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  1. Bozo

    Hardocp shutting down?

    Apparently, Kyle Bennett has taken a job with Intel. The Hardocp forums will still be up, but the testing and news sections will shut down.
  2. Bozo

    Core I9

    I was doing some reading on the newest computer hardware. The Intel Core i9 can have up to 18 cores and 36 threads. Doesn't the programs you are using have to be able to use all those cores? If so, what's the point of all those cores?
  3. Bozo

    Linux antivirus.

    Is there antivirus programs for Linux and do I need to be using it? Thanks
  4. Bozo

    New 8TB drive from Toshiba

    No Shingles
  5. Bozo

    10TB helium drive

    From Seagate.
  6. Bozo

    Google Chrome browser question

    Is there anyway to make the fonts in the Bookmark Bar larger? Google came up empty. Lots of suggestions but nothing worked. Thanks
  7. Bozo

    Interesting hard drive failure rate.

    Merc should like this
  8. Bozo

    Lots of Snow

    We have over 15" of snow here in central Pa. The forecast is calling for another 12" to 15". Yuck!
  9. Bozo


    Way back when, there was a small program called NLite that allowed you to customize Windows XP install disk so that XP would install already setup for the way you wanted it. It also added updates, service packs, and drivers to the install disk. Now there is NTLite that allows customization of...
  10. Bozo

    Optimizing heatsinks

    Interesting heat sink article.
  11. Bozo

    Skylake heat sink

    Skylake heat sink from Chinese.
  12. Bozo

    4K TVs

    The big push in TVs is for 4K TVs. But is there any content on cable or satellite that is 4K? What's the big deal?
  13. Bozo

    Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day here in the US is to remember all men and women that were killed in a military action for our country. Please take a moment to thank them. Special places Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Bozo
  14. Bozo

    Soldering problem

    I use 25 watt soldering 'iron'. Plug it into an electrical outlet, wait for it to get hot, then use. What I would like to know is how do you keep tip clean? If I leave it on for as short as 30 minutes, the tip has crud on it. I've read that you can have the tip coated with silver solder and...
  15. Bozo

    Intel sale.

    OEM XS
  16. Bozo

    Low scores

    The points sure have taken a nose dive. What happened?
  17. Bozo

    You guys need one of these

    10TB from Hitachi
  18. Bozo

    Best free anti virus

    Taken with a huge grain of salt...
  19. Bozo

    6TB HGST

    Only $269.00
  20. Bozo

    8TB and no helium

    From Seagate for $260.00.
  21. Bozo


    I wonder how Paugie is. That hurricane is enormous.
  22. Bozo

    New folding program

    I have been running both CPU and GPU folding from a command prompt that I set up a few years ago. I decided to try the new folding program from Stanford. It looks pretty and has lots of bells and whistle, but it is damn slow. It has been running both the CPU and GPU folding for two days, and it...
  23. Bozo

    OEM XS

    OEM XS is having a sale.
  24. Bozo

    Hard drive Failure Rates

  25. Bozo

    WD Ae drive

    Weirdo drive from WD
  26. Bozo

    10TB hard drive

    Filled with Helium.
  27. Bozo

    8TB hard drive

    From The Tech Report
  28. Bozo


    In case you didn't know, there is a Shingles vaccine available. Check with your doctor.
  29. Bozo


    Everybody on the west coast okay after the earthquake???
  30. Bozo

    1 TB SSD cheap.

  31. Bozo

    12Gb/s SAS SSD

    1.6TB too.
  32. Bozo

    Amazon PC parts sale

    List is here. Today only.
  33. Bozo

    4K, 28" monitor for $399

  34. Bozo

    6TB hard drives

    And some 7200 RPM 4TB drives.
  35. Bozo

    HGST hard drive

    2.5", 10000 RPM.
  36. Bozo

    Intel PCI SSDs

  37. Bozo

    300% faster SSDs

    Really fast.
  38. Bozo

    5TB Toshiba

    News here.
  39. Bozo

    Cool train video.

    Even if you are not into model trains, this is still a cool video.
  40. Bozo

    5TB Toshiba

    New 5TB Toshiba hard drive.
  41. Bozo

    Intel NUC for use on a TV

    I would like to install an Intel NUC on our 50" HD TV for web surfing and possibly some video streaming. Any thoughts?
  42. Bozo

    HardOCP needs some help

    Looking for computer parts
  43. Bozo

    Ultra Dimm

    Very interesting
  44. Bozo

    I'm retiring

    I'm retiring! January 31 is my last official day at work, February 1 is my first day of retirement. It's kind of scary. I've had a job of some sort since I was 13, and on some occasions worked two jobs to make ends meet. It's going to be strange not getting up and 'going to work'. But I'm sure...
  45. Bozo

    2TB SSDs

    Intel might be close to releasing 2TB SSDs.
  46. Bozo

    Dell 24" Ultra sharp

    Cheap Compare
  47. Bozo

    Awesome F1 car

    Made from hard drives
  48. Bozo

    Helium filled hard drives

    From HGST 7TB capacities are possible.
  49. Bozo

    OCZ on it's last legs?

    Doesn't look good.
  50. Bozo

    WD Acronis

    Western Digital has upgraded their free Acronis backup software.