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  1. sedrosken

    Something Random

    I set it about generating a copy of this data for myself. Here's hoping they didn't get my SSN...
  2. sedrosken

    Forum moved and upgraded

    Looks fantastic! It was rather jarring for me to load this site up and have it look so dramatically different, though honestly it's not a bad difference.
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    Something Random

    Typo. But then I figure you already guessed that. :grin: Basically I was all but forced to take fifteen credit hours my first semester (yes, it does go by a semester system here), else I wouldn't graduate on time. I'm actually pretty happy with my final schedule, I should be able to easily...
  4. sedrosken

    No sound on ADI SoundMAX AC'97

    Drivers are installed correctly. No jumpers are set that would prevent it from working. Nothing is shorted out, to the best of my knowledge. It just quit working out of the blue one day. Stuff's plugged into the right port. Volume levels are fine. It's set as the default playback device. Yet...
  5. sedrosken

    Driver headache under Manjaro linux... (Arch base)

    So the nouveau drivers for my GT730 GPU don't work right, and don't work right on ANY linux distro, not just this one. Freeze up the system after so long in use, about an hour depending on what I'm doing. Last time I could fix the problem by removing nouveau and installing the proprietary nvidia...
  6. sedrosken

    98SE setup BSOD?

    On my recently-acquired Pentium II, I'm currently trying to set up Windows 98SE. :puke-l: The first phase of setup executes flawlessly, and then it boots from the hard drive. It BSOD's at about 46% when trying to initialize it's driver database, with an exception 0E at 0028:C0008997 in VxD ---...
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    What distro and why?

    For the Linux nerds among us, what distro are you using, and why do you feel that it was the best choice? I'm using Ubuntu MATE (though I have been known to use Arch and variants of Debian/Ubuntu/Mint in the past) because with an Ubuntu base things didn't take hours upon hours just to set up on...
  8. sedrosken

    Goodbye Firefox

    I'm trying out Waterfox and while it's a bit slower to start than Firefox or Chrome (even on my SSD, which is kind of weird... it honestly feels like I'm starting it from my HDD. I need to check out where I installed it.) it feels so much more responsive with large tab workloads than either of...
  9. sedrosken

    question BIOS Update for Toshiba Satellite through Linux

    How do I go about it? I have the BIOS updater launcher running in WINE, and it asks me to choose between three options: 1.) Make a bootable floppy (won't work, BIOS is too large to fit and the launcher bombs out when trying to find a specific executable) 2.) Make a bootable CD-ROM (won't work...
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    Something Random

    I just checked, and I do only have the one slot. Any ideas as to why Task Manager is reporting two?
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    No Shave November

    This is the first time November's rolled around that I can actually grow a beard, and as such I am participating in the event called "No Shave November." I shaved on Halloween night so I started this month with a clean state. At a little over a week into it I can say that I already have a decent...
  12. sedrosken

    Lumia 900

    I got ahold of my mom's old Nokia Lumia 900. It's old, but it works and does far more than my old phone. I'd prefer a newer Android handset but I'll take what I can get. I have to give credit where it's due. For the tiny amount of apps that run on the outdated Windows Phone 7.8 platform, they...
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    Recent XKCD strip that I thought referenced this:
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    Turboboosted Turboboost?

    What's pretty cool is that it's the FAHClient that's maxing out my cores. I only have one slot assigned, and it's using both cores to their maximum (which is apparently 2900 MHz). FAHClient seems a lot smarter about using my CPU when set to full under Debian than under Ubuntu. I can use most...
  15. sedrosken

    Turboboosted Turboboost?

    Conky on my Debian install reports my turbo-boosted clockspeed, Ubuntu doesn't. Also, my turboboosted clock speed on Debian is 2900 MHz. Normally it maxes out at 2400. How is this possible? Is it even possible? Is Conky lying to me? Under Ubuntu, Conky would always report my clockspeed when...
  16. sedrosken

    Hillbilly-ish Docking Station

    I've tried to go this route, but the "CustomModeApp.exe" hiding in my system32 folder (part of my Intel HD driver suite, unaccessable by its control panel but still there if you want to use it) refuses to run. Like, I don't even get a sort of notification that it crashed or anything. It just...
  17. sedrosken

    Hillbilly-ish Docking Station

    So for the past couple days I've plugged my SE198WFP monitor into the VGA port on my laptop, and because my wireless keyboard is "Unifying" (I can't believe it actually works...) I have it synced to the receiver that's plugged into my laptop as well. Then I close my laptop and shove it behind...
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    Storage Review?

