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    Something Random

    25 meetings a week. Yup, that sounds like the government.
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    Can I Circumvent Lenovo and MS Licensing

    Nice try Lunar, not falling for it.
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    My wife gets dozens of them a day. Google is smart enough to send them to the spam folder. I pointed out she needs to make sure to never use that password or anything like it again.
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    LED flashlights

    I fell for Lunarlinks again.
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    They probably got your email and password from one of the many websites that have been hacked, and emailed you threatening the rest. I doubt that they have accessed your personal machine at all, even if you use the same password on it. That said, I would still change all passwords that are the...
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    New phone time: old-school

    I think it probably comes down to the software. Motorola is good about not preloading the phone with a bunch of garbage. Without all that stuff constantly checking in it might make a big difference. That combined with the display not being on a lot.
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    What is an Accedian Networks MetroNID TE?

    Have you tried connecting the cable modem directly to a computer to make sure it is working correctly?
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    Tesla doomed

    It doesn't really matter, it isn't sticking around here. It is already out in uncrowded space.
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    Something Random

    You seem like a really smart guy when it comes to most things. It is clear you do a lot of research on audio gear, but for some reason you seem to only get your news from the GOP bubble. There is a lot of room for negotiation on doing what is right on this issue, but you racists are only...
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    Something Random

    Screw the people who have been here for decades, living a good life, contributing to society, because they weren't lucky enough to be born here and their parents brought them here. Hell, even some of the Republicans think that is wrong. The Republicans were cool with letting CHIP expire for...
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    Bluetooth speakers

    I've done that several times and never had that experience. I suspect it was a one time deal. I wouldn't let it discourage me from doing it again if it was otherwise the most attractive option.
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    Best movie you've seen

    I enjoyed Passengers well enough. I think most of the bad reviews are due to the actions of the main character rather than the overall quality of the movie. I really enjoyed Hacksaw Ridge as well. I went in not knowing anything about the story and very much enjoyed it.
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    Best movie you've seen

    My impression was she was appropriately naive for having lived on an island and not being exposed to the norms of life outside of the one she had known.
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    Something Random

    If Youtube censors you, you can post somewhere else or host your own. If Charter doesn't want people to see your site a lot of people aren't going to see it.
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    New phone time, And Google Fi

    Right off their website.