PC-Cillin 2002 and WinXP

The JoJo

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Jan 25, 2002
Finland, Turku
A fresh installation of WinXP, and an installation of the above mentioned AV software from the motherboards driver CD. I've had constant "windows has encoutered an error...." popups, every morning and now and then. After a bluescreen about some pcc...sys file I decided it was time.

Has anyone else had trouble with this? It's quite common on the motherboard CD's (This was MSI(I know, but they haven't had Asus for weeks, I was desperate!) but I think Asus has had some CD's with it also.


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Jan 15, 2002
Huon Valley, Tasmania
Nope. We use PC-Cillan all the time, and the more recent versions (last two or three years) have been as stable and user-friendly as anyone could ask for.

There was a minor issue back in about '99 with the ... er ... I forget the term for it, the "pre-scan" where it panders to mindless Outlook users by scanning your mails before they arrive in your email program. (All scanners have to do this these days, alas.) Sometimes it would lose the plot and you had to manually re-enter the mail server address into your mail client, but only on certain machines. (I've seen Norton Anti-virus do this too.) But that was easy to work around, and Trend Micro fixed it with the release of (if I remember correctly) PC-Cillan 2000.

Other than that, nothing. Stable as you like.

BTW, that reminds me that I've just switched our standard KT-600 board back to Gigabyte from Albatron after a rash of a weird problem that prevents you getting into the BIOS on the Albatron boards, and also because the Gigabytes are cheaper. But, damnit, it means we get NAV bundled with them instead of PC-Cillian. Yuk!