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  1. ddrueding

    Second opinion on some electrical calculations

    I think I have this right, just asking for a once-over to make sure. I plan to run many of these 5-meter addressable RGB LED strips. Spec states 18W/m power draw (so 90W per strip). In my testing, I've connected two of the strips directly together and let power flow through the whole thing...
  2. ddrueding

    Home Theater Receiver with per-input programmable volume adjustment?

    Putting together a simple system for a client. The two inputs are AppleTV and Comcast. Comcast is 20dB louder than the AppleTV. I need a receiver that I can program this into, such that the two sources sound to be the same level when switching between them. I'd like the receiver to be <$500, but...
  3. ddrueding

    Best DYNDNS provider?

    Preferably free, but if I have to pay I'd rather use one with the best value (number of names, update rate, etc). I've had a free account before, but it it seems they really don't want me to use that anymore.
  4. ddrueding

    Replacing my office phone headset with my computer

    I spend most of my working hours listening to music on headphones connected to my computer. I also have a good mic connected to my computer. I currently have an ESI 60 ABP IP desk phone connected to a Plantronics CS540/HL10 headset. The interface is pretty simple; an arm lifts the handset when...
  5. ddrueding

    Space bar not working on SF?

    I've had this problem at home and work, on FF and Chrome. About 50% of the time all the keys work except the space bar. Only for this site, only until reboot. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. ddrueding

    Sealed Computer Chassis

    Looking to have a sealed, water cooled, rack mount chassis built by Protocase. This will allow installation in really dirty industrial or commercial locations. No HDD mounts (M.2 and PCIe will be fine). Normal PSU is mounted internally to recirculate internal air. Hot components will have their...
  7. ddrueding

    For Sale: 2x Titan X (old version) w/water blocks plumbed for SLI (stock coolers too)

    2x EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB SC (12G-P4-2992-KR) 2x Koolance Water Blocks 2x Koolance Water Block Backplate (additional aluminum heatsink epoxied to back plate) 1x Koolance Video Bridge Connector 2x Stock heatsinks with mounting hardware *Hardware is used and does not come with anything not...
  8. ddrueding

    Laptops with large 1080P displays?

    Looking for a laptop for use in a presentation space. Ideally it will have a large screen (something larger than 15.6") with 1080P native resolution, HDMI out, screencast support, and a large enough battery to run all day. I'll also be soliciting for a list of the software you'd install on a...
  9. ddrueding

    Do you maintain personal secure storage?

    Do you have a folder or drive where you keep stuff you don't want to lose? Do you take precautions (multiple copies, redundancy, multiple locations, etc)?
  10. ddrueding

    Camping a domain name

    I've wanted a domain name for many years now, and the owner has never gotten back to me. He is now dead. I'd like a service to purchase this domain name for me as soon as it becomes available (might be years depending on how far into the future he paid for it). Does anyone here have...
  11. ddrueding

    Mixing Microphone into HDMI

    I have a system that uses a standard receiver and HDMI to switch between sources, and amplify the speakers. The customer would like to add talk-over capability to one of the HDMI inputs. We already have XLR mics, but is there a box that can add additional audio to an HDMI stream without removing...
  12. ddrueding

    Top-end System Build

    Got my first order for a 1080 build. Current thoughts ($3000+): ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition GTX1080-8G 8GB GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Processor (15M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz) FC-LGA14A 3.6 6 BX80671I76850K Corsair Dominator Platinum...
  13. ddrueding

    Mic/Audio troubleshooting

    I've tried with two separate, identical mics (Sennheiser AVX e835) each with their own receiver, two copies of the Behringer Xenyx 802, then wired into an Onkyo TX-NR646 and onto some speakers. Other sources play fine, but either mic only plays the lowest frequencies. I've made sure all the...
  14. ddrueding

    UnRAID Server Build

    After watching some videos on YouTube demonstrating VMs with direct exposed hardware while wanting a NAS with 10GbE and SSD file caching, I decided to start a build similar to that in the videos (links at bottom of post). UnRAID will do a bunch of things, the things I'm interested in at the...
  15. ddrueding

    Cheap Servers

    My regular sales guy is offering some pretty good deals at the moment:
  16. ddrueding

    High-performance SSDs for Desktop use

    If you could choose between these two for your OS drive: Samsung SM951 512GB Intel 750 PCIe 400GB At the moment I have the OS installed on an SM951, with a second as the local data drive (good for separating source and destination on batch operations). With all the storage going local, I'm...
  17. ddrueding

    Microsoft Storage Spaces vs. RAID Level

    My first assumption was that there was some equivalency here; with "No Resiliency" meaning RAID0, and the other options stepping through RAID5, RAID6, and RAID1. This was further reinforced when I added a 4th drive to my "no resiliency" pool; the OS asked if I wanted to optimize drive usage and...
  18. ddrueding


    Oculus Rift retail pre-orders go live in 30 minutes and my credit card is ready. Anyone else jumping in?
  19. ddrueding

    Home Solar

    Has anyone else been looking into this? My house consumes a fairly large amount of electricity, and I've been considering it for years. Finally decided to call Solar City and get a quote (they start with a preliminary over the phone, my at-home estimate is on the 27th). Based on past usage, I'm...
  20. ddrueding

    Tsar Flashlight

    Based on the discussion in the LED thread, I sent JTR a message. Here is how it has gone so far:
  21. ddrueding

    Don't know the name? 6-conductor bussbar?

