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  1. Santilli

    4k video playback: What do you really need?

    Hi I appear to be getting 4k playback, provided I have the following: 4k source, usually a Ultra High quality image or Bluray Geoforce GTX 1060 3 GB 2.0 HDMI cable Samsung 43" 4k Classic Media Player VLC PowerDVD 18 I was considering picking up a Pioneer 4k internal writer/reader. 120.00...
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    Linux apps on a Chromebook

    It appears they might have actually made Linux useable on a Chromebook: giving it a shot now. Using Acer Chromebook, 15.6
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    Two weeks of air quality hell, finally over. Bay Area, Kali fires

    For two weeks, we have had air so bad going outside was dangerous to your health. Consistently over 150 on the air quality health scale, with a high of 296 in our area, if you went outside, you started feeling sick, coughing, screwed up your lungs. Worst since 1965 in my experience, worst ever...
  4. Santilli

    POJ Panasonic CF-51 is dead. Only lasted 17 years....RIP Laptop suggestions?

    So, it finally died. Keyboard is gone, hard drive, though replaceable, is clicking, and starts sometimes. GPU is too slow to play Xfinity streaming service, etc. Not worth fixing, or trying to upgrade. So: Been looking at Panasonics, but, they are again almost all 1000 dollars for what I'm...
  5. Santilli

    Oreo: Android 8 reviews?

    Seems to be a bit easier to find stuff then 7. Some stuff is embedded, deeper, and many pull down menus forward. So far, so good. No irrational stuff on my end...
  6. Santilli

    New phone time, And Google Fi

    Hi I have an aging Nexus 5X that I use for Uber, Lyft, and GPS apps. I'm looking for something faster and more reliable. I have been looking at the Android One Moto X4,400, and considering a Pixel 2,650. Those are the only phones I have considered, due to Google Fi limitations. Google Fi, so...
  7. Santilli

    VPN's, your choices, experiences?

    Hi Which, why, cost,speed, reviews?
  8. Santilli

    Case with most 5.25 bays, to use multiple removeable Hard Drive bays?

    Hi Time to rebuild. I have a LOT of hard drives. Like to be able to move data between drives, and, need a LOT of multiple removable hard drive bays. Suggestions for cases that support the max number of hard drive bays, and don't sound like jet engines? Suggestions for server cases that would...
  9. Santilli

    speed test

    Xfinity Ping <1 ms Download 202.91 Mbps Upload 20.92 Mbps It felt snappy but this is absurd...
  10. Santilli

    Android 7.0 reviews?

    What does everyone think of A7? Comments, etc? Today, I tried to setup my gf's phone to use text, and it was not easy using Hangouts. Nexus 5X may have been the best value ever in a Google Fi phone, for the briefest period of time, ever. Got one, and it's pretty amazing...
  11. Santilli

    Brother MFC 8660DN: New Drum, or buy another all in one laser? need a copier

    Hi Finding the drum is problematic, and, the DR 520 is around 150-200 dollars. We use it for copying, and some printing. Just bought a new toner cartridge. It's primary purpose is copying, since we have two other printers. So what I really need is a copier that is cost effective. Suggestions?
  12. Santilli

    Internet seemed snappy fast today... Xfinity....
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  14. Santilli

    Toshiba 7200rpm 4 gig, about 200 MB/sec

    Pretty darn good for a mechanical drive. This is noticeable from my other big drives, that run about 120 and 150 MB/sec.
  15. Santilli

    Best guess at best value 4 TB or bigger mechanical drive on sale, right now?

    Looking for a 4-6 TB mechanical storage drive, best value, starting tomorrow, due to BF specials. Suggestions?
  16. Santilli

    Financial on phone companies?

    One of the tools to use if your getting a good value on your purchase is what are the profits and financial statements of the companies you are buying products from? My view is I want the lowest profit company, in that area of product, that is still well designed. So, does anyone have figures...
  17. Santilli

    Project Fi

    Hi DD suggested project Fi for power users. So far, here is my evaluation: Rates: 20 flat unlimited, Data for 10 @ 1GB. Potential to cut my 55.00 a month Sprint bill in half, but, doesn't include taxes, and extra charges. DD, can you ask your inlaw that has Fi what kind of extra charges...
  18. Santilli

    Best 4.1 EVER in surfing...
  19. Santilli


    Hi I'm going to give Ting a try. I'm paying 60 dollars a month for Sprint. With my use patterns, Ting says my bill should be around 23.00 a month. I just ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3 for 130 dollars from them. This is for my girlfriend that hardly ever uses her phone, and needs to upgrade from...
  20. Santilli

    Reasons to Root your phone?

