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    GPU slot failed on 2 different computers

    Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I've had trouble with one of my computers for awhile, I gave up on it until today when I tried a new driver. I keep getting GPU slot failed for awhile on that one. My other computer, different configuration, but both have GTX970s in them, was fine for...
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    Fiber Optic xmas tree

    I've had a fiber optic xmas tree for years that my parents gave me, I guess because when I was on my own I didn't bother with one. Anyway, the power supply on it went bad. It was a 12 volt 1500ma 18W power supply. I went to radio shack to see if I could figure out something suitable to replace...
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    VOIP Service Provider

    Are any of you guys using a VOIP provider other than Vonage? I've had vonage for years locked in at $20 a month but they keep increasing their fees to the point that I'm now paying an additional 50% a month in fees. So, are any of you using a provider that you would like to share your...
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    DVD Ripping and playback

    I'm looking to put my DVD's on my HTPC so that I don't have to swap disks whenever I want to watch a movie. I've found different programs to rip the disks and put them on my hard drive but I'm having difficulty figuring out the easiest way to play them. So far I'm ending up with the Audio and...
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    Best network configuration

    I currently have a 3 computer network at home. One computer I use as a file/print server and light internet browsing and gaming. My other desktop I use for heavy gaming and surfing. My laptop is used for very light gaming and the majority of web surfing and email. I also have an Xbox 360...