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  1. DrunkenBastard

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, may your day be safe and delicious.
  2. DrunkenBastard

    Dell and HPE SSDs have a firmware bug at 40,000 hours. Something to watch out for if you've been running Dell or HPE ssds for several years. Reminds me of a firmware bug on our Isilons which caused the arrays to go down after 127 days or something like that. The...
  3. DrunkenBastard

    Seagate announces Exos and Ironwolf 16 TB heliums

    "Seagate is launching their 16 TB CMR (conventional magnetic recording) helium drives today under two product lines - the Exos X for datacenter usage, and the IronWolf / IronWolf Pro for NAS units. The company has been actively shipping the Exos X drives to hyperscale customers, and today's...
  4. DrunkenBastard

    Toshiba 14TB PMR announced for Q1/2 next year

    Using 9 platters, rated for 550 TB of writes annually like the Seagate Enterprise Capacity: Article also mention a possible 16TB model later next year. Edit im dumb, can a mod please...
  5. DrunkenBastard

    Defect with Intel C2000 Atoms, multiple NAS units affected "The four product lines – ReadyNAS devices RN3130 and RN3138, and Wi-Fi managers WC7500 and WC7600v2 – happen to have a common component, Intel's Atom C2000 line chips, which Intel has acknowledged had...
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    1080 Ti announced, $699 on March 5th, 1080 price drop to $499 Looks like around the same performance as the Titan X at $1200.
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    AMD Ryzen pricing released, Intel cuts prices in anticipation Starting at $329 for 8 cores at 3 GHz base / 3.7 GHz boost, on sale March 2nd. Intel trimming prices:
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    Problems with adopting Ubiquity AC-Pro access point

    So I've installed Java, and the latest UniFi 5.3.8 controller (running on Win 7). Upgraded the firmware on the AC-Pro to the latest release (3.7.29) AP shows as pending adoption, I choose "Adopt" and it eventually times out saying "Adoption Failed". Tried forgetting and re-adopting several...
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    Another shingled turd, Seagate release an external 5TB SMR drive. Can't wait to see how horrible the write speeds are. Friends don't let friends go SMR.
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    Anandtech reviews the USB-C Seagate 8tb bus powered drive wth SMR Includes a small lithium polymer battery to assist with spin up power demands. Unfortunately has all the performance pitfalls of SMR.
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    Apple support rant

    Sweet jebus. Just got off the phone with "AppleCare". It is now clear to me why Apple is certainly not a contender in the enterprise space. Problem: Have an Xserve RAID box with one controller with red light. Powered on for the first time yesterday. Manual implies that this is a failure, and...
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    I'm on the edge guys. Yesterday I went to a store called Beers of the World, with a reported 1500 in stock. Sadly the Australian section was pathetic, and most disturbingly of all, there was no Boags to be seen, more specifically no James Boags Premium Lager. I asked the ass$$$$ behind the...
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    Disappointment over pork chop payout

    "A Sydney man who received just over $60,000 in damages for injuries he received in a bizarre pub prank says he has disappointed with the amount. The accident occurred when he slipped on fat that had been left by a man wearing pork chops as shoes. Troy Bowron sued Ross Lucock, the man who...
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    WorldCom hits the dirt

    And another one bites the dust. BuhBye MCI..... And Anderson have their grubby mitts all over this one too.