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    So I'm not allowed to express an opinion on something I saw? How do you know it's fake? Because I brought it up? And I guess Snopes has an army of people doing real-time updates.
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    All right guys, attack me personally. It shows how immature and warped you are. SD, where did I bring up immigration? I quoted the guy saying racist things. I guess that's ok with you? I didn't follow the election as closely as you did, and appointments Trump made. PM me your mobile # and I'll...
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    I've been getting very disturbing videos thru Whatsapp. Today there was one where a reporter (white but not American) is talking to a white official who openly says blacks and pygmies are less intelligent that Caucasians. The official said several other repugnant racist things. I don't the...
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    Call Blocker App

    Many Android phones have an option in the pop-up menu in the calling screen that allows you to block a number. Easiest way is to block as soon as you received the call. That number will never be able to call you again. Of course this does not prevent a call from a number you haven't blocked yet...
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    Something Random

    I never have (Singapore, Malaysian, Cathay, etc.) and probably never will. Besides didn't ask for airline suggestions :)
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    Something Random

    Pronto. He's been missing too long. I've respected his privacy till now, but will email him soon if he doesn't show up. Where are YOU, Nitsirk? Update please? I'll be happy to attend if y'all send me a ticket :)
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    Windows 10

    Been meaning to post this. This problem was never there in W7, and is specific to W10. I mostly have multiple Excel files open, and most of the time, a browser window as well. In this scenario, I cannot Alt-Tab out of any Excel window; it takes two Alt-Tabs at least. I find this extremely...
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    Virtualizing C2Q Win XP box under Win 10 Pro

    Ha! Interesting, because my Epson scanner (paper/film) only works in XP. I used in in W7 64, then now in W10 64, inside an XP VM. There are posts I made earlier about trying to solve this issue when I first moved to W7. There is, BTW, 3rd party sw that will work with almost any scanner in any...
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    Nichia Develops 60 Lumen Per Watt White LED

    How would he carry it? :)
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    Virtualizing C2Q Win XP box under Win 10 Pro

    Didn't read the whole thread. I used VMWare Converter to convert my W7 live install to a VMWare Player-compatible VM. About 6-8 months ago. Both are free downloads (registration required) at VMWare. Be aware though that as soon as you start it up, Windows will ask for a new key since it assumes...
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    LG sale on batteries and cradles

    SD, stop baiting him, bad boy! Lunar, don't mess with the battery, it could explode. Dispose of it properly.
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    Something Random

    From stuff I've read int he past (Eneloop thread on CPF, etc.), Thomas Distributing is the safest place to buy Eneloops from, original stuff guaranteed. For the reasons SD mentioned a couple of posts above, buying from Amz is dicey. I buy Eneloops from Thomas, photographic stuff from B&H...
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    Something Random

    But Amz has been dicey for some items. Like Eneloops, for instance. And SD says for memory cards.
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    Avaya Officially Fills for Bankruptcy

    When Nortel went under, same thing happened; a lot of customers got burnt. It was a great company that went off-track in the last few years of its existence. Avaya was badly managed from the beginning, surviving only because of their near monopoly position. Not surprised this has happened, only...
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    Windows fax and scanr default email

    1. Uninstall Thunderbird 2. Uninstall Windows Fax and Scan 3. Reboot 3. Install Windows Fax and Scan 4. Make it use email; hopefully it will find one of its own - Outlook 5. Install T-bird