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  1. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    DX-50s were rather rare. Fussy with motherboards due to clock and being quickly followed by DX2-66s that worked well with many boards. I think I still have mine around somewhere, along with some AMD DX4s and Cyrix chips (just kept the CPUs for fun, didn't keep the bulky components). Tannin...
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    Windows 11

    I'd bet Microsoft walks back some of those requirements for upgrades; wouldn't be surprised if they leave them in place for new OEM licenses. The TPM requirement rules out 99 percent of non-enterprise computers.
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    Routing Between Subnets

    If the Ethernet cable from the DOCSIS modem is plugged into the WAN port on the Queen router, then behavior is as expected for any devices connected to the mesh, is it not?
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    My estimate is just 100k total reported cases in about a week. NIH estimated 70K by next Friday. Obviously the number of actual infections is some multiplier of that. Wouldn't be surprised if total number of reported infections is over 2 million by end of August. If testing becomes unrestrained...
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    US cases will explode, as we are finally starting widespread testing. I'm expecting we will top 100K cases in a week or so. China is just lying.
  6. sdbardwick

    Intel to introduce new ATX12VO PSU spec

    Yup, exactly. HP has been running 12VO PSU in some systems for a while now. Dell too IIRC.
  7. sdbardwick

    Large HDD's for a NAS/Server for RAID

    Decent write up on fio benchmark tool at ArsTechnica.
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    As it was explained to me, DR enables what amounts to low-level interleaving, like in channel level interleaving. More info: The wiki article states there may be a performance penalty with multiple ranks, just after it describes a performance benefit; I...
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    Yes. DR is better than SR. At least in memory-bottlenecked situations. Prime95 is memory bound (since AVX instructions appeared), so the hardcore users spend much effort on memory optimization. Some trustworthy users report gains >10% with DR vs. SR (in an application where single digit...
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    16GB modules might be dual-rank; I know that in memory intensive situations that can make a measurable difference. IME under Prime95 dual-rank is worth more than reducing CAS by 2.
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    Home NAS

    B/c on writes, in some situations, you are limited by the interface to cache transfer rate, rather than the physical media transfer rate for reads. Depending on the number of drives, RAID implementation, and size of on-disk cache, you can maintain a higher write speed for an extended period of time.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    Heh. Even more pedantic: Throttle is not exactly correct either, as no fluid flow. Accelerator not exactly accurate, as it can also cause braking (one-pedal driving). Edit: Ok, I guess accelerator is fine; - or + delta V is still technically acceleration. [Yes, I have been awake too long, why...
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    Something Random

    JTR, if you really expect not to have income when Medicare kicks in, you should do some asset planning now-ish. Most states have programs that will pay Part B premiums (either through Medicaid or outside of it), but the asset limits can be severe. However, some asset classes are exempt from the...
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    Something Random

    NO! Do not opt out of part B (unless you have other qualifying insurance at the time - qualifying insurance does not include some plans, such as COBRA benefits) otherwise you will probably pay a late-enrollment penalty forever. From SSA website: Will I get a bill for my Part A or Part B...
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    Something Random

    Are you sure about the cost of an office visit and the deductible? Most plans (unless they are only crappy catastrophic coverage) will only cost you $25 to $50 for an office visit - you don't need to hit the deductible before the 25-50 expense applies.
  16. sdbardwick

    Tools for pulling CAT6A cables through walls

    Biggest PITA is dealing with firebreaks if you have them - small 2x4s installed perpendicular to the vertical studs every so often. Segments the wall into small boxes and prevents them from acting like a chimney (or combustion air duct). The pros I observed used 72" spring steel augers to make...
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    Two weeks of air quality hell, finally over. Bay Area, Kali fires

    Not a campfire, the Camp Fire. Bad name choice by authorities. Most likely cause is electric utility line fault of some type.
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    Home Solar

    Wow! Tight market for solar out there. Here estimates (detailed ones at that) are free, no money due unless you select that firm to do the install. Homeowner-owned systems are common here, but everyone advertises the power purchase agreement (PPA) type as well as $0 down and about half your...
  19. sdbardwick

    Home Solar

    I'd get a reputable local company to give you an estimate. They should know the interconnection requirements as well as the details on the tax credits; such as the owner of the house may not be relevant, but rather the owner (purchaser) of the system may be able to claim credits regardless of...
  20. sdbardwick

    Windows 10

    Get to control panel and select Date and Time: Windows Key, con, <enter>, click Date and Time or Windows Key, timedate.cpl <enter> or, in search box timedate.cpl <enter>
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    New NUCs

    Based on my viewing of the pictures for the 8th gen NUC, some models have USB-C; those without have dual HDMI outputs. Also note that support for Windows other than 10 seems sketchy at best.
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    DJI drones - New Mavic 2 pro announced tomorrow

