I work on computers on those rare occasions when I'm not working.

IT, gaming, electronics stuff. Sometimes fishing.
Eglin AFB Area


Neftet: B450M-Pro4, 5500, 16GB DDR4-3200 CL16 1.4v, GTX1070, UMC22, 256GB NVME/2TB SATA SSD, 600BQ, LTSC 2021
Hebian-To: P4P800-VM, 3.4HT/1M/800, 4GB DDR-400 (CL3, 2.75GB usable), 9600XT 128MB, SB0730, 256GB SATA SSD, PRO/1000GT, SS-350BT, Windows XP Pro (USP4, absolute latest updates)
Shoushi: D815EAA, PIII-1GHz, 512MB PC133, Ti4200 128MB (250/445), Audigy2ZS, 128GB SSD SATA->IDE, PRO/100VE Onboard, SS-350ET, 2000 SP4
Cragstone: Alaris Cougar, 486BL3-75/IIT487DLC-25, 16MB FPM, Trio64V+ VLB 2MB, CT2800, 16GB SD->IDE, 3C-509B, SS-350ET, 98lite (IE6, boots to DOS)


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