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    UHD ripping

    Anyone else ripping UHD discs? I picked up a LG WH14NS40 from Amazon for about $55 and got it yesterday. Reportedly all the working Asus & LG drive models are the same hardware so there's no point to buy a more expensive model. I used Marty McNuts modified ASUS flasher to get a "UHD friendly"...
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    Is anyone else following this situation closely? I don't think we can trust anything the Chinese are saying. The actions they claim to be taking seem out of proportion with the severity of the situation they're describing in their official numbers. In the US the CDC basically admits they have...
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    Large HDD's for a NAS/Server for RAID

    So, I'm thinking to upgrade the drives in my my main server. Not because I need more space or more speed, but because the drives in the nightly backup server are ~10 years old and should be refreshed since they're starting to throw some errors. My thinking is to get a new drive set and put...
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    Google Pixel 3a XL

    So at the latest pricing I decided to get one of these to replace my 2 year old Moto G5S+ (which is still working fine). Admittedly and somewhat ironically the good camera on the Pixel 3a XL was a draw to me along with the good battery life and OLED screen. I got an Open box - Excellent...
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    Skylum Luminar 4

    So as I mentioned in the Something Random thread I bought Luminar 4 from B&H to play around with. So far I'm pretty impressed with it. It is certainly easier to use than Photoshop in addition to have more dramatic effects. For example if you want to green up tree/foliage in PS you have to do...
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    Backing up memory cards on the go without a laptop

    Has anyone made a setup to backup / save content from their camera's memory cards to another card or HDD without a laptop? I've read a few articles that say it's possible to use your phone or tablet's USB OTG capability with a USB hub to connect a SD card reader and a USB HDD simultaneously and...
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    Registrar recommendation

    What registrar are you guys using these days? My Domain is up for renewal with Namecheap at like $15 a year and I wondered what registrars people are using.
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    Bathroom fan replacement (v. quieter + more CFM)

    Has anyone replaced a bathroom exhaust/ventilation fan with a quieter unit? I'm nearly certain that the unit in my master bathroom is undersized. I can't find a CFM rating on it anywhere, but it's small (compared to the units with a proper CFM rating) and quite noisy. From the calculation...
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    What just happened to Firefox?

    So, suddenly Firefox has decided to disable all my Add-ons because they don't meet Firefox's standards. Common ones like NoScript and uBlock Origin... I figured I just needed to get the latest version, but they all fail to download. Are they trying to make sure I use an old version of Firefox...
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    Window treatments v. cellular shades

    Anyone have cellular shades or have any experience with them? I am in the midst of painting and making my great room all nice and the cheapo white blinds need to go because they're the wrong color and they don't really allow the room to be darkened enough during the day. I was thinking of...
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    CAT8 cables

    Apparently they're a thing. I saw these in an e-mail today.
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    Nixie Clocks

    So who here has a Nixie clock? I realize I'm way late to the party, but I kind of want one.
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    Mesh network of wireless thermometers/sensors

    So I had the bright idea :idea: to setup a mesh network of wireless thermometers in my house using Arduinos (or clones) and RFM69 915MHz wireless transceivers mainly with the intent of datalogging the temperature of the various rooms over time. My primary interest driving this project is to see...
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    Curved Ultrawide Monitors

    So, as I mentioned in another thread I got a 21:9 34" LG monitor for my desk at work. The Resolution is 3440x1440. I like it and was noodling over getting one for home, but was thinking a curved one would be better suited for typical computing since it's so wide. This Monoprice 35" model...
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    My Experience Ripping a Damaged / Bad CD & How to possibly recover it (v. guide)

    I bought a used CD on eBay last weekend that arrived on Thursday along with a bunch of others. I couldn't rip two of the tracks successfully. The 3rd and 2nd from last tracks. I was getting Read and Sync errors with EAC even with my generally most forgiving optical drive drive (a Optiarc...
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    The Watch Thread

    Okay, so maybe we do need one of these... I don't have any really expensive luxury watches. Just a few nice Casio watches. These three are post Christmas eBay pickups (bought new). Casio Ediface ERA500DB-1A Casio Ediface EFM502D-7AV Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-W110D-1AJF - Haven't received...
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    Sprinkler Controllers

    So the sprinkler controller that was installed when my house was built died last right before I blew out the system for the year. It was a Weathermatic unit and 10 years old. I only have 4 zones, but have delusions of maybe adding a 5th (eventually). It looks like I can get a digital...
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    What is an Accedian Networks MetroNID TE?

