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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    So, these Ironwolfs *might* be SOHO grade?
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    16TB Toshiba CMR

    It turns out that shingled is also perpendicular. So, technically, PMR includes SMR. They had to coin a new term for what we were all calling PMR that's not SMR.
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    When we're talking about an enterprise storage server, how many drive writes per day is expected?
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    Windows 10

    There are so many of these sellers, and they're moving so many keys. If MS cared, they'd at least be trying to shut them down. It's easy enough to use Windows totally unactivated. If MS is looking to monetize Windows to home users in ways other than just licensing fees, the more users the better.
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    QLC will be great for write-once, read-many data. That's good for file servers and for desktop application [read: game] disks. Instead of getting a couple terabytes of spinning rust for their fat-ass applications, I can see people getting a QLC SSD to complement their faster OS SSD. If it's...
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    Windows 10

    I was suspicious myself, but haven't had any problems with these cheap keys. Should MS suddenly decide that one I received isn't genuine, I'd still be well ahead buying another one.
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    So, yeah. They're not going to notice.
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    I really doubt that QLC will be slow enough for the general consumer to notice. They'll still be whiz-bang fast compared to spinning disks.
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    LACP-capable SoHo Router or Switch Suggestions

    Now that I finally have multiple ethernet ports on my NAS and desktop, I'm looking to experiment with LAGG. I could hack around with my current gateway router to get it to work, but I'd run out of ports for anything else in my network. I was looking at the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X but was...
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    First World SSD Problems

    If all of my storage is M.2, how does the motherboard know to blink the HDD activity LED? How do I know it's actually activity on the drives?
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    Slow USB Hard Drive

    I've been collecting used external 2.5" harddisks with the intention of cracking them out of their USB enclosures and using them in a new NAS that I'm building. Unfortunately, once I shuck the drives, the warranty is kaput; so I need to to try to determine any problems before opening them up...
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    Hatchet Job on AMD

    Evidence Suggests Report on AMD Security Was Financially Motivated tl;dr: Trumped-up vulnerabilities in AMD chips are being pushed by firm which is likely shorting its stock.
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    Windows 10 Keys

    Where are folks getting their keys for Windows 10 these days? I'm looking to upgrade all of my laptops with OEM Home versions to Pro, as well as cover a number of new machines. Hoping that it's not expensive. It seems like there are plenty of shady sellers out there are good, legit, reliable...
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    WD Demos SD Card with PCIe Interface

    Western Digital Demos SD Card with PCIe x1 Interface, 880 MB/s Read Speed It's experimental, but a move in the right direction.
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    Western Digital vs. Seagate: Only One Is a Buy

    Barons: Western Digital vs. Seagate: Only One Is a Buy tl;dr: Seagate is well-established in the enterprise market, but Western Digital is now ready for the future with SSDs
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    Seagate To Double HDD Speed With Multi-Actuator Technology

    Internal RAID 0 lives!,36132.html
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    Looming Silicon Wafer Shortage

    Looks like we're going to have to bend over a little more.... Nvidia GPU, Intel CPU, and AMD tech prices will skyrocket as silicon costs continue to soar
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    Amtel is Real

    Intel and AMD announced that Intel will be releasing CPUs with Intel cores, AMD graphics, and HBM2 on a single package
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    Intel Coffee Lake Another Rush Job tl;dr: Coffee Lake is basically Kaby Lake with two more cores. Z370 is just Z270 with updates for more cores. Non-K SKUs currently pointless. No released retail pricing. Availability is very low. Intel is still the performance king, but the Ryzen 1700 probably...
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    Cryptocurrency Mining and GPUs

    This is what we're up against. According to the posting on Reddit, the owner of this rig left it on after evacuating for hurricane Irma. As the house flooded, the PSU shorted out and started a fire.
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    Intel X299: What is it good for?

    I think that you're an Intel fanboy.
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    FS: Harddrives

    I'm doing upgrades and will have used 7200RPM SATA drives to sell. At least one 2TB drive and four 3TB drives. All Seagate and under warranty. Just seeing if anyone here is interested. I'll get the exact details when I have it.
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    Cryptocurrency Mining and GPUs

    Cryptocurrency miners ate the GPU market. Mid-range cards are hard to find and everything else is overpriced. I looked into mining for fun and profit, but it turns out the best bet was to sell my card, just like selling shovels to gold miners in a rush. Last week, I sold my year-old reference...
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    Intel X299: What is it good for?

    I've now seen three videos and read at least as many articles on the clusterfuck that is Intel's x299 platform. Even investors are talking about this: There seems to be a lot of head scratching on the...
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    Cloud Backup

    This is actually happening...
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    Call Blocker App

    The number of unsolicited calls to my cell phone has finally reached annoying levels. I'm looking for an app that blocks known bad numbers and would otherwise stop these kinds of calls. I haven't done much research, although I've seen a number of positive mentions of Truecaller. I'm hoping...
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    BIOS Hangs with Old Drives

    I'm running into a strange situation with the new NAS that I'm building. When I attach any of the drives from the old NAS, the BIOS hangs with an "IDE" error code. If I turn on the AHCI BIOS, it IDs all of the drives, but the BIOS then hangs with an error concerning the option ROM. I have two...
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    120mm Case Fans

    I'm doing an SFF build to replace my current NAS, and the Lian Li case that I've chosen comes with three-pin fans that the motherboard can't control because it only does PWM. Folks have brands/models that they suggest?
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    Cloud Backup

    What are folks using for cloud back-up? I've used Crashplan for some years, but they've been going into the pooper at an accelerating rate. They're hamstrung by their Java-based client, and the servers have been getting slower and slower. I need to start looking for a replacement well in...
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    Amazon Business

    Does anybody here use Amazon Business? I set up an account last year, as I thought that there might be some interesting stuff with a business discount. Turns out that there isn't, and the discount is usually pretty thin on things that do have it. There are a number of other features which are...
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    DisplayPort Sound

    So, my "new" monitor supports digital sound out. This allows me to work around my janky onboard audio chip by sending the sound through DisplayPort and connecting my speakers to the monitor. Saves a cable run, too. The problem is, when the monitor goes to sleep, the sound stops. Unlike HDMI...
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    What to do with a problem like VGA?