    My Google-fu is failing me again. It is hard to shop for a product if you don't know the name. The system I'm working with has a 6-conductor low-voltage command bus that can be simply spliced together as needed. I have a couple dozen of these wires terminating at the main computer. Currently...
  22. ddrueding

    Axis Cameras: Video passthrough into P8221 I/O Live View?

    I have a nice microphone hooked up to an Axis P8221 I/O box and an Axis M3007 camera. The camera works fine, and the mic covers audio perfectly. The P8221 supports adding the credentials of the camera so that you can get an integrated A/V Live View feed, but I can't get the video to appear...
  23. ddrueding

    Unusual alternative to workstation-grade laptop

    This last trip had me quite frustrated at the lack of performance on my Lenovo W540. It is a very high-spec unit, but left me waiting far too much. Specs as follows: i7-4900MQ (4 cores @ 2.8GHz) 16GB RAM 2x 120GB SSDs in RAID0 Quadro K2100M 2880x1620@60 display Intel Wireless (AC) 7260...
  24. ddrueding

    Timelapse Video

    Just started playing with this. We can talk about the various methods to get a camera to take a picture every x often for y time if anyone is interested, but I want to start with the workflow. My goal is to move as quickly as possible from a pile of a few thousand RAW images into a 4k@60fps...
  25. ddrueding

    Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

    Has anyone else played with these? Powerful (i7 @ 3.1Ghz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD), small (3.75lbs), high-res (2560x1440), shiny. Thoughts?
  26. ddrueding

    Long-distance GPU shopping

    A long time ago I built a gaming rig for a friend who has since moved away. It is a toaster-sized rig, but I have no idea the spec other than that it is running an ATI 4770. He now needs a new GPU, but I need to send it to him sight-unseen. What I'm looking for is a 100% compatible upgrade to...
  27. ddrueding

    YouTube Recomendations

    These are the channels that I'll admit to subscribing to, my interests will be pretty clear. Science / Math / Learning: CGP Grey Computerphile CrashCourse DeepSkyVideos Healthcare Triage Smarter Every Day / Funner Every Day MinutePhysics / MinuteEarth Numberphile NurdRage Periodic Videos...
  28. ddrueding

    Password Managers

    Start with the news: LastPass was recently hacked Their response to this was so impressive that I signed up almost immediately. I've known I should be using some kind of password manager for quite some time, but this pushed me into it. The software and interface are way better than I had...
  29. ddrueding

    Intel 750 SSDs booting in RAID1

    Trying to work with a software vendor to approve running their software on moderately modern hardware. As much as going back to Server 2003, 15k SAS, and quad-core Xeons would be a walk down memory lane, I'd like something a bit....faster? Quieter? More energy-efficient? I'd also like to run...
  30. ddrueding

    SpaceSniffer/SpaceMonger equivalent for Android?

    My 16GB S5 is pretty much full. I've moved everything it will let me to a 64GB SD card, but the number of apps that won't move or can't be uninstalled is most annoying. It also seems the author of the root technique was hired by Google to patch it? What tools do you use to...
  31. ddrueding

    Laser Printer for W2K

    If you had to buy a printer today specifically to print small reports (~30 pages twice a week) from a Windows 2000 Pro system, what would you get? I'm tempted to get a Laserjet 4, but ideally I'd want something new.
  32. ddrueding

    Fixed: Hung on Windows Update

    Today I've had a bunch of computers hang on a Windows Update. After leaving them for a long period of time (>45 minutes) I got bored and tried an Alt-Ctrl-Del and got the login screen. This normally doesn't work, but it seems the recent updates have a glitch.
  33. ddrueding

    Lenovo Battery Recall Just heard about this, though it seems to have been out for a while. I figure I have 50-ish of these out, including both of my personal units. Want a new battery? You're in luck!
  34. ddrueding

    Machine learning and document collections

    At work we are inundated with massive contracts on a daily basis. 99% of these are absolutely identical and need no attention paid, but every once in a while there is a stinger in there somewhere that we don't catch. What I'm looking for is something that can take in all these docs (1,000+, ~300...
  35. ddrueding

    Youtube performance issue in SLI system

    In one of those colossally first world problems, my dual Titan X rig sucks at Youtube playback. Audio (toslink) is flawless and it loads quickly enough, but there is significant screen tearing and frame dropping going on. Playback at 4k is fine, but anything less is awful. Does anyone know if...
  36. ddrueding

    Cruise ship with kid?

