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    Android 7.0 reviews?

    You know Greg is always on the cheap? :lol: Maybe there was a black Friday super-low deal.
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    Wireless Mic recommendations

    I'm not sure about remote antensa either/. You need to comly with the FDC regulations.
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    Nichia Develops 60 Lumen Per Watt White LED

    Are there an decent GUI based bulbs? I tried one once and it was extra dim.
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    Something Random

    Garyu Henderso and Steve Groltz are alive. Its a mircale!
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    Something Random

    #6 ;P
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    Something Random

    SR lost all my psots due to teh human errrors. Then Davin quit and Eugnege announced gong out of busitness.
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    Will Dynamic Disks survive a Vista to Win 7 upgrade?

    Dinyamic Dicks can survive almost anythign that wuld not kill the host. :D
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    Ad-Aware with anti virus

    tRIAl pay? That id free, my ass!
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    8425 Miniscribe

    Maybe Tony stil has one in teh back of the shoppe. :lol:
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    Why must TV forsake me?

    tV has gone crazy in the decades since. Tonigth on TV commercial old Lieftenantt SUllu is selling quadractic cooloered TV sets. WFT?
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    Something Random

    #6 :p
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    Does anoyne care eno9hgh about you to follow and hack itn? What sis so impotante?
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    Rotating your IP address?

    Itr make sno differnce. If they wanmt ot, they wikll get you and ruin your flife, No thing can be done for teh resistance.
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    Lest fAC ETHE facts,. Gergory has a fetsih for SCSI intefrcvae and hard direvs. :D he was tuarimatized by the falsity of Promise /Maxtor and never the sasem again.
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    Cheese or Font

    oH brothers. Some Peple have way too mauch free time in therio lives,. It is rather fun y in concepot I must admiont.
  16. L!? U tweet?

    Tweets are fioolsk I say. I mean, who cares shwt for wghat avery idiot out therwe wants to say every two minutes,? its' sooooo boring.
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    update Moderators

    Cool beans. Whatys the ball singify in the H for handruins?
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    Something Random

    Merc, you kbnow teh link in your sig is outadetd, right?
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    Why power supplies should not have rocker switches....

    We hade a gaetweay at the botom on the stairs to oprevents animals dfrom intrucing.
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    Something Random

    sO whao,m WFT is happenning hERe as fo late?? Mercurio is ging to get some finnaly? :mrgrn: UDAMn crazier than erver? wI<LSOn has be quite ; not many psots. Kevin cLOker MIA ans so forth asn so on,
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    Swine Flu

    Sur4e;now it is wrokiing.!
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    WhAtn is teh point? I'm stipl here yuou know.
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    Best movie you've seen

    Yehm, and that was geart.:) Dirt and grit realismo wer not popluar yet, wespcially on the tube. I rememer Midnacht Cowbody was a shocker.
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    Best movie you've seen

    Infiodel! :p Star wras was for weenies. bad comics book stuffs. You have to remener that Star Trek was before nmen had landed on the moon. It was just a way outr trher TV sghow in the 60s, not the moves.
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    spinrite v6

    Wohoa. I tlhohgt he was 60's already in the goldern SR days.
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    spinrite v6

    Steven Guibison is sitll alive?
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    Kali 'disposal' tax? WTH is this?
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    Kali 'disposal' tax? WTH is this?

    PILE, piles,PILEs of toxic junks are ev ertwheres.!
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    Seagate 2TB

    HIBaCHI. You rea a name thEif.?
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    Seagate 2TB

    Nornmally that is corecto, but why so latre? Other brandes will have 4x500Gb 7020 RPM sooon.
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    Do you think Sony will kill Blu-ray?

    mollyjack ?
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    Something Random

    Troublgeshiitinng what?
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    update New server issue thread

    Danm; I don tblame you! ;) Waht is this about secret coderes access? mAybe Uda is off the mendicationes.
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    dDV Homograms

    Who uses the bunners that create a homographic effect on the discus backside? Does it aeffect relaiblities/longevities of the disk? Is the speciales sopftware mandaorty?
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    Swine Flu

    Lionk i sdead.
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    Windows 7 "Location and Other Sensors"

    The federaloes keep track of your every momenvetn by the GSP!
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    update New server issue thread

    12K MiLEs>: :???:
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    Ceiling Hanging "U" Racks

    I donut underrstabd teh whole basement thing, but it sounds diffilt to acces/servicio thye computers. Is space so limititted?
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    Something Random

    Oh f***! Thatn is usally last step bfroe tertimination or banckruptcy. Naybe this is a sign to leav the area and start afresh. YOur'e still youngman, with bright futures, whether you belive it or not. Hang in tehre, my freind.
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    update New server issue thread

    Yeaahhh/! D does this cost you any more monanthly? I'd be wiling to contributate something.
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    Preseving laptop battery

    Untilamately it is hopless. Most of my notebook s have deaded or weak batteries aftre affew years no mattrer what. 3rd paqrty batts tend to be crap. My waork lappy only runs about 1 hour, but thy refuse to replace batteries paxck. :mad:
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    Druderuing, I dontn thiinkso. It is 4 CPUis with Hype threading, I bet one core is fully utilizated. No way it could be 8 times faster. Maybe 5 timers?
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    You thinkn it wouod mmake a buig diffencer? Those Atomically challenged CPu aer slow. :lol:
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    Swine Flu

    OMG this is otuon control! They are clisng scholls just becfause a few strudents are sick without even knowning what it is. Eklsewhers, China adn Japon have cancekllet the croporate summit meting for eASTren ZONes.
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    update Server migration tomorrow?

    Get teh goodsleeep. :zzz: I cant syurvevie anopther Davin-like Master buckl fucjup. :(
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    update Server migration tomorrow?

    T-2 hours, or sitit already done in your zoneos/? I hoep we can survuicve migratation.
  47. L!? U tweet?

    QWhat does that nean? You have over 8200.
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    Essential Firefox plug-ins for Netbooks

    Mybeperhaps Dopug or a modernator can move this post.
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    problem digitalse VOiceRecorder

    NevertheMind. I will buy anew keyboardo. IT is usells.
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    UPS Help

    Liebert? Was that thwe copmpanty sellling the carzy high-end gear that went bust awhilw back?