XP SP2. One of the computers is acting as a file server. The client PCs each have three network shares (X, Y, Z). 1) Accessing X, Y or Z from any computer works fine, with files and folders appearing close to...
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    More Vista nonsense

    I'm with Tannin on this, I remember when XP first came out it was abit of a PITA but it was substantially better than Windows 95/98/ME on new hardware and only marginally slower than Windows 2000. Vista however sucks the life out of even the fastest gear, and running it on a notebook is an...
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    Office computers - dual core these days?

    My favorite CPU for all basic PCs (business or home) these days is the AMD BE-2350 which is the low voltage (45watt TDP) version of the 4000x2. Using these processors, 2Gb of Ram, 160Gb HDD, DVD-RW on an Asus M2AVM mobo in an Antec NSK4480 case (with their 380watt "Earthwatts" PSU) the computer...
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    Linux-based firewall that supports multiple WANs not much else I have found will do everything. IPcop have been talking about it for years, but no action. cheers mangyDOG