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  1. Piyono

    Total Bytes Written Weirdness

    Today—on a whim—I checked one of my NVMe drives (WD Blue 1TB) to see how it was wearing. The WD Dashboard app doesn't show TBW but it reports SMART data. The value it shows is "3340658 Data Units Written", which I took to mean "Total LBA written". The problem with 3,340,658 x 512 LBA sectors...
  2. Piyono

    Windows Admin Account F-Up

    My nephew got a MAR-refurbished T480s which came factory-reset and already logged into Windows. While I was setting it up I absent-mindedly performed the following actions in User Managment console in this order: 1. Added a password to the default Administrator account. Hit Apply 2. Renamed the...
  3. Piyono

    Checking TBW on WD Blue

    WD Dashboard doesn't report TBW anywhere that I can see. Is there another utility that can report this?
  4. Piyono

    Admin Permissions Per App

    I set my nephews up with User accounts on their bedroom computers. This is fine for the most part but once a week or so Fortnite tries to update. This requires admin privileges and hence adult/Admin involvement. I've tried creating a Fortnite shortcut using 'runas' but this apparently hasn't...
  5. Piyono

    Cable Modem IP Different Than My Public IP

    My Hitron CDA-35 cable modem (available only through ISPs; purchased from Rogers) reports a WAN and gateway IP addresses that bear no resemblance to my public IP. The modem's IP addresses are in the public address space; why would the ISP give me one IP to connect to them and then another to...
  6. Piyono

    Mysterious Internet Outages

    My internet's been going out daily since I configured the network as in the image below, and I'm darn near my wits' end trying to figure out what's going on. The outages come once or twice a day, without out apparent rhyme or reason or correlation to any of my activities. When an outage occurs...
  7. Piyono

    Fan Noise After Adding SSD To Mid-2011 27" iMac

    I posted this earlier today on the MacRumors forum. --- This morning I followed OWC's tutorial video and installed an old Samsung EVO850 SATA 500GB SSD into a mid-2011 27" iMac i5. I used a generic Chinese SATA cable from eBay, with no in-line or other kind of thermal sensor because I was led...
  8. Piyono

    MediCat Live USB Is this legit? As in, is it compiled by a well-meaning individual without malicious intent? At first glance it passes my BS filters but I thought I'd get a differential diagnosis.
  9. Piyono

    Routing Between Subnets

    We're switching from DSL to Cable. Until I wire everything in I plugged a Mercku mesh router directly into the cable modem, as you can see in the diagram. The modem's LAN IP is fixed at (even though we purchased the modem we don't get management access :mad:). The Mercku router is...
  10. Piyono

    Lubuntu No Bootu

    A friend of a friend 9000 miles away is running Lubuntu on an ancient Packard Bell netbook. During an update (today?) the machine kernel-panicked and won't boot. My friend's friend human-panicked; I got the call and a bunch of screenshots. I would gladly muscle through this if I was there in...
  11. Piyono

    Mysterious Password Change. Malware Attack?

    Windows 10 on my sister's Lenovo E585 suddenly stopped accepting her password. The Windows login recovery security questions have changed, as well, to ones that I don't remember choosing. I thought maybe the input language had changed but it has not. She was running as an administrator with full...
  12. Piyono

    Home Mesh Network With OpenWrt?

    I currently have two wireless APs serving the house; the primary one in the garage (ground floor) and a secondary one in the basement. They both share an SSID and password but moving about the house necessitates manually disconnecting/reconnecting to maintain signal strength. This can get...
  13. Piyono

    No New Windows 10 Feature Updates For My P50

    This is an edited cross-post from a thread I started on the Lenovo forums (to no avail, yet): Windows Update on my P50 has detected no new feature updates since 1803. Not 1809, not 1903. Security and other updates appear regularly. I realize I can manually update but I'd like to know why the...
  14. Piyono

    Can I Circumvent Lenovo and MS Licensing

    Hey, Fam. I have a 2016 ThinkPad P50 which shipped with a Windows 7 Professional license. Still under warranty. At some point in the last 2 years I lost the you-get-only-one USB flash backup I made and had to order (Windows 7) recovery DVDs (there's no DVD drive on the P50). Now I want to...
  15. Piyono

    Spooky Malware

    Hey, SR, it's been a spell. A friend of mine just sent me screenshots of Chrome running on her MacBook. You can see the notifications on the side. They just keep coming. It seems as though she's picked up something nasty. You see the notification at the top, which reads ""...
  16. Piyono

    Troubleshooting Suspicious Behavior

    Hey, Fam, On my Lenovo P50 running Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 has been mysteriously launching and running quietly in the background while guzzling 10-11% CPU. It uses this much when I launch it manully as well. How can I figure out the cause of this behavior short of poring over Process...
  17. Piyono

    Plus Me.

