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  1. Clocker

    Retiring PSU after 10+ Years

    I have had one of these re-badged Seasonics for over 10 years. It has been in use constantly...first in my SLI gaming machine, then a mining rig or two and now in my Plex/file server. I'm replacing it with one of these...
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    Old System - Still working Well - Anything to tweak though?

    I just finished 'tuning up' my Father-in-laws PC that I built for him in 2009. AMD 2.9Ghz Rana Athlon II X3 with 4GB RAM & integraged graphics (785G). He got a Sandisk 240GB SSD for like $50 that I swapped in for his old HDD...
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    Would you worry about this reallocated sector count?

    It is the boot SSD from my home server. Attached image. Data provided by StableBit Scanner.
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    Work laptap randomly restarts only when connected to home wifi

    My wife's Dell Latitude E7240 has an odd problem. It will restart, shutdown randomly or BSOD but only when connected to our home wifi for a few hours or so. It makes no difference if we turn on or off the VPN software. Previous router was an Asus RT-N66U and current router is Asus...
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    Nice Deal: Asus RT-AC68U router clone $59

    Stolen from Hardforum Hot Deals The T-Mobile router can be flashed into a standard Asus RT-AC68U. I have Merlin installed on mine and loving it. Have the router configured with PIA which allows you to...
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    Can't switch to different monitor - ' No Signal ' after Win 10 Starts Spinning

    Howdy - My Dad has a 20" 1920x1080 monitor. I decided to switch him to an old 22" 1680x1050 monitor I have because it would be easier for him to see everything. The system is about 5 years old. Sandy Bridge in an Intel H61 motherboard using integrated graphics. System has an SSD and runs...
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    Identity Theft

    Until today I have only had to deal with a few credit cards over the past 25 years where the number was somehow skimmed and attempts at purchases were made but denied by the credit card company before anything was even bought. The result was nothing more than an annoyance....cancellation of the...
  8. Clocker

    Recommendation for New Desktop PC

    Howdy- My old manager is looking to get a new PC (desktop machine) and asked for some advice. I'm looking for a Desktop system (w/o monitor) for around $750-$850. 8GB RAM with about ~500GB SSD. What is the best manufacturer these days of a pre-made system that comes with Windows 10 & maybe...
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    Two NICs : One for VPN to Internet - One for LAN

    Howdy- I have a VPN service that I'm trying out. I would like my home server to use the VPN service to connect to the internet though one of the NICs in the machine (for torrenting). I would like the other NIC in the machine to be used for connecting to my LAN. Is this possible? If so, can...
  10. Clocker

    Building own Router - Advantages ?

    I picked up one of these ( ) for $19AR so I decided to throw it in the old Bitfenix ITX case I have for a project PC. I also threw in a spare 8gb or RAM and a 120GB SSD I already had. Was considering making the machine a router...
  11. Clocker

    Wake on Lan over WAN

    Howdy all- Have any of you gotten Wake on Lan to reliably work over the internet? I would like to bring a PC out of Sleep mode remotely, as needed. I got it to work initially but then it stopped. After some research, I found the info below posted in some forums. Seems like an ingenious...
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    How do I fix ALL of these file names ?

    Howdy - In the past, I used the Windows 7 built in backup utility (I think) to back up my stuff to a network drive. . Turns out, for some of my files I had to use it but the backup program created the copies of the files with wonky file names. Do any of you guys know of a way I could...
  13. Clocker

    Missing Driver: PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller

    You guys have any idea how to fix this? This is a fresh install of Win10 Pro with all updates on a Biostar J1900MH2 v6.0 . Screen shot attached. I tried to have Windows find the driver but no luck. I have no idea what this device does but it doesn't seem to do anything I need at the...
  14. Clocker

    FREE: MSI N9600GT 512MB

    For SF Members only! I have one of these if any of you can find a use for it. It is in perfect condition, I even have the retail box.
  15. Clocker

    Cheap M/B CPU Combo for F@H Rig

    Can you guys recommend an inexpensive CPU M/B combo for a GTX970 based, open air folding rig (single GPU only)? Thanks, CxP
  16. Clocker

    AP Isolation Not Working with WAP Added to Network

    Hello- I like having 'AP Isolation' enabled on my router because, when a bunch of kids are over, it prevents them from playing Minecraft cooperatively and they end up doing less 'couch potato-like' play. I wanted to expand my network for better coverage in the house so I bought the...
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    Latest in ripping CDs to MP3