    I've rooted my Samsung Mega 6.3. It's been a great move for the following reasons: Software that can have root access can either remove, or freeze applications I don't use, that are draining resources. Most of my data downloads are programs updating themselves, programs I would remove if I had...
  21. Santilli

    We have been upgraded by comcast to Blast 150mbps I think... I wanted to check my connection speed and the above is what I got. We are currently paying for a package they no longer offer, which was 105mbps. Affordable 180 mbps is a bit of a shocker.
  22. Santilli

    Lenovo G50 G70, any good?

    Hi Anyone have any experience with either this line of laptops? Costco has them relatively cheap, and the specs look OK, but they need SSD's.
  23. Santilli

    Best Hard drive testing program?

    Hi I'm wondering what you use for testing hard drives? Thanks GS
  24. Santilli

    Best Hard drives for size, storage, and reliability?

    Hi Just had an external 2 TB Seagate die at 2.5 years, on a 3 year warranty. I'm after internal drives, in the 2-4 TB range, that will last. 3-6 years is good. NAS? Newegg has the 2 TB models for around 120. They suck on service. Costco? Just returned a 2 TB, after it died, pulled it out...
  25. Santilli

    This must be slow, DD: Time to upgrade?

    Work2: i7-4770, 32GB RAM, 840 Pro 512GB, 3x 3TB, 2x Titan, GA-G1.SNIPER 5, H100i, AX1200i Hint, Hint, Hint. Does this run gmail and 7 or 8 ok? Web? Plus you didn't say what OS? Seriously: If I was to pick a cpu right now it, would be this one, or the 4770K. Let me know what's blown up...
  26. Santilli

    Ripping and writing Blurays. Goal: reducing your storage footprint.

    Hi I'm wondering how people are reducing their Bluray disks for storage? One of the reasons here is the price differential for 25 gig vs. 50 gig Bluray disks. A lot of movies are under 25 Gigs, but, with all the bundled previews they come in at 40 gigs, or more. So: What software have you...
  27. Santilli

    Power consumption for the home: or how those LED's do really work...

    I'm looking at the PG&E bill. Keep in mind last year this time I had standard light bulbs, used the dish washer all the time, and used the central heating. It was warmer, IIRC, last year. I was also running the Beast 24/7 using 100% processor power, and folding at home. So last year: Billed for...
  28. Santilli

    Photo editing software for Windows 7?

    Hi Anyone have a software package that works with Windows 7 that does basic photo cropping and editing, without having to put an Adobe product on my computer? Free is always good. Thanks in advance. GS
  29. Santilli

    Replacement for PeerBlock?

    Hi Now that Peerblock seems dead, what are you using, you Pirates? GS
  30. Santilli

    West Coast getting blasted by huge storm fronts. 3 in a row, inside a week.

    It's blowing hard and supposed to drop 10-15 inches in the mountains/hills this week. Odd that after Sandy they aren't making much of a front that covers nearly the entire west coast, and is bringing winds in the 40-70 mile an hour range. Combined with a high tide, we could have some real...
  31. Santilli

    OneNote? Windows Live Essentials? 2011Anyone tried it? Comments?

    I'm wondering if anyone has used OneNote, Windows Live Essentials 2011, and the MSFT skydrive. How it's worked? It appears Essentials is free, and it gives you a movie editor and photo editor? Sounds too good to be true.
  32. Santilli

    StartPins redirect

    Hi Can't get rid of this POS. It hijacks both browsers, IE and Firefox to I've blocked it on Firefox with BlockSite However, it reappears after being cleaned when I restart on IE. I'ves used Spybot, Nod32, Malwarebytes, TSSbootcleaner. Topmedia is the...
  33. Santilli

    Voltage regulator or UPS, or both?

    Hi Wondering what you would suggest? Home useage. GS
  34. Santilli

    GIANT SURF AT FIJI CONTEST ON RIGHT NOW 4 PM 6 7 2012 This is a giant swell. Biggest ever for a Pro ASP Surf contest to my knowledge. Tavarua, Cloudbreak, is unique in that it's both huge, hollow and lined up. It's not just a peak you can get out of...
  35. Santilli

    Arcsoft Bluray software?