    Anyone got a Google+ invitation for a brother? Yeah yeah, chutzpah, I know. First post in over a year and I waltz in looking for handouts. Look, at least you know I've not been cheating on SR with some floozy forums, right? I'd have a Google+ invitation by now... How y'all doin? :)
  18. Piyono

    Hardware RAID Enclosures

    I'm now running a commercial recording studio and I've been looking into incorporating a RAID into my DAW. I'm leaning towards an external 4-bay enclosure for running RAID-5 with a hot spare; I like the idea of being able to toss the array into a safe at the end of a workday, or to be able to...
  19. Piyono

    Same Problem 3rd Time Straight

    A friend of mine brought me his computer a few months ago for repair, complaining that it was crashing every time he used firefox. I gave it the usual once-over and ran my usual suite of utilities but found nothing suspicious. Then he booted it up and got the dreaded Windows XP could not start...
  20. Piyono

    Strange Startup Problem

    A few days ago my main machine started playing a new game: After a cold start the boot process moves at about half-speed. The welcome beep, the different POST screens, everything occurs slower. The Windows XP splash logo fade-in is choppy, and as a grand finale, just as the outline of the login...
  21. Piyono

    USB Issues

    I'm getting "This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port" message when I plug my USB 2.0 drive enclosure into a USB 2.0 port. I've tried deleting all USB hubs and devices (including hidden devices) from device manager and letting Windows reinstall them to no...
  22. Piyono

    Swapping Volume In WinXP

    My Documents and Settings / data drive (a'la this thread) is on the fritz and I don't have a replacement for it. Have a look at my drive layout, attached. HDD 2 is the failing drive. I want to move D&S from there to G on HDD 1 until I get a replacement (which will be a while as I'm broke). How...
  23. Piyono

    Documents and Settings: Where Do You Keep Yours?

    I've got into the habit of installing Windows XP with the Documents and Settings folder on a second drive if one is available, figuring that two heads can seek faster than one, although I've never been so pedantic as to do any kind of testing to see if this practice translates into better...
  24. Piyono

    Program Files Folder Mixup; XP Won't Boot

    Last time I reformatted my sister's laptop (just over a year ago) I tried a novel partitioning method I read about somewhere online. It involves creating separate partitions for system, swap and programs (and I make on for data, too). It's a bit convoluted to set up but you end up with a...
  25. Piyono

    Outlook 2003: Downloading Duplicates

    I moved someone's PST file to a new computer and set up their email account again. Usually when I do this Outlook starts retrieving new messages only. Sometimes it decides it has to download the entire server's worth of backlog. This is one of those times. Is there any way of making it see that...
  26. Piyono

    Heat Sink Bends Mobo

    The stock intel heatsink that came with my boxed Q6600, when installed, actually bends my Gigabyte EP45-DS3R. I had to RMA my first of these boards because of component failure, and now I'm suspecting that my replacement board may be under undue duress, as well. It's less than a centimeter of...
  27. Piyono

    New Computer: Mystery Reboot

    I just built myself a new PC: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Intel Q6600 Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5G PCP&C Silencer 500 Sapphire HD 4550 Seagate ST3250620NS LG GH22LS30 AFT XM-5U card reader I put all this into an AOpen H600A I had lying around. I installed XP Pro Corporate 32-bit from a SP0 disc that I...
  28. Piyono

    Looking For Dell Hard Drive Bracket

    Does anyone have an old Dell machine they could cannibalize for the HD bracket? People sell them online but they're ridiculously overpriced. This is the bracket. I'm trying to get one gratis. Will gladly pay for shipping, though. Piyono
  29. Piyono

    Multiple NICs On Mobos

    Besides affording one bragging rights, of what use are boards like this, with multiple NICs, to the average computer enthusiast? ]-[
  30. Piyono

    Just launched recently. I was very excited until I saw how much standard shipping was for 2 card readers and a CPU (like$35, no combining). Looks to me that they're shipping to Canada from U.S. warehouses. Disappointing in any case.
  31. Piyono

    Having fun with Chrome

    I just downloaded the Chrome beta and so far I'm enjoying it. On first impression the program is totally unassuming, intuitive and friendly. I'm really liking the interface. To contrast, the first time I tried Opera, I felt like my reflexes and intuition were under attack, and with each version...
  32. Piyono

    Driver Reinstall When Switching USB Ports

    One of those things that I've always noticed but never researched is Windows' tendency to reinstall a driver when a USB device is unplugged from one port and plugged into a different port. It just happened today with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro which I've been using for a couple of weeks. I...
  33. Piyono

    How far do you go?