    My Dad was unpleasantly surprised to find out his new car does not have a CD player. What is the quickest way you guys recommend to rip his audio CDs to MP3 format for him to use in his car? I've used EAC before, I think, but that was a long time ago. I'm on Windows 10. He probably has...
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    Western Digital is buying Sandisk

    Looking forward to Merc's perspective on this one... :crnval: :rant:
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    What Big Drives are you buying now

    My 3x 3TB Seagates are getting old and with Win 10 here, it is time for a storage system upgrade.. One Seagate had to be replaced for warranty. They other two have hit 300,000 load cycles. So, I would like to replace them. Most likely with 2x 4TB drives. I do not use RAID, but I do...
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    What happened to P5 ?

    Whatever happened to P5-133XL? Anybody got a clue? No posts since August 2014?
  21. Clocker

    Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool & Android Torque App

    Gents- This may have been touched on in one of the other car threads. Spoke to a friend who is an auto tech and he said this scan tool along with the Android Torque application is great fun. You can get a lot of information on your car as well as other statistics like HP, 0-60 times...
  22. Clocker

    Locking Down Firefox

    Howdy Guys- My Dad is in his 70's now. He's forgetful. He has a tendency to somehow screw up his Firefox settings. Maybe by hitting hotkeys on the keyboard on accident. He loses his Menu bar, bookmarks pane etc. on different occasions. Not sure how he's doing it. there any way...
  23. Clocker

    All In One Scanner/Copier/Fax/Printer

    Hi Guys- Whats the current favorite MFC/AIO ? I've decided I want it to be decent at photos so I guess I need to get some type of Inkjet as opposed to Laser (correct?). My OfficeJet Pro 8500 is finally printing like crap (barely anything at all), even with decent ink cartridges in it so I...
  24. Clocker

    R9 290x $212.99

    Smoking deal. I hope Doug doesn't puke when he reads it.
  25. Clocker

    6TB Seagate Hard Drives $199 Shipped Free

    Seems like a good deal if you're willing to buy Seagate. Found this deal on Hardforums. It's Newegg selling via eBay. I heard on Hardforms that Newegg does a much better job shipping hard drives now than they used to...
  26. Clocker

    SPaceSniffer - Find what is using your disk space

    Howdy all- I found this tool be be very useful and intuitive. Thought you might too:
  27. Clocker

    FS/FT: Samsung HD103SJ 1TB 7200RPM (Qty=2)

    I seem to remember some of you guys are fans of Samsung drives. I pulled two of subject drives out of my Dad's computer. They have about 650 days of use on them according to SMART. In perfect condition.. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  28. Clocker

    Seagate RMA on 3TB Drive 22-27 Months Old

    One of my three 3TB Seagates I purchased sometime between Jan. & May 2013 just started throwing SMART errors at me and dragging my system to a crawl. The Seagate RMA process, so far, seems really good & very easy. I just put in the serial number into their website and registered for the...
  29. Clocker

    Fire TV Stick $19

    For two days only. I've read it supports Plex. Just want I needed for my TV that has a Sony BR Player that does not work with Plex.
  30. Clocker

    question Current Best Value

    Hey Guys, Time to replace my brother in law's computer after 7 years. What's the best value in hardware these days? I may be tempted to keep him on Windows 7 home premium. No gaming to worry about, now, but I'd like to be able to add a good gpu later if desired. Plan on keeping him in...
  31. Clocker

    Chromcast Requires Internet Connection to Stream via Plex

    Just had the revelation that I cannot 'Cast my local content via Plex to my TV/Chromecast unless I have an active internet connection. Chromecast requires it. Any workarounds from you gurus?
  32. Clocker

    FS: DDR3 RAM

    Guys I have not researched the pricing much on this so feel free to make an offer that seems reasonable to you. Samsung Green DDR3L-1600 8GB kit (2x4GB)Low Profile, Low Voltage -- aka 'Wonder RAM'M379B5273DH0-YK0, 8 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, DIMM, 2 x, CL11, 1.35 V NON-ECC...
  33. Clocker

    AIO Liquid Coolers

    What are your opinions on the current crop of AIO Liquid cooling solutions out there? I'm looking for input from those with personal experience using them. I'm sure the performance with these things are good but how about noise levels? I'm currently considering putting and H100i in my...
  34. Clocker

    AdBlock Plus - Counter productive ?