    Doppler effect explanation sounds off to me as well. Lunar is a bit off in his calculations (c = 671,000,000 MPH, so c/1000=671,000 MPH) so any doppler shift would be even tinier.
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    Nvidia RTX 2080 & 2080Ti announcement

    Hah! As it turns out you did, albeit inadvertently.
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    Something Random

    Until you remove so much heat that the condensate doesn't evaporate, and you get water pooling under the fridge... :wink:
  25. sdbardwick

    WD 14TB CMR

    Looks like WDC is using CMR to mean Conventional Magnetic Recording, or not using heat/microwave/laser assisted writes. Specifically mentions that the drive is PMR and not SMR (shingled).
  26. sdbardwick

    Samsung Notebook

    Whoa! 180 Watt power adapter. Can you even run an adapter of that size on airplane seat power? IIRC DC connections at the seat are limited to around 75 Watts.
  27. sdbardwick

    Core I9

    AFAICT, DMA still exists in that you don't need the CPU to direct memory transfers (like old school PIO), but since the only physical access to memory is through the CPU die's IMC, all data transfers outside of RAM/cache go through PCIe/DMI.
  28. sdbardwick

    New phone time v. LG G4 bootlooped

    So..LGBT? :smile:
  29. sdbardwick

    Call Blocker App

    I wonder if Android can do what I do with my iPhone: Set to Do Not Disturb mode, and then allow only calls from contact list to ring through. Not a complete solution, but better than nothing. Sorry if not helpful, I haven't used Android for many years.
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    "Glitch" is an Office Space movie reference. In the movie Milton was laid off, but due to a glitch in the payroll department, he continued to go to work and receive a paycheck for years.
  31. sdbardwick

    Intel Coffee Lake Another Rush Job

    AFAIK, AMD never marketed motherboards - I would have probably bought a couple if they had, and I cannot recall even considering an AMD made motherboard. IMHO, the most probable killers would be the (1) power supply/brick for the scanner or (2) computer power supply as cheaply built PSU could go...
  32. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    Dirac three polarizers experiment. Quantum stuff is mind-bendy.
  33. sdbardwick

    dSLR thread

    Maybe not; it is less salty than Vegemite.
  34. sdbardwick

    dSLR thread

    Maybe you can use one of these to draw on the battery pack?
  35. sdbardwick

    Sous Vide cooking Great stuff

    Do they still use Cobalt 60 to irradiate food? 25kGy is on the low end of the dosage spectrum for meat... Edit: Guess they do...according to wikipedia at least.
  36. sdbardwick

    NAS Drive

    I don't think a 660 foot fan would fit in an Olds Cutlass, even one from 60's or 70's. Maybe a 98... 8)
  37. sdbardwick

    Home NAS

    Did you want to wipe the drive and reuse it for Windows? If so, throw it in a working Windows computer and use the CLEAN option in DISKPART on it. Be careful to select the right disk.
  38. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    Not just you.
  39. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    I think it weird, but I've met at least 3 people named Scott Scott, one of which is a cousin.
  40. sdbardwick

    question New Computer

    Ironically, your problem is that you already have a very fast system. Intel's focus has been on power efficiency and increasing core count for the same power envelope rather than single thread (or even per-core) performance. Your Haswell-E system might be marginally slower than a Broadwell-E...
  41. sdbardwick

    question New Computer

    No current equipment meets your requirements.
  42. sdbardwick

    Home Theater Receiver with per-input programmable volume adjustment?

    I'd do a google search for the exact box/remote combo. IIRC, sometimes you need to enter a special code to unlock volume adjustment. It's been forever since I dealt with Comcast though...
  43. sdbardwick

    Home Theater Receiver with per-input programmable volume adjustment?

    David, are you sure the Comcast cable box doesn't have its own volume control? Some do...
  44. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    Like the Diet of Worms?
  45. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    Haven't run into a non-FB or Google site that requires a social network login, but they sometimes hide the non-social link pretty well...
  46. sdbardwick

    Something Random

    Turbo tax is on sale at Amazon according to ArsTechnica. Wish I had seen that before paying TaxAct's silly price this year.
  47. sdbardwick

    TVs and things

    how about now?
  48. sdbardwick

    Flash Memory quality (USB sticks and microSD cards) [v. It all sucks?!?!?]

    Random thought: Thermal throttling? Though that seems strange on read-only loads...
  49. sdbardwick

    Anybody planning a trip for this event?

    Yeah, I'm undecided as well. I might just give up 15 seconds of totality and stay in Metropolis - or drive just out of town. The casino might even have their own party/excursion...
  50. sdbardwick

    Anybody planning a trip for this event?

    Tenatively, yes. I've got a room booked at Harrah's Metropolis that weekend, so I might just make the hour drive north to Carbondale Il. to participate. I'm hoping SIU has something planned...[edit] of course they do!