    I recently changed my desktop monitor and the new one doesn't have a VGA input. While I might generally celebrate this as a good thing, my headless NAS only has a VGA out on it's built-in video. I rarely need to hook it up to a monitor, but when I do, it's a big deal. What's the best solution...
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    question Replacing Netbook

    The battery appears to have suddenly pooped out on my trusty Lenovo S10-2 netbook. It was literally working fine two weeks ago and now won't work without AC power. The machines is already pretty long in the tooth, and the replacement battery is going to be something like $80; that's way more...
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    Anyone here use Ghostery? I've been taking it for a spin and liking the results so far.
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    Recommendations on Dual-band 802.11n

    Recommendations on a dual-band 802.11n access point? I have two basic problems: I'm trying to cut the cord on my Roku and the 2.4Ghz space around my apartment is waaaay too crowded. The 5GHz band is pretty much wide open. I realise that 802.11ac is here, but it's a bit pricey and I have...
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    ZFS Checksum Errors

    Twice now, I've had one of the drives in a RAIDZ produce about fifty recoverable checksum errors during the weekly scrub. Both times, I cleared the error and ran a new scrub with no problems. There are no apparent issues reporting via SMART. No problems were found upon inspecting the...
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    Which 2TB Drive?

    What 3.5" 2TB drive do folks here suggest? It's about time to upgrade the 1TB drives in my NAS, and now that we're down to 2.5 manufacturers, they all seem like shit.
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    Sound Volume Changes

    I'm having a strange issue where the volume on my desktop will suddenly drop and then some seemingly random period of time later, return to the previous level. This is problematic because I use it to listen to music. I'm using the Realtek ALC889 sound on my motherboard and my now 10+ year-old...
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    Samsung/Seagate RMA?

    One of my Samsung HD103SJ crapped out on me. Thanks to ZFS, I didn't notice that it has been out of my raidz array for weeks. It appears that Seagate is continuing to make this drive with the model number ST1000DM005. Any experience on RMAing Samsung drives to Seagate, and any thoughts on...
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    Hitachi 5k3000 3TB 5400RPM Drive

    Hitachi Deskstar HDS5C3030ALA630, 3.5 inch, 3TB, 5400RPM, SATA 6Gb/s Harddrive I only used the drive during my NAS switch as a back-up. It sat in its box until the new device was backed-up to the cloud. It has about two years left on the warranty. #$^% Western Digital has left the checker...
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    Drives and Other Bits

    After putting together my new FreeNAS box, doing some upgrades, and other stuff, I have some spare parts. I'm assigning rough prices, so take them with a grain of salt. Spinpoint F3 1TB, still under warranty - $60 OCZ Vertex 60GB, still under warranty - $40 Barracuda 7200.12 250GB, OEM - $10...
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    Windows Backup Cannot Verify Network Share

    I've switched over to my new server running FreeNAS and, except for CrashPlan needing to reanalyze every file because the last modified date has changed, it works great. However, Windows Backup now no longer will validate CIFS shares from the new box for saving backups. This isn't a problem...
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    Like the new upgrade...

    It's just a pile of pixels, but messing with the levels is an easy way to darken it.
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    Anyone here using FreeNAS? The ol' ReadyNAS is getting long in the tooth. In order to use larger drives, I will need to back-up and then restore all of my data, so that I can use a newer version of the file system with larger blocks. At that point, I might as well dump it for something more...
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    SoHo Gigabit Router?

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced gigabit router for a client running a home office. He has two desktops and a server which are all have gigabit ethernet, but also a 100base-T wireless AP to attach. Jumbo frames with the ability to split for the slower clients would be a real plus. What are...
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    Best Video Card Brand

    I have a couple of customers who decided to upgrade with the release of the recent ATi card. Since every card out is a reference design, except for running across some sales and rebates there's very little difference between them. I'm thinking that people here have more cards run through their...
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    PMC-Sierra Completes Acquisition of Adaptec Channel Storage Business So, what does Adaptec do?
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    Leverage Your Nothing

    Anybody heard of or used these guy(s)? I'm working with the program manager of a grant project attached to a local university to get appropriate computer gear that's within their relatively meager budget. All they really need is a couple laptops, a desktop...
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    This Is Why We Don't Buy Drives From Newegg

    Despite the complaints of myself and others concerning Newegg's horrible packaging of harddrives, they had a good deal on the 1TB Samsung F3, which I had been looking at getting another. Against my better judgement, I bought. Mistake 1. Drive came in an antistatic bag, rather than Samsung's...
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    Whither the JEDEC Standard Memory?

    I've been looking at parts for a build, and found exactly one company making JEDEC standard 4GB DDR3 1333 sticks; they're non-existent at speeds above that, and the 2GB sticks are still hard to find. Everybody else guarantees the speed if you manually set the timings and over-volt, but the SPD...