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    This the pub. Any pub questions or musings?
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    Seasonic Announce New Prime Series PSU's

    New Seasonic Prime Series PSU's
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    random RSS Feed with PHP & MySQL

    I am sure this is not new for many of you, but having never done this, I was surprised at how easy it is to code an RSS Feed with PHP and MySQL. I searched the Internet for code suggestions, and some were terribly complicated. It took me some time, and the simplest code turned out to be the...
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    question Harman Kardon AVR 3600-Z

    I have never purchased Harman Kardon components before, but this product is on sale as a refurbished item for $300.00. Is it worth it? Sale ends today. My current receiver is a 1998 Technics, all analogue, with Prologic II (great sound). Harman Kardon AVR 3600-Z Thanks
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    question SIIG SC-SA0R11-S1 Opinions

    I am researching the SIIG SC-SA0R11-S1 for RAID 10, and am wondering if any on this forum have experience, feedback or an opinion regarding this model. Thanks.
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    World's Tallest Man Saves Dolphins

    This is such an interesting and good natured story, I just had to share: BBC News World's Tallest Man Saves Dolphin Thursday, 14 December 2006, 10:09 GMT
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    I was thinking of using some Quadro based PNY cards. Any comments or suggestions?
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    AM2 - Let the Games Begin

    I’m building my first AM2 system for a client. I didn’t think it would come around this quickly, as socket 754 is still a great performer for offices and comes at a great price. Nonetheless, this is not a typical customer, so we’re venturing into the AM2 arena. Here is the hardware list...
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    Very Odd Sale: Books

    For Sale: 24 books from the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection Bantam Books Agatha Christie Hardcover Collection Hard Cover, Dark Blue Leather Bound NOTE: These books smell of cigarette smoke, hence the sale. Titles: What Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! N or M? Ordeal By Innocence Murder On the...
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    Linux, Wine and the Gnome

    With SuSE 10 it is very easy to click on Applications>Run Application...>[type code such as "wine sol.exe"]. However, I would like to automate this WINE process. How can I create an icon on my Gnome desktop that I can click in order to run WINE and a Windows application?
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    Electrical/electronic question: Surge protectors are rated in Joules. From my understanding, 1 joule = 1 watt/s, so the surge protector could protect from a 1 second 4200 watt (~38 amps (110V)) surge. Is this a correct understanding?
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    Typical. I assembled an office system for a customer a few months back. Basic, simple system: GA-K8VM800M, SDA3000, 512MB of RAM, plus the other necessities. I installed OpenOffice, NOD32, Ad-Aware, Thunderbird, and Firefox, plus provided instructions on not using IE, Outlook Express or...
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    Time for an Upgrade

    Okay, so the time is coming for me to upgrade my system. I think this time around I'll actually buy myself parts instead of just mixing together leftovers. I think I'll go with a s939 solution. But, what Operating System should I use? Currently I'm using Windows XP Professional. It runs all...
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    Bluetooth Solution

    A customer of mine running a nForce2 system would like to get some Bluetooth hookup for his system so that he can connect his phone. Any opinions and/or options?
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    Audio Components

    I have hooked up with a new distributor that specializes in system integration. This includes audio, video, electrical, environmental, networking, etc. I noticed that one of the major audio brands they carry is Onkyo. Any input or feedback for this brand? They have a really nice receiver...
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    Hydrogen Generating Module

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    Sun Microsystem's Special Dell Offer
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    Footy buff lets finger fly Footy Buff Lets Finger Fly 13/09/2005 12:23 - (SA) Associated Press
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    [NEWZ] - IBM officially kills OS/2

    the INQUIRER IBM officially kills OS/2, suggests switch to Linux By Jock McFrock the bekilted Engineer: Thursday 14 July 2005, 18:13 © 2005 Breakthrough Publishing Ltd. ____________________ :blue: Sorry Tony, it was going to happen sooner or later.
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    Stupid Lawsuit,3604,1525590,00.html
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    Adios Socket A

    <sniffle> Bye ol' buddy </sniffle> AMD Socket A slides into oblivion
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    UPS Question