    Client's machine. You've disinfected, pared down the startup list, pruned the registry and streamlined the services. But the machine still crawls. Something still lurks beneath the surface, mocking you. You've reached your reasonable rate cap. A few more hours and the client may as well buy a...
  34. Piyono

    XP SP3: What's The Word?

    Anyone had any particularly nasty experiences deploying XP SP3? I haven't rolled this one out yet so I figured I'd poll for opinions. ]-[
  35. Piyono

    XP Explorer: Drive Comments?

    Is there a way to add comments to a drive in the My Computer view of Explorer?
  36. Piyono

    SIM Card Readers: Is There A Difference?

    I want to get a SIM card reader to play with but I'm confused by the huge spread in prices; anywhere from $1.50 to $100. Is there a qualitative difference here? Are there specific features I should be looking for that aren't available on the cheaper models?
  37. Piyono

    Clean ISO 3200 in low-res P&S?

    I was just dreaming about a point & shoot camera that trades pixel count for super-clean, super-high ISOs. With today's sensor and DSP technology this would be a breeze. The Nikon D3's sensor and processor combo can produce an incredibly clean image at 6400 ISO. Arguably the best available...
  38. Piyono

    For all you birders
  39. Piyono

    Change input language - keystroke conflicts

    Is there any way to change the keystroke for selecting input languages in XP from the standard "ctrl+shift" or "right alt+shift"? I've been putting up with the program conflicts for a couple of years (I constantly switch back and forth between Hebrew and English) and finally got annoyed enough...
  40. Piyono

    EAccessViolation - Sound card conflicts

    I recently started getting an error dialog box on startup with the title "EAccessViolation" and just an "OK" button to close it. I didn't pay much attention to it (I'm telling myself I'll reformat any day now) till I realized I don't have system sound. Turns out the Realtek HD control panel...
  41. Piyono

    Fusion IO

    Anyone got $19,200 burning a hole in their wallet?
  42. Piyono

    Firefox 3 beta
  43. Piyono

    The Story Of Stuff
  44. Piyono

    Show Hidden Devices Trick in XP

    I just stumbled upon a nifty feature I'd not seen before. From a command prompt type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 Devmgmt.msc and then in Device Manager go View > Show Hidden Devices. The device list now shows everything that was ever installed, with missing devices displaying a...
  45. Piyono

    Which Boot Loader?

    I've decided to set up my new system drive with at 2 installations of XP, one Ubuntu and another spare primary partition (Vista? What's Vista?) It's been a looooong time since I've done this so I sat down to do some reading; bit of a refresher course, if you will. I'd like all my OSs to be...
  46. Piyono

    Hard Drives appear as "Disk drive" in Device Manager

    Device manager usually lists HDDs by their model names but on my newly-transplanted system the drives are labeled as "Disk drive". Any ideas on why that might be?
  47. Piyono

    Dual-Router Oddity

    Greetings from the Holy Land. So I've been messing with the physical and logical configurations of the routers on the network and found myself stumped by a configuration that looks like it should have worked but did not. The boxes are a DSL modem provided by Bezeq (the telco), a D-Link...
  48. Piyono

    Need new mobo: Suggestions?

    Last week I packed up a bunch of stuff and high-tailed it to Israel for the better part of the coming year. Included in my baggage were the components comprising my desktop computer, individually packaged for reassembly upon arrival. I arrived, I reassembled, I pushed the power button and...
  49. Piyono

    Per-Folder View Options?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the view options on a per-folder basis in XP SP2? For example, I want one particular folder NOT to display hidden or system files, but if I change it for that folder (even if I don't hit "Apply to all folder") it is applied globally. Piyono
  50. Piyono

    SATA 22-pin Male to Female: Where to buy cheap?

    Does anyone know where I can get something like this: for maybe 2 or 3 bucks apiece?