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  1. LunarMist

    Clock Set to 1969

    The internet will not connect to most sites when the clock sets to 1969. SF doesn't even exist. What software do you use to set the clock automatically at boot? The one I have is obviously not right.
  2. LunarMist

    OAuth!/email-support/KM1240462 It appears that I will no longer be able to access my emails with Outlook 2013, 2016 or the Thunderbirds, etc. All I can find easily on the OAuth is about servers and technical stuff. :( Will all email services start using...
  3. LunarMist

    WD 18TB and 20 TB

    WD has some new drives. How are they cramming more data per platter diks in there? It's not clear if they use the WHAMR or something.
  4. LunarMist

    Audio from Display

    How can I get audio from a monitor to headphones without disassembly amd DIY? Are there any cheap LED monitors that have a mini?
  5. LunarMist


    Kioxia sounds like a lack of oxygen in some metabolic process, but it is actually Toshiba memory. What twits invented that name I have no idea. :(
  6. LunarMist

    Mini PC

    I need a simple and small computer to replace one that is offsite and has died this week. :cry: I'm leaning towards Intel NUC or maybe the smallest version of Lenovo ThinkCenter, Dell Orptiplex, etc.. The use case is rather limited currently, but I want something that should be useable for 3-5...
  7. LunarMist

    State of the CPUs

    I was thinking about CPUs 16 months ago, but the maleficent Meltdown and Spectator dimmed my hopes of gaining enough improvements to be worth the hassle. Now that Windows 7 is coming to an end soon, I'm looking at new systems again. Have there been improvements against the anti-malware impact...
  8. LunarMist

    Phone Charging Control

    Are there any Androidic battery apps that will limit the phone charge to a lower level, such as 80%? Most of the battery saver type of apps are designed to fix bad batteries or throttle performance to improve battery life.
  9. LunarMist

    RAID Failure

    What is the best course of action when one drive is kicked out and the array is still working? One option is to replace the funky drive and let the RAID5 rebuild itself. Another option is to nuke the array, replace the drive, create a new array and then copy/verify the data to it. A third...
  10. LunarMist

    16TB Toshiba CMR
  11. LunarMist

    Alternatives to Amazon

    After Amazon screwed me the fourth time in less than two months on shipments being "undeliverable" I'm trying to figure where to buy some of the smaller electronic/computer items. Does anybody use the real UPS or real FedEx (not Home) anymore? I don't want free shipping, but reliable shipping...
  12. LunarMist

    Samsung QVO

    The Samsung QVO SSD (quadratic level cell) is here?
  13. LunarMist

    Amazon Breach

    Bastards. :mad:
  14. LunarMist

    New NUCs

    There are finally some new Intel NUCs. Unfortunately they have screwed us out of the Displayport. :mad:
  15. LunarMist


    I have a Fluke 8060A/8062 or some DMM about 25 years old. Is it worth calibrating or even possible? What today has comparable accuracy and quality? Most of the stuff on the Amazon looks cheap and unreliable. Thanks.
  16. LunarMist


    Does anyone have this? They claim the Fibros are bridged to the Cu home wires so the telephones are normal but I have to buy a battery supply. Can a regular UPS be used? The internet would be wireless which would be a PITA, but how does the TV work?
  17. LunarMist

    WD 14TB CMR

    WD 14TB CMR WTF is CMR and how does it differ from PMR? Obviously it does not suffer from the dreaded shingles.
  18. LunarMist

    question Display Cleaning

    What solution and microfibers do you use for cleaning the display? Now that I have a decent monitor I want to keep in peak condition.
  19. LunarMist

    Seagate 14TB

    Seagate 14TB EXNOS I hope this does not have the shingles.
  20. LunarMist

    Samsung Notebook

    I see that Samsung has some new laptops with the Kraby Lake "Type R" CPU. Notebook 9 13.3" Supposedly this the best new low power CPU in years. The 1kg weight is a little heavier than I would like, but probably acceptable if the charger is small enough. What are the thoughts on the Samsung...
  21. LunarMist


    If only Merc were still around. He could store all the poron on one tape.
  22. LunarMist

    WD is at it again

    Does anyone wonder if 4-bits per cell WD flash will store data as reliably as their esteemed HDDs? :rofl: This latest achievement follows a nearly three-decade long legacy of industry firsts in flash innovation, including the industry’s multi-level cell (MLC) flash technologies using two bits...
  23. LunarMist

    10-bit Video

    Which video card would be good for 10-bit output? I was reading something about the internal graphics not being that and people buy the Quattro video, but I'm a bit clueless. I don't want a huge flamethrower of a card for the 3rd dimensions, but one that will operate at reasonably low power...
  24. LunarMist

    question New Computer

    What is the best CPU/mainboard that I can get in 2017 that will still work with Windows 7 or maybe 8.1? It should be significantly faster than the old 5930K @4.4GHz, especially on a single thread. My goal is to have the main computer (and NADS) normally disconnected from the internet. After...
  25. LunarMist

    problem E-mail

    The #@$%! at ISP are discontinuing e-mail in early May. Needless to say this is a major hassle as I have a myriad of online accounts using multiple addresses. A number of them have unkown passwords, etc. I surely don't want to suffer through the process again, so what 3rd party do you recommend...
  26. LunarMist

