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    dDV Homograms

    Who uses the bunners that create a homographic effect on the discus backside? Does it aeffect relaiblities/longevities of the disk? Is the speciales sopftware mandaorty?
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    problem digitalse VOiceRecorder

    I am having moe difficultird in typing on thr one hasnd. So which pocket voice recodr shoukl i Get?. Budgies are limitated top about $10,0 and main cliterion is that it can make "Wavy" files. I cant' instasll any softwares> on company laptop without adminerstation.
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    Boneruses anDRaises

    Waht's normal thisn year in bunoses and anaul increases(exampe, April 1-March 31 Fiscals)? ARe yuo receiving less thanh last 5 years? :(
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    sanDIks Cruizer Autoruns

    when I pullug in a neu Cruzer marco, some applicatyion runs and CD drive is cerated, attributed to the U3! Then i opted out - for removal, but the files are still there. :( Is this a dangerous malware type of applicationes? (I see bizarer jpegs of Mexican cartoon rats.) What is teh best way to...
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    Thermal conpounds

    Oh no, i did it agoiun! I was helping someone out with an overheating CPU, Repalced the heatsink-/fan. Unfortuantley some ofthe Aquatic Silvre coumpound got on the light carpet abnd made a ~2cmx.5 cm straek . :o How can I celan it? Do we nmeed to call in a pro?
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    Word perfect

    Arrgggh! I am tryiong in vainto comvert an old WP file to MS Wrod or something legible. It is a .WPD file from 1994, probably crated with WP 6.0 or 6.1 in Windows 3.1. I testes a few converters downloaded randomly asnd none worked. I then tr5ied opening/converting in Office 2000 and 2003, it...
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    Remote Controols

    Is X10.coM legitinmates? Website loks liker some kinda pronographia. :oops: I want to replacen some old RadiaSchack stuff, which appears to be the similare.
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    LOcked OUt!

    So I was locked out agin form the workro9om, due to forgetting the key. :o I wasted the whole eveeenging with nothign to do. @#%^! I was rembering about 20 years ago those electrconics key pads wre poopular. Do they stuil exist? Has abnyone insatklled one in place of a standard indoor keted...
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    N0tebook replacement

    I needa new small laptoop computer. Main criterius are the size weight and accesisbilyt for upgrade. Pespifically it must be literglly 9" or less in height, no more than 2.0 KG weght, run the xP, support largest STAA drives updrades (up to teh 500Gb in a year or so), intrenal oooptical drive...
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    Segatae Filaure

    160Gb Seagtoe Memento 5400.3 Wonm;t read all the files., it always licks up at the same place. :crap: Drive was purcahesd from the "eGG" around 1.5 years ago. Dirve is labelled: mfg by Seagets for OEM distributer. does this mean no users warranty? Is it worht replacing or not for around...
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    Blue Tooths

    My bluetoth is no more. :( What is a gooed kind to get, better than the jabrawacky? Sionce there is not time for depratmental procurements bvefore teh holioday vacations, I'll probably pay fro one myself, if not too much expense. Immedialtey it will for be use with the Blueberry, though next...
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    Seagated Hell

    Hopw can I remove the gard dribe from Seagato eSATa enclousure? It beis an older 500gb drive about a year ago, weith some funky pentagram screws. Ugh. :(
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    Which is the goodly typest of GPS? Some peoples like the NUVI Garamin 350 and [url][ulr] has highest raring on the NewEGG. What do tyou think?
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    Maxtor Drives Still??

    I thought Maxtor had disapperred into the SegateCorp. Lately I noticed the Maxtor drives 500mB are still availeble at the reatail levels. Arethey differet physcially from Seagte drivesm, or is there some huge stickpile of old MAxTor drives still aorund?
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    I hot a new NEC Sony Opiotrarc S=ATA DVD burner to simplfyng the PC and save a PCI slot. It burncreates the DVDs just fine (approx. 16x) yet sadly the read seped is horrifiyingly slow -- maybe 1-2x. I tried all teh SATa ports on the mothersboards and a few PCi and PCe SATA cards without...
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    New Category Needed?

    Now Merc, I;m not around much longer, so congarts in advance on the big 10K. :)
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    BlueDisc Ray

    ARe the new BD writer burners any good for data storeg? DVDs aer too small. Will the tercnology improve anytime soon? Thx.
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    Time Worp?

    WTF is happeniong to my universe? Two of the cable boxes are jsyut a fraction second apart but the other is abouto ten secodns delayed. Tghis hapenss on a all the channels, regualr and premium. I don;t get it.
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    Icon Oddfity

    Why does my Icon on the desktop cahge each time? After booting there is one icin and then after I double click to lainch an application, a different picture appears on the icon? The orginal icon appers after the coputer is robooted agibn. Very strange.
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    Normally DeAd?