    We have an Accedian Networks MetroNID TE in our office in front of our Cisco 2921 router on our internet and I can't decipher what it is. It's the first box in the chain of networking equipment with Ethernet coming in and going out and onto the Cisco 2921 (router). The Accedian website doesn't...
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    Shooting Video (HQ "4k"/UHD/1080p)

    Anyone here dabble with shooting high quality video? I'm not talking about grabbing a quick clip with a cell phone to throw up on Fakebook, but shooting something more at the prosumer level with a stabilization rig, and non-linear editing in post. When I last messed around with shooting video...
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    New phone time v. LG G4 bootlooped

    So my LG G4 has decided to bootloop itself this afternoon, so I need a new phone and I don't want to pay a bunch. I was looking at the Moto G5 plus and G5S plus since I want a decent phone, but don't want to spend a lot since apparently phones are disposable items now. :( Any suggestions?
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    3D Printer Thread

    So I think at least a few of you have 3D printers. What do you have? Do you like it? If you were buying today would you still get it or something else?
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    All WPA2 WiFi security is broken?

    Just saw this: & They seem to say all WPA2 WiFi is fundamentally broken and vulnerable.
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    Dell XPS 13?

    Anyone played with or used a Dell XPS 13? Aside from all the reviews complaining about the webcam placement it tends to be quite positively reviewed.
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    Cell phones & plans (v. consolidation and old people)

    So I'm back looking at cell phone plans again. I'm currently paying Verizon about $96 a month (after taxes and fees) for 4 lines. It's a really old family plan with no data or text messaging and only 700 minutes. Since I got divorced only 3 of the lines are used. My parents have 2 lines and...
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    Flash Memory quality (USB sticks and microSD cards) [v. It all sucks?!?!?]

    So did the quality of flash memory going into USB sticks and microSD cards go down the toilet or am I just having horrible luck? I bought a 200GB Lexar 633x micro SD card from B&H, it was bad. Failed a FakeFlashTest run right out of the package. I RMA'd it back to B&H, and got a replacement...
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    Virtualizing C2Q Win XP box under Win 10 Pro

    Does anyone know of a good guide on how to take my existing Core2 Quad Q6600 PC and make an image from it that I can then run at a VM under Windows 10 Pro? Bonus points if I don't have to buy any software and can use free tools. I messed around with it before a little but the image of the...
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    Bluetooth speakers

    Has anyone messed around with Bluetooth speakers? Any suggested models, ones to avoid, or general comments?
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    Local (LAN) Hostname IP lookup problems

    I swapped out my router yesterday for a different one and now my fileserver's hostname reports the wrong IPv4 address to other systems on the LAN. The server has a static IPv4 address. Rebooting the router yesterday fixed the issue for some number of hours, but now it's back. I'm guessing...
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    Upgrading WiFi card in laptop

    Has anyone tried upgrading the WiFi adapter in a laptop? Seems like it's just a matter of swapping out the old Intel HMC card for a different one. I've got a few laptops that are Wireless N (or older) that I'd like to change to AC. One HP and one Acer. It looks like I need to use an Intel...
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    Less insecure house locks

    Apparently the typical locks on most houses can easily be picked, bumped, or have some other issue that generally makes them rather easily defeated and insecure. Has anyone attempted to address that? Does anyone have a high end lock on their house / apartment / condo / domicile? Any thoughts...
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    SF inaccessible from home

    So as of this morning I can't access SF from home. I can from work. They both resolve to the same IP, The server SF is on doesn't respond to the last hop from my home IP. Work: ... 6 24 ms 19 ms 26 ms [] 7...
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    Time's silent GTX 1080 HTPC build

    This is the thread for Time to flood with his wisdom on building a silent GTX 1080 based in a mini-ITX case so he can stay out of mine.
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    Citibank really, really, really sucks!!!

    Well, Citibank is officially on my crap list. I'm so very, very, very close to cancelling my Costco Visa that is through these clowns. They are apparently incapable of providing me a statement for my card. I called them over 2 weeks ago in an attempt to find out where my statement was...
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    question Glasses

    I'm sure I'm not the only person here wearing glasses. I'm thinking to get a new set of glasses to replace the pair I've been wearing for more than the past decade. I see there are a variety of lens coatings and lens materials out there. Anyone have any comments or thoughts about any of them...
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    problem Classic Shell corrupted itself / can't get rid of it

    So today without any explanation Classic Shell seems to have eaten itself. It locks up when I click on it or use the Windows key. I can't seem to figure out how to uninstall it or recover. I've rebooted several times, but the problem persists and I'm stuck.
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    SACD "ripping" over HDMI?