    I was reading some old threads, and I saw Santilli mention that he "love[s] most of the people in storage review." This was in the thread "Is this forum going to last?" from 1-30-2002. What exactly is (or was) this Storage Review? Is it still around? Can anyone scrounge together some Wayback...
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    Crap selection of laptops

    Yeah, there's one device listed under that name, but then there's another device under it labelled "Intel Display Audio." Here, take a look.
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    Show us your desktop!

    I switched to SeaMonkey. Was missing the all-included-ness of Netscape Communicator and Mozilla of old. Plus, it's still compatible with Firefox and all that. And I doubt its UI layout will ever change significantly, as I'm convinced one of the main points of SeaMonkey is to play into nostalgia...
  21. sedrosken

    Show us your desktop!

    Update on mine. Got a few more games installed, now all that's left is Goat Simulator and Skyrim. Here you can see Spybot and Avast running in the system tray... they slow down the bootup process so much, sigh. It also seems as though they are keeping the CPU from dynamically underclocking...
  22. sedrosken

    Show us your desktop!

    Your inscreen setup, physical desk setup, specs of your desktops, or some combination of the three. Whatever you feel like. Currently I am not at my desk, but I can show you my inscreen setup. Some places that are empty are like that because I haven't quite finished installing all of my...
  23. sedrosken

    Retrieving key from BIOS? (Win8.1)

    As some of you predicted, I have started to reformat my hard drive with a fresh copy of Windows 8.1. I'm doing it in BIOS mode so I don't have to deal with UEFI. However, I can't seem to grab my key from the BIOS. I've tried RW-Everything, going to the ACPI tab and all that. But it won't load...
  24. sedrosken

    (98SE) Windows Protection Error after Defrag

    I have 98SE installed on ye olde Pentium 4, and I had everything just about set up when I went to defrag... It told me that it encountered an error and to run a Thorough scan on ScanDisk. Okay, so I do that, and defrag again. This time, defrag completes without an issue. I reboot, and I get the...
  25. sedrosken

    What's the difference between BSD and Linux, really?

    I've heard BSD is what happens when programmers try to port Unix to x86, but that Linux is what happens when programmers try to write Unix for x86. I know that BSD is less modular than Linux, and is in general somewhat more difficult to use. Are there any real advantages to BSD? Linux's modular...
  26. sedrosken

    Ye Olde Pentium 4 is back from the dead...

    There were three screws in the case, shorting out the motherboard. Shook it out, put the board back in, and all is well. Currently putting NetBSD 6.1.4 on it.
  27. sedrosken

    Got a Latitude D610!

    From my grandma, who gave it to me because it was really slow. That and the fact that it was ~10 years old told her she needed to buy a new one. Apparently this model is notorious for having issues. The motherboard will occasionally get small cracks in it and cause severe instability. Which...
  28. sedrosken

    Sound under Ubuntu not working

    On my laptop, I now have a custom configured install of Ubuntu server with MATE and etc. Version is 14.04. I thought you guys could help me! I have the Alsa info right here: and I have tried uninstalling alsa-base and...
  29. sedrosken

    Arch Linux... one of the most difficult operating systems to set up and use in this day and age, period. But I did it. I won't lie, I had help from a tutorial, if that lessens the victory any. Installing everything had to be done through the CLI, and pacman saw a lot of use (and abuse). I had...
  30. sedrosken

    Early College!

    I applied, got accepted, did the testing, etc etc etc. I will actually technically be graduating high school a year later but with my associate's degree in hand. I did something called compass testing, maxed out the scale in english with a 99, did pretty good in pre-algebra with an 86, and...
  31. sedrosken

    TES3: Morrowind

    Any of you guys played it? It's from ~2002. Much more complex to play than Oblivion or Skyrim. Runs on a much more modest system too, but for the best quality you want something roundabout what you'd use for Oblivion. I used to not like it at all. It was slow, clunky, difficult, and a whole...
  32. sedrosken

    Retiring the AXP

    As I said in Goodbye Firefox, I will be retiring my Athlon XP 3000+ based desktop. I think I'll take the CPU out, maybe frame it and hang it on my wall. Like I should have done for my PIII, as it was the computer that taught me how to fix hardware. Humorously enough, I have never seen an...
  33. sedrosken

    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on Inspiron 1545, Round 2, FIGHT!

    So I just installed 8.1 Pro x64 this morning and only just finished getting all my stuff back to the way it was about an hour ago. I'm home from school (water heater came on way too late for me to get a shower at a decent time, and I hold myself to higher standards than some certain freshmen I...
  34. sedrosken

    Well isn's this just wonderful...

