I work on computers on those rare occasions when I'm not working.

IT, light gaming, fishing, woodworking
The Sticks


Arwic: P8Z77-WS, 3570K (4.3GHz, 1.24v), 16GB DDR3-1600, Sapphire Nitro RX480 8GB (1266/1925), 256GB SSD/8TB HDD, EVGA 600BQ, Artix Linux x86_64 (runit, XFCE)
Al-Jalima: VS440FX, PPro 180/256K @ 200MHz, 128MB EDO, PCI Banshee 16MB, ES1868F, 3C-905, 64GB SD->IDE on Ultra66, DSB-500, SS-350ET, Win98SElite (KernelEx)
Samsur: SL-75KAV, Thunderbird 1333, 768MB PC133, GeForce4Ti4200 64MB, Audigy2ZS, 3C-905C, 320GB HDD, SS-350ET, HFSLIP2000 w/ Extended Kernel
Aerlinthe: X140e, A4-5000, 8GB DDR3L-1600, HD8330, 64GB SSD, Gentoo ~amd64 (i3wm)


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