    . . . no, not the carrier. :D I have a choice of purchasing one of two brands: APC or Opti. This should support three computers during power loss and protect against surges. Any recommendations?
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    Self-wiring Supercomputer is Cool and Compact Self-wiring Supercomputer is Cool and Compact Will Knight 18:14 31 May 2005 © Copyright Reed Business Information Ltd.
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    Very Nice Home Theater
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    Spiegel Interview With Bill Gates

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    Tyan and nVidia

    Very nice motherboard: Thunder K8WE (S2895) Specifications
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    [NEWZ] WD One-inch Drive

    WD enters the one-inch drive market.
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    Video Card Solutions

    I've been looking at some ATI PCI-E video card solutions, and I was wondering about the X300, X600PRO, and the X700PRO. Obviously the performance and price varies amongst these three cards, but what sort of AGP cards would you compare them with? I was thinking of using the X300 for office...
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    Age of Empires III

    When Age of Empires III is released later this year, it will be time for a new computer. :D
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    Bird Technology

    Animal Planet Bird Technology Copyright © 2004 Discovery Communications Inc.
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    For All the Hunters Out There...

    Finland seems to have a well regulated but prosperous hunting season. article
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    [NEWZ] Microsoft Purchased Giant?

    Did Microsoft really purchase Giant, the makers of Giant Antispyware? If so, I just lost faith in Giant. article
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    First Video Call Center

    Israel has the first video call center. This brings a whole new set of rules to the call center environment -- the agents need to look good. How do you hire without discriminating against those that are ugly, yet have the knowledge?
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    So Long Old Friend . . .

    This is apparently the last month for the production of Athlon XP chips. Next stop, Sempron.
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    Sober worm goes on a bender

    the INQ Sober worm goes on a bender
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    How to make a gigapixel picture

    For all those interested in photography, this must have been a fun experiment:
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    Hard Disk Cloning Software

    Anyone know of good hard disk cloning software that is Open Source and freeware?
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    I hope JoJo is okay. It sounds like some nasty weather has hit Scandanavia.
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    Boston Wins the World Series!!!!!!

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    Conversion Tool

    I'm looking for a free tool that will convert a spreadsheet to an image file. I've tried UDC (which is not free), and wasn't very impressed.
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    [NEWS] - WDC Back in the 2.5" Game

    Western Digital announces the release of their new 2.5" drives.
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    Sempron vs. Celeron

    X-bit has a nice comparison between the Semprons and the Celeron Ds.
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    SD or AXDA?

    So, my disti is showing a $40.00 difference between an SDA2800BOX and an AXDA2800BOX, with the Sempron being the least expensive. Both are SocketA, which should I buy?
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    [nEwZ] For JoJo

    Finnish City Abandons Linux Plan Turku to Move to XP Finnish Version somewhere on this page.
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    [NEWS] - Preformatted Holographic Disc

    The world's first movie recording on a preformatted holographic disc. Optware demonstrated playing back digital movies stored on its Holographic Versatile Disc™ YOKOHAMA, Japan, August 23, 2004
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    Has anyone had any experience with Pentamedia products, such as their Pentavision and PentavisionCI cards? A customer of mine asked me about these, and I'd like to get some input about these products. Once the site loads, click on the English version, and then click...
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    Interesting Medical Newz from Canada

    The BMJ reports on a study done in Canada about safety in Canadian hospitals. Some obvious improvements are necessary, although they are not alone in the world with this type of problem.
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    Opera & Storage Forum

    Something I have noticed with different versions of Opera is that all of the topics on the forum are centered instead of left-justified as they are with Gecko based browsers and IE. It is very annoying to read through the forums when everything is centered. Is it that the HTML of our Forum has...
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    [NEWZ] Indiana Boy Wins Spelling Bee

    A 14-year old boy from South Bend, Indiana wins the U.S. Spelling Bee. For me, this is the best part:
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    I submitted some News on the afternoon (Pacific Time) of Wednesday the 26th regarding another new virus, but I haven't seen it posted. Yet, the other bit of news from that day regarding Cornice was posted. What gives?