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    Google Drive 5GB of cloud space for free

    Google drive seems to be a useful service to use to exchange data to others or as a backup. Of course, because it is out there under someone else's control security is limited. Currently I use 1GB of web space for each email account (I have 6) from Comcast to exchange files externally. This...
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    Hitachi starts shipping 4TB Ultastars

    Hitachi begins to ship Enterprise class 4TB HD with 5Y warranties You can bet that like all Ultrastar drives it will be expensive but where can you get 5Y warranties on HD's now? It will also be inevitable that they will soon be shipping 4TB Deskstars at a more consumer friendly price but...
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    Twisted' waves could boost information capacity of the EM-Spectrum

    Twisting electromagnetic waves allows for more information to be transmitted in the same spectrum space. Carefully Look at the dish antenna picture to see how they are making the waves travel in a twist as in a cork-screw. Then at the receiver they separate out the signal contained in the...
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    medicinal patants I can't begin to describe how bad I feel this is going to be for society. Giving someone exclusive rights to a diagnostic process or a method of treatment seems obscene. I want the...
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    MagicJack+ opinions

    I'm seriously considering getting MagicJack+ with a standard wireless phone to replace my landline as a cheaper alternative to even the standard VOIP options like Vonage or Comcast's VOIP. My first priority was that I wanted to keep the same phone number of 40 years. Cheaper is a secondary...
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    LSI buying Sandforce

    LSI agrees to buy Sandforce What are LSI's long-term plans? I'll leave speculation to the posters ...
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    Annoyance of the day - ATM charge for usage

    Today I got my new Wells Fargo ATM card that updates the expiration date another 3 years. Whee! With it comes the new fees for its use of $3.00 per month and $1.00 for a statement printed out on the ATM. Since the fees only gets charged if I use it in a given month, I've decided to do all my...
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    Application logging

    Is there an inexpensive Windows application in the form of a service that will timestamp to a text file when every new application starts and stops running, the pathname of the executable and the username who initiated the program? I do not want it at the process or thread level (too much...
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    4TB drive from Seagate

    I just noticed this: Seagate Ships World's First 4TB External HDD.
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    flying sphere drone

    As a science fiction aficionado, I've noticed that as time marches on, science fiction seems to be coming more and more true. A good example would be the flying sphere drone. Something like that has been a staple in science fiction stories since very early. This is only one small example, but...
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    Are there any Issues with Lenovo B560?

    I'm intending to give my niece, that is college bound, a notebook as a graduation present. Price matters, but so does functionality and reliability. Using my research a reasonable low-priced model to give would be a Levono B560 @$379 at Best Buy. Any significant gotcha's?
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    Minimizing WmiPrvSE.exe and svchost.exe under Win7

    I have several Win7 and WS2008 server machines and have noticed that frequently WmiPrvSE.exe and svchost.exe tends to use up a lot of CPU time. When I mean a lot, I'm talking 25%-35% total CPU usage (observed using task manager) using quad-core processors (q9450, q6600, etc.). Sometimes, they...
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    question Junking traditional TV for streaming only

    My cable TV has been supplied by my Apt complex. Well, as of Dec 31 they are not going to do that any more. My choices are to Stay conventional and buy into Comcast; Go for a Satellite service like DirectTV/Dish network; or go totally non conventional and subscribe to streaming services like...
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    Anyone have a suggestion on a new washing machine?

    My 15+ year old washing machine died. I took it apart and it appears to be the clutch assembly failed. I doubt that it is worth repairing, so I'm going shopping to see what exists, how much they cost, etc. Hopefully I can find a good black Friday sale on one. Anyone, want to give me their...
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    Intel's new business model - Chip upgrading?

    $50 to enable hyper-threading and bigger cache Interesting concept that won't fly. How long do you think it will take for someone post it on the internet for everyone to get for free?
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    $8000 US for a personal Satellite including launch

    TubeSat-1. I find this intriguing and surprisingly affordable. The concept of making my own satellite and sending it up into orbit is really neat. I would think that anyone here that was interested in making their own UAV might also find this interesting too. It is not something I would...
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    National Pork Board cease and deist demand

    I truly had a chuckle when I read this: Unicorn meat It appears that the National Pork Board demands that ThinkGeek quit using the term "The Other White Meat" to describe their April Fool's Day product of Unicorn meat.
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    Watson (a computer) plays Jeopardy!

    Watson (a computer) plays Jeopardy! I'm impressed, I would not have thought that this task would be accomplished by a computer, at least in my lifetime.
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    Poor quality SilenX fans

    Today is not a good day! About a month ago I switched out all my120mm fans for SilenX on my server: 2 for the processor, 1 case, and 2 for HD's. About a week ago, I noticed that the case and one processor fan had failed. No big deal, there is redundancy. Today, I found that the machine had...
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    Power supply calculator