    Interesting article here: Thoughts?
  35. Clocker

    FS: FX-8320 CPU / MB Combo , 8GB Samsung Wonder Ram, Noctua HSF

    Retail Boxed FX-8320 currently installed in a GA-970A-UD3PGigabyte GA-970A-UD3P. Unused AMD OEM Heatsink/fan also included (it was actually used for about an hour). Combo worked awesome in my WHS doing some transcoding duty, I just no longer need it with the consolidation of computers I did...
  36. Clocker

    Fractal Design Define R4 ( Blackout )

    The last system I built was m-ITX in a Bitfenix Prodigy. Decided to combine my WHS and Desktop into one machine so I moved my desktop system along with the drives from the WHS into a Fractal Design Define R4 Blackout (without the window) that I got for $80 shipped on Newegg (and switched back...
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    Howdy - I was using one of these drives to expand my DVR but I no longer need it. My understanding is that these drives lack some error checking features that typical PC drives have to ensure no lost frames on video...
  38. Clocker

    WTB: AM3 / AM3+ Cheap & Slow

    Looking for a CPU with HSF you guys don't need anymore. Cheap? Slow? GOOD! As long as it'll fit in an AM3+ Socket. Thanks, Clocker
  39. Clocker

    Free laptop memory & cpu

    Pulled from my Lenovo R61. T7500 cpu & 2x1gb RAM. Just pay shipping. SF members only.
  40. Clocker

    Windows 8.2 Brings Back Start Menu
  41. Clocker

    WTB: Laptop Processor T9500

    Looking for one of these for my old Lenovo if anyone has one or an old laptop they want to part out: SOCKET P Not looking to spend much, just tweaking around with my old R61 for a little fun project since I have Middleton's BIOS installed on it.
  42. Clocker

    Free + Shipping: Scythe Ninja SCNJ-1000

    Title says it all, for SF members only. Can be modded without much trouble to work with Socket 1155 (I have a 2nd one I did this with). Great for quiet low pressure cooling.
  43. Clocker

    Chrome or Firefox & Why (Windows 8)

  44. Clocker

    Virtual Router Plus

    Howdy- Anybody use Virtual Router Plus? I could see this being useful for me because my mITX system has built in WiFi, that currently I never use. I could potentially use this program on my upstairs Win 8.1 Pro computer to have a wireless hotspot closer to where I have my wireless devices as...
  45. Clocker

    How to monitor how often a drive is spinning up

    Howdy, The HDD in my machine is set to go to sleep after about 1hr of idle time. It does that but I have noticed that once in a while it will just spin up for no apparent reason. It is just a data drive with no swap file or any system files of any significance on it. I'm wondering how often...
  46. Clocker

    Parted Magic

    I discovered subject tool, Parted Magic today. It's really nice for secure erasing and cloning drives among other things. You boot into a Linux session (off cd or usb) and have a full working OS to use including Firefox while you secure erase or do whatever else you need to do. Highly...
  47. Clocker

    Some stuff I will be eBaying unless somebody here wants a deal on it

    Let me know if you're interested in any of this stuff and I will make you a good deal! Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Socket 775 G31 Chipset Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L Socket 774 P45 Chipset...
  48. Clocker

    Want to run headless server without video card - but it won't boot

    Howdy- Building a server around an AMD CPU with a 970 chipset motherboard. I am used to my older Intel C2Q system where I could boot it up without any video card installed at all (no integrated video either) and it worked fine. With this newer board, I set it up with a video card...
  49. Clocker


    Howdy- I dug my brother's old PC out of storage (it was about 1 year old when he passed). It's a Lenovo H215 with 3GB of DDR3 RAM. Turns out it has an AM3 socket with AMD X2 215 CPU. I'm thinking I would upgrade this to an X6 cpu since I would like improved x264 encoding performance in my WHS...
  50. Clocker

    Remote Administration

    What program / service did you guru's currently recommend for me to be able to login/control to my parent's Win7 Home PC.....that would be senior citizen-proof? My parent's are not good with computers. I can get physical access to the PC, if needed, to install something. Thanks, Clocker