    PowerDVD 10 ultra died. I uninstalled it, reinstalled 8, then it died. My two copies of 9 won't install due to various issues. I'm pretty much sick of it. I'm trying the Arcsoft Media Home Theatre five on trial. It's been OK, except it doesn't like shutting down. Anyone used it much...
  36. Santilli

    Ford Mustang 2012 review

    Hi Car died. Needed a car to get to work. Rented a mini car, didn't like the color, black, so they upgraded me to a 2012 Mustang, 3.7L v-6 for the same price. Automatic, 6 speed, with a Sirus sound system that allows me to Bluetooth the phone for music and calls. VERY cool. Performance gas...
  37. Santilli

    IT guys, my experience, vs. working with the people in this forum

    Hi I've been working in Public schools since 1999. In that time I have worked closely with the tech guys, IT, pretty much all the time. My requests seem to be a bit different then the normal teacher. They fall into a few categories: Excellent-VERY good, with no budget, and reporting to people...
  38. Santilli

    Dual xeon 2.8 ghz pay shipping

    I think they work. Don't know for sure.
  39. Santilli

    Best CPU Benchmarks?

    Hi In this world of processors I am looking for a benchmark that allows comparing different CPUS. The requirements for the benchmark are: 1. primary a huge database 2. government accuracy So far the only one I have found with a decent database is passmark. Does anyone else have a benchmark that...
  40. Santilli M River looking really good with the Box going off Round 3 men's highlights are in good clean good sized surf ENJOY
  41. Santilli

    Low powered computer thread

    I thought I'd start a thread on low powered computer setups. DD started in another thread, with theses recommendations: "If you want a low powered machine, build one around a 35W Intel CPU, 1.35v RAM, and a single SSD. That will be a low draw machine. " Motherboard, power supply suggestions...
  42. Santilli

    Revodrives? What would work with my setup?

    Hi I have a few bucks loose I shouldn't spend, or, if I don't spend, the government wants. I was thinking of a Revodrive to go with my setup. Wondering which one, looking for fast, smallest to second smallest, compatible with my setup(see signature). Also wondering if I have enough room with...
  43. Santilli

    Favorite places to stay in Reno, Nevada, near the convention center?

    Hi Anyone have any favorites, or good experiences in Reno hotels? Value, etc. Thanks GS
  44. Santilli

    Big screen phones? Anyone have a HTC Sensation?

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has tried the HTC Sensation? Sam got me thinking the 4.3" screen might make up for lack of a Querty keyboard. Not sure if this phone has an SD slot...
  45. Santilli

    Mobile Android Browsers: The good, the bad, and the ugly?

    Hi Anyone have reasons for using the different browsers out? Which do you like? What do you like, and what don't you like? So far, using OperaMini, and Opera, Firefox, and Dolphin, though not much. Mainly want to be able to save favorites, easily access, and not have to type in huge passwords...
  46. Santilli

    Minimum power setup to go in Server case

    I think the dual xeon girl got mad at me when I was discussing replacing her with a system from Merc, or buying CT's MB;-( OS went south, when the PCI 3 Ware cards' bios failed. Two vertex Turbos appear fine, and work in the beast. She's blue screening all the time, and one of those little...
  47. Santilli

    Sous Vide cooking Great stuff

    Hi I've been trying to cook high protein food, with little fat. Only thing is, it's easy to overcook. Look into this hot water cooking, under vacum seal stuff. I'm playing with it, and so far, it provides very tender meat, and, major margin for error.
  48. Santilli

    P2P used by NBA League Pass: or how to pay twice for a service.

    I actually decided to read the NBA's lawyerese terms of conditions on using their NBA League Pass. Fun stuff, like it automatically renews every year, unless you go to one of their websites, and cancel it. Of course it's VERY difficult to find the actual area on that page to cancel your...
  49. Santilli

    Pipeline Masters the best since 2000

    Hi If you get a chance, have a look at the pipeline Masters today. Surf is huge, and it's REALLY good. Couple of great waves in the Heat analyzer: this...
  50. Santilli

    How to deal with wind chill?

    Today is kind of blustery, read 25 mile an hour winds blowing off the Sierras. It's 40 degrees, with a steady 26 knot wind. That works out to a wind chill of 13 or 28 degrees, depending if you are using the old or new wind chill calculator. So, the question is, how do you get to the the beach...