    It seems sliek a lots of dead people in the groupd. :( How do I do the acturearials caluctions for normals? For exmpale: if there are 100 people born in 1959 that are stil alive in 1972, waht percentage should statistically be aliuve todya?
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    I am looking for some small in-ear, noise bliocking tpe with deccent sound qulity. Nothing too fancy is needed since they will be used with 224GHZ mp3s player, but not like the junk phones provide with the player. Maybe there some around $100? I dont want any active noice csncellation types...
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    Why are thery no 600Gb drives? The gaop bewtwwn 500 and 750 is too mauch and no copetetive choices. Por example is older days we had from 30Gb the progressin: 30, 40, 45, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 250, 300 (320), 400, 500, now gap to 750Gb. In each case the difence was no moare than 1/3...
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    740 New

    Are the New WD740 based on the the the WD1500, which is preumabbaly bnetter than the old WD740GD, oerr is thre any difference?
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    Too Late?

    Aperantley Eugene and Co finanly decided the SF C&G swas getting out of control after sdome yuears. I'm not suere twat good it will do now, but....
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    POS BIO Failure

    Anyon weknow why this happened? Cherly was ferueling teh vehcile and afterwards there was no completion mesage or receipt, just a meqssage proclaiming the BIOS failure. I only saw a glimpse but it was some BIOS version 2.something. Do all the POS have the BIOS or is trhe message routed from...
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    LDC TV

    I'm looking for about a 20" LCD TV for teh computer area. A fancy high definition or the wide screen unit is no wanted, just a simple TV connected to the standard digital cabale box and sometimes a DVD player. Is ther anythign decnt for around $400? And no, the CRT TV is not vaibel option as...
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    Receiving the FAx?

    How can I receive a faxf thorugh the computer? Teh hardware is compatible since I sent oyutward biound faxes in the past. OS is Win200. I need to do this tonignth if possible! Thanks
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    Super popular?

    Why are there so many peiple online' today? 48 useres this afternon is a new record, yet nobody in psoting this wekeed. Weird.
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    Noise Machinos

    Looks like i MAY BE MOVing to a difernt residence fr a few nmonths and I m concerned about the npoise levels. Streeets vehicels, upstarais movements and general facility stuff. Are hte nosie machines any good for this purpose and sllepign without drugs? I see a bunch of machones online. For...
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    Daed Man switch

    How can one set up teh webe site that autonomcially go online and e-mail the invitiations afetr dying? Any easy way to do this, perhpas some login that must be doen ecery weeks or 10 days and if not it activitates?
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    Weird Hard Ddrve

    WTF brand fo hard driveis this - Conncet Conmpiters?
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    Deos anmyone have plans for their epitahp on the mausoleneum? I am tryong to think of a good one that is relevklna to my the lifes. Maybe something abiut being a loser of the lifetimes but a nice guy, and not too severe?
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    Hard Drive Underground

    i may need to archibve the data. How long will teh hard drives last if sealed appropiately at low humdidty and buried under the ground? Everything would be enmcrytped of course in case the drivesa re not restored. TIA
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    Are the prepadi funereals any good? Is it easier on the ancestiors or just another ripooff?
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    La sVaegas

    OMG this place is so phonoly as full of hte totaol bullhist! Wat a bunch of degerentes are here, I so nuch want to go home. Frigging hurricanos. ::8
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    Toshjiba Drive Test

    Does anyone know of a utility that will test a Toshiba 2.5" notebook driven? Their website seesm to be useless. TIA
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    300GB 7200.9 Slooow

    I was surprisingly desparets for the space last week and requierdo a drive immediately, so I bought a 300GB PATA 7200.9. The drive seemed to be fine in nornmal use and I used it to organize and process 280Gb of files. However, now that it is connected on a FireWire bridge the write performcei...
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    Tiny Power Supply

    Where can I find a really tiny 100-240VAC adapter to 16-18VDC @ 500mA? It must be a switching adapter to be small and lightweight. All I can find are bulky wall warts or some notebook inline bricks, but even the smallest ones are usually 3A, making them larger and heavier than necessary...
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    Sliding Days

    Does anyone notice that after next week the days will be getting shorter and shorter? It seems that winter is only recently over and it is looming ahead again. :(
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    DVD+R DL

    I finally obtained some DVD+R DL discs and burned them in the old NEC 35000A. The writing speed is 4x throughout, but the read speed is terrible. Are all DL discs slow to read? I though that read speeds were always equal to or faster than writing speeds. Is this a faulty generalization, or...
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    Simultaneous Logins

    Why can I not log in under all four usernames at once? The posts default to an earlier user when I reply to thread. Maybe Gary has a method, but I am clueless. :?:
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    System Stuffed!

    Arrgh! Every time I try to view most folders in teh Explorer, the system locks up and must be rebotted. The drive appears to be OK in the hardware, but anyything or utility that accesses the entrie drie kuills explorer. So the quetion is whether this is simply a filesystem corruptuion or is...
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    IDE Adpater

    I am deparely seeking a reverse adapter to connect a 3.5" IDe drove to a notebok with teh standard 44-pin 2.5' connector. There are a gazillion $4 adaoetrs to connetc 2.5" drives to 40-pin cables, but not the revers. Is there any hope? TIA
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    Really Fast Drive! or ?,aid,121105,00.asp Since my OS/apps would fit in 4GB, I could really use the disk space gained by removing ye olde 15K.3. Iss this device for real, or will there be problems with DOS utilities etc.?