    We get back home and get all of a day before an F1 tornado rips through, cuts our power (with optimist estimates at around three days before its fixed, storm took down entire poles) and screws up our roof. Thank God for house insurance, if nothing else. We might not have school if it doesn't...
  35. sedrosken

    Just when I thought I was in the clear, this happens...

    My laptops HDD is dead. I've reseated connectors and I'm getting DRDY errors while booting. Spectacular.
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    Something Random

    I'll just leave this here.
  37. sedrosken

    Dropped my GTab in some water...

    So yeah. Yesterday = not a good day. Among other things this happened. I couldn't make it stop booting in safe mode. Everything else worked so I know it's still alive, however after I let it dry and turned it on again... it's in a bootloop right now and I can't make it stop so I think I'll just...
  38. sedrosken

    Weird centering issue with my AXP

    When I set the resolution lower than the monitor's optimal, 1440x900, the res will center in the screen with a border comprising of the unused pixels going around it. I can't find the option in my catalyst software to set it to stretch. I want to set it to 1280x768 so I can see it better. I...
  39. sedrosken

    Creepy games.

    I've seen games like Amnesia or Slender. Minecraft can even be scary. I mean, think about it. You're one human in a world where nearly everything is out to get you. Ambient sounds make you wonder whether you're really alone, even in peaceful mode. I got ahold of a PSX emulator the other day...
  40. sedrosken

    USB IBM Model M Keyboard

    For those of you who actually like your keys to click, here you go. A USB replica IBM Model M keyboard from Unicomp. Price is too steep for me but ya know whatever. They also make versions with Trackpoints, windows keys, etc etc. They can be ordered to be PS/2 or USB. Pretty snazzy if I do say...
  41. sedrosken


    I just procured an ATi Radeon 9550 AGP for my AXP. Some research indicated that there are, in fact WDDM drivers for it! Dunno if I'm actually going to install 7 on it, but it's nice to know that I can if I want to.
  42. sedrosken

    Holy crap WattOS!

    It's in the vein of Xubuntu and Lubuntu in that it's a version of Ubuntu for low-end and/or older systems. WattOS though runs on far less (192 MB during install, less than 128 MB after) and is by far the most fully featured (including the option of three different shells, not unlike Mint). The...
  43. sedrosken

    Your opinions on "skinning?"

    What do you think about the more complex ones, ones that replace certain UI-specific system files? I installed a Windows 8 theme onto my laptop yesterday, and had to break out my Debian DVD so I could copy certain files that were in use while Windows was running. All in all the creator did a...
  44. sedrosken

    Use of IE ... today?

    Doesn't anyone else find themselves using IE more and more? In my experience, IE 11 is faster than Chrome because its hardware acceleration is enabled by default. I just switched over completely on my newly Windows 8.1-ified laptop. A note on that - - I, er, traded my Win 7 Home Premium key to...
  45. sedrosken

    storageforum App

    Would it be at all possible to develop an appear specifically for browsing storageforum at a greater speed and with more convenience than simply using one's web browser? Similar to Tapatalk for the android forums? Browsing speeds in Dolphin on my unlocked Illusion are... adequate... but I often...
  46. sedrosken

    Unreal Tournament ('99) issues?

    I installed UT99 on my AXP, its normal routine for my systems. It's GUI runs dreadfully slow, I can't even start a game. I can literally wait tens of seconds for the mouse to move. I could see this happening on a Pentium 133, but on an Athlon XP with a GeForce2 MX card that worked perfectly...
  47. sedrosken

    "New" drives...

    My 80 GB WD800 PATA HDD that is in my AXP has some interesting Power-on data. Granted, it has not been on for anywhere near as long as my 250 GB in my old Inspiron 530, but for a "new" drive (I bought it "New" from Amazon some 6 months ago). I have not by any means used that drive for 1015 days...
  48. sedrosken

    Expect some trolls

    Some people just saw me on here at school and decided they need to be on here too - - only not for any good reason. They're making accts as I speak. I'm sorry! I won't be on here at school again! I promise!
  49. sedrosken

    ISO PCI sound card and 2x1gb ddr400 dimm

    Same as title: I'm looking for some sort of PCI sound card and some ddr-400 ram, specifically in a 2 x 1 gb dimm set. My AXP has only 512 MB and its current onboard sound has died. I need this as cheap as possible.
  50. sedrosken

    Bad Caps on GX270

    I will say that I probably should've seen this coming, seeing as how it was sold right in that era of Dell computers being struck with bad caps. My board has a couple caps next to the processor corroded over, and one directly below it bulging. I should be thankful the board still boots. I'm...