    KVM Switch

    I should be receiving a new monitor in April with any luck. The monitor will have DVI-D, DP and HDMI inputs at a resolution of 2560x1440. My old KVM is DVI DL only and that seems to be a dying breed. Is HDMI the main standard now and in the next 4-5 years or should I use DP? My laptop will...
  27. LunarMist


    Are there better browsers for the Andriod phones? On the LG it is not too bad, but on the newer Samsung it always opens on the last page even with a home page set to something else. That's so annoying. :(
  28. LunarMist

    T shirts

    Where do you have photo t shirts made on an individual basis? I thought there was a thread but cannot find one. Thanks.
  29. LunarMist

    photo Travel Insurance

    Who do you use for international travel insurance? There are numerous companies, but all the fine print gives a headache. :( The policies are around 4-6% depending on coverage and type of evacuation. The main problem is that you have to buy the insurance at time of deposition, or there is a...
  30. LunarMist

    question 9.5 mm Doomed

    So here we are 2.5 years after the 2TB M9T and Seagate appears to be killing off 9.5 mm drives. The new Seagate mobile drives are either 7mm or 15 mm. Basically that means still only 2TB in the slim (7mm) internal or external drives. If we want the larger capacities, the drives will be the...
  31. LunarMist

    WD Passport

    Is anyone getting the new WD Passports? :razz:
  32. LunarMist

    Phone bags

    If you must use a phone with internal battery like the iPhone and some Andorids now, what would you use for Faraday type signal blocker bags? I'd prefer a small and inconspicuous bag/case. Thanks.
  33. LunarMist

    problem Amazon Fraud

    The other hard drive arrived, but I found it was a big spool of wire. :cursin: Does anyone have experience dealing with their shipping frauds? I entered it into the Amazon system and printed the shipping label for the return, but don't have much confidence they will believe me. I can just see...
  34. LunarMist

    PCI Slots

    Do any mainstream PCs still provide PCI Slots? The vendor claims that the facility should buy a new instrument, but I think it is BS. It's only 120K but the delay will put my dept in red on the Gantt. Thanks.
  35. LunarMist

    NAS Drive

    I finally bought a basic NAS and some drives. Should the drives be fully tested separately outside of the device or does the NAS do that? Thanks.
  36. LunarMist

    Filter Screen

    What do you prefer for the screen filters? I'm not sure what to buy. They seem to be some sort of plastic.
  37. LunarMist

    problem Newegg

    Newegg is bullsh*t. The bastards have screwed the shipping. :-x I ordered a cheap product (under $20), but paid for the 3-day shipping. The invoice shows the shipping charge, but then a different e-mail (they send about three altogether) has the tracking number for the USPS free shipping...
  38. LunarMist

    Androids Browser

    My phone is having problems with the internet. I get errors on some sites and others display warnings. I think may be caused by the Android, version 2.3.6. The phone company will not update it. Are there any decent 3rd party bowsers I can install on a phone of that vintage? Thanks.
  39. LunarMist

    Go Pro

    Does anyone use the video cameras of the Go Pros brand? I have a user that will be doing some snorkeling in the ocean and wants one for good quality HD videos of the underwater species. The camera must be easy to use and lightweight, so I thought of the Go Pros. I have about $500 budget (sans...
  40. LunarMist

    Internet Options

    Is it possible to have two internet providers connected at the same time on one computer or the wireless? For example, I might try out the cable or the FIBOS. Thanks.
  41. LunarMist

    External GPS

    I've been trying various GPS apps for the phone and am not completely satisfied with them for the battery life and how they handle signal loss and phone standby. My 2008 handheld is dropping tracks occasionally and the display is flickering more and more so I may buy a new one. I noticed that...
  42. LunarMist

    Cheap Display

    The display for the H520s computer is dying. What do you recommend at around $200-250 for a 23-24 inch HD (1080) display that is readily available? High res is no good for the elderly, so please don't suggest that. The computer is about 3 years old with the integrated i5 video (HDMI) and will...
  43. LunarMist

    Big Brother MFT

    Is an MFT like this any good? I don't find many good options with color and 11x17' capability. The device needs to be able to make enlarged copies in standalone mode. The large format laser types I've seen are huge, very expensive, and for office use only.
  44. LunarMist

    No Shingles 6GB Drive

    Do the WD Green 6TB WD60EZRX drives use the stupid shit on the shingles technology that slows down the writing to a crawl every few minutes? I want to buy some of them or other ~5400 RPM, non-shingles drives for frequent backup use. Thanks.
  45. LunarMist

    6TB WD Finally WD has the 6TB drives in the Black and Red pro (probably the same drive with differing FW). I hope they do not use the shingles design. I'm tired of the 6TB NAS clatter and the 6TB...
  46. LunarMist


    Why is the user info like this?
  47. LunarMist

    220TB Tape

    Maybe this tape is enough for Merc. :D
  48. LunarMist

    Cheap Power Supply

    I have a device that uses one of the ubiquitous Chinese wall warts. Unfortunately it becomes quite hot in use in the US, so you can imagine I'm a bit concerned how it will perform in the desert with no A/C and at 240V. :( Are such cheap supplies more likely to fail at 240V than 120V? On the...
  49. LunarMist

    problem Avast

    After updating the AVAST program to the latest version today, two kinds of e-mail software are not working on the Verizon accounts. There is a cryptic message about the SSL something or other. WTF have they done?
  50. LunarMist


    What do the learned SF members think about this? The only Lenovo we have a is a few years old, so it should be OK.