    Has anyone tried ripping SACDs using a PC based HDMI capture device and a HDMI "splitter"? My Oppo DVD player and Sony Blu-ray player can both output SACD over HDMI. I'm not sure if the Oppo can do DSD or just PCM output, but I believe the Sony does both. I realize it's not very elegant...
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    Torrent Client

    What torrent clients are you guys using these days to download your Linux distros, Libre Office, etc? I last used uTorrent 2.0.4
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    Windows 10 gremlins: Reboots from bugcheck 0x000000d1

    Well, I knew my happiness with my new Server/NAS wouldn't last very long. It seems to have gremlins. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I've got a bad feeling about it... Sunday was a bugcheck: Monday was a bugcheck: Yesterday was a bugcheck. Based on my Googling 0x0d1 is...
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    Monoprice SlimRun Ethernet cables

    Anyone tried these? I picked up a five pack of the 3', 7', 10', and 14' CAT6A cables last week and got them today. I'm impressed by the thinness and flexibility of them. I don't know why this sort of product is only just now coming on the market. I plan to use them to replace the standard...
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    question Where'd the X79 motherboards go?

    So you can get some killer deals on used V1 Xeon (SandyBridge E/EP) processors on eBay, but the X79 / 2011 motherboards are gone from the sales channels which leaves you with an C602, 604, or 606 server chipset, but those are also pretty rare and expensive too. They're generally not well suited...
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    10 gig Ethernet

    Anyone running 10GbE at home or played with it at work? In my case I'm thinking to connect my backup server to my new NAS via 10GbE. Is it really as simple as buying two Mellanox Connectx-2 cards for under $20 a piece and a few meter Twinax SFP+ for under $20 and being in business?
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    ECC RAM (v. how do I know it's working?)

    So, I have 32gB of Crucial DDR3-1600L RAM (4 x 8gB EUDIMMs), an Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 processor, and a motherboard with an Intel C224 chipset (ASRock Rack E3C224). They all support ECC, so how do I tell if it's actually working? The SPD for the memory proudly says it's ECC. I don't see any...
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    WTB: 240pin DDR2-800 2x2GB DIMMs (not AMD only / "high density")

    Anyone have any 240pin (desktop) DDR2-800 (or faster) DIMMs lying around they'd be willing to sell reasonably cheap? I'm looking for two matched 2gB DIMMs. AMD only "high density" DDR2 won't work for me as this is for an Intel P35 based system. Edit: Four matched 2GB DIMMs totaling 8gB would...
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    HTPC upgrade? New mobo + CPU + RAM only

    My LGA775 Intel E5200 HTPC running Windows 7 (32-bit) is getting a little irksome in some regards. Basically, my main complaint is that background OS tasks like Windows Update processing and downloading updates can cause stuttering or dropped frames when they occur during video playback. My...
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    Proposed NAS build

    I guess this should have it's own thread instead of sidetracking the other one... Here's what I'm thinking for a new controlled cost server / NAS box. CPU: Intel Core i3-4130 Motherboard: ASRock Rack E3C224 RAM: 2x Crucial 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin ECC Unbuffered DDR3-1600L Case: NORCO RPC-4224...
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    Odd forum behavior?

    Is anyone else experiencing any odd issues with the forum? After I log in I get a message about an invalid URL (Edge does this too). The links to edit, reply, quick reply under posts don't do anything bu show the spinning throbber on top of the icon. I've tried Firefox and Palemoon both with...
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    question External Keyboard sleep in Windows 10?

    So I've never seen this one before... I have a Microsoft Wired 200 USB keyboard plugged into my Yoga 3 Pro running Windows 10. It seems like the keyboard sleeps or goes into some sort of low power mode after 5 seconds of not typing. The 3 status lights (numlock, caps lock, and scroll lock)...
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    problem Stupid website security questions

    Am I the only person who hates the stupid website security questions? They're always the same sort of crap. What is your mother's maiden name?, What was your first car?, In what city were you born?, etc... You know, the sorts of things that can easily be determined with a little social...
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    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro gripes (v. it's turrible)

    So I have a Yoga 3 Pro as my work computer at my new job. As far as I'm concerned this is the worst work PC I've ever been provided by a company. If I wasn't using it for work it'd be a tad better, but I'd still classify it as a turd. First, the keyboard is terrible. For one, it has no...
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    Smartphone and plan advice (v. clean slate)

    So I have to get a smartphone and a data plan for my new job. This is the first company I've worked at where they don't have any sort of corporate cellular plan. Apparently most employees use their personal phone and the company reimburses them for any overages they incur using it for work. I...