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    New phone time, And Google Fi

    Me too. It's a 0% interest loan.
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    Mid-range phone

    I like the fingerprint scanner location on the S8. What I don't like is my S8 battery is definitely degrading from when I purchased it about a year ago.
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    Mid-range phone

    Samsung seems to do a better job of providing software upgrades, at least for their flagship models. My S8 has Android 8.
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    Mid-range phone

    If you buy a new S7, wouldn't the battery be essentially new and unused as well?
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    Mid-range phone

    I've had multiple LG phones that break down after 12 - 18 months including two LG G5s. I wouldn't buy another LG phone. How much would an S7 or S8 cost you?
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    New phone time: old-school

    Is your Moto brand new?
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    Core I9

    Modern websites use way more CPU than you probably realize. If you keep multiple tabs open or load a lot of tabs at the same time you could easily peg 4 cores. Run the Javascript profiler on a complex website sometime.
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    Core I9

    Every desktop user that uses a modern browser is using multiple cores. The OS also uses multiple cores.
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    The Watch Thread

    I see numerous people wearing smart watches everyday. I wouldn't buy one myself, but to say they're not popular might be misleading.
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    EDC pocket knives

    A campus?
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    Isn't it pretty cold in Sweden in January?
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    EDC pocket knives

    I have a Kershaw knife that looks extremely similar to your's. It's pretty nice.
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    Call Blocker App

    Try Mr. Number.
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    Something Random

    You haven't visited a news site or seen a newspaper?
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    Cloud Backup

    I ended up switching over to Crashplan Small Business. One of my computers had 8TB in the archive, even though I unselected some things to get it under 5TB, when I converted the entire backup was lost. It's going to take like 2-3 months to get it backed up again. I am already 250GB over on my...