    My wife wants to take a vacation. I've held off this long, but it has been 7 years, so she isn't exactly being unreasonable. Traveling with a little kid (soon to be 2) has its own layers of difficulty and logistics, so I thought a cruise from a nearby port would be ideal. 1. No need to fly...
  37. ddrueding

    Can't find bluetooth gateway

    You'd think this would be an easy thing. -Pairs to phone in both handsfree (HFP) and audio (a2dp) modes -has input for mic (XLR ideally but anything will do) -has output for speakers (RCA ideally but anything will do) In other words, I want just the BT part of a modern car head unit. I can't...
  38. ddrueding

    Automating an install?

    I have a new program that I need to deploy to 40 Win7/8 machines. It requires IIS with specific options and SQL Express with specific options before I can even begin the install of the program itself. These machines are not part of a domain, and I currently have SQL Express and the program on a...
  39. ddrueding

    Scanner for photos

    A friend is trying to digitize a bunch of old photos. They are of varying sizes and qualities, some are quite fragile. He is not willing to trust an outside company with them. I presume he is looking for a flatbed. Some basic research has revealed that most have essentially the same spec. Is...
  40. ddrueding


    My wife has given me permission to buy her a smartwatch. She tends to put her phone in her purse and her purse in a drawer. The only must-have feature for her is that the watch notify her when her phone is ringing (within BT range is fine). Of course, the only thing she cares about is that it...
  41. ddrueding

    Drive imaging to a lower-capacity target

    Still shopping around for the easiest way to do this. More and more often I'm upgrading mid/low-end laptops with 128GB or 256GB SSDs from 500GB or 1TB HDDs, and I imagine I am not alone. I love my hardware-level drive copiers, but they only work if the destination is larger (regardless of...
  42. ddrueding

    Capture Cards?

    Looking to pull the signal from an HD DirecTV receiver to play back in a window on a computer. Assuming HDMI protection prevents doing this over HDMI, what about component? Single source, playback only. Don't need recording, multiple inputs, or any outputs. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  43. ddrueding

    Standalone RFID/keypad solutions?

    Something like this: Does anyone have a preferred vendor or product? I need RFID and keypad, and there is no central management system. I'll need two (one to the elevator lobby, one in the elevator), but I don't want to screw with the cable chases required...
  44. ddrueding

    EBooks from scratch suggestions?

    A non-tech friend has asked me to set them up with EBooks. They barely have an email address and flip phones. To start I'll set them up with an account on one of the services, and add it to their Win8 laptop. Which service should they use? I use Google for no particular reason, but there must...
  45. ddrueding

    Microphone to Speakers shouldn't be this hard.

    At the moment our baby monitor consists of the following chain: Sony SCam-30 in-ceiling microphone -> 10' speaker cable -> Axis P8221 Network I/O -> 50' CAT6 -> PoE Adapter -> Switch Then played on my wife's computer in the office, where the audio takes the following trip Computer -> 15' HDMI...
  46. ddrueding

    Wireless Mic recommendations

    Looking for suggestions. Bought a Pyle system that is living up to its name. Base unit is on one room, antennas need to be relocated to another (10-foot extension on the antennas is enough). Ideally two mics, ideally less than $500, ideally doesn't require phantom power or a pre-amp. Thanks!
  47. ddrueding

    3D Printers

    I did a 3D Scanner thread a while ago that touched on printing, but they really are different things. I'm considering a Rostock MAX v2 3D printer. Most kinds of plastic are supported (ABS requires the printer bed to be heated to maintain directional accuracy) and the print size is appreciable...
  48. ddrueding

    Router recommendations for network partitioning (and dual-WAN)?

    Helping a friend put together some numbers on building out a co-working space. One of the challenges is making a network where all the wired ports have access to the internet and shared resources, but not each other. I also plan on having two internet connections for reliability and speed. With...
  49. ddrueding

    Synology share access via IP address

    Upgraded a site from a desktop 8-bay unit with an Atom CPU to a 10-bay rackmount unit with a 3.1Ghz i3 (much faster performance of course). Same IP, same server name, joined to the domain in the same way. With the previous unit, I could access a share with either the IP address (//
  50. ddrueding

    For Sale: Gaming Beast

    Intel i7-4770 (4 cores, 8 threads, 3.4Ghz) Corsair CMD32GX3M4A2400C10 32GB Total (4x8GB 2400MHz) Gigabyte G1.Sniper5 2x XFX Double D 1Ghz R9-290X Samsung 840 Pro 512GB 3x Hitachi 3TB 7200RPM (0F12450) Corsair H100i CPU Water Cooler Corsair AX1200i Corsair 900D Windows 8.1 Pro