1. D

    question Running VMware on two computers

    Hello, A friend and I (at school) are trying to setup af complete network on separate computers. We are both running VMware (same version) and a Virtuel Smoothwall (firewall) to share internet access across our host-only servers. So.. I'm running a smoothwall with NAT and Host-only network...
  2. U

    Storage Question

    Is there a stable storage software at a good price point that is VMware 5.0 certified and preferably other than MS?
  3. Handruin

    Home ESXi

    I'm looking to build a test environment for ESXi and I was intrigued by this Dell PowerEdge T100 which seems to be at a really low price of $289. When I bump the RAM from 1GB to 8GB it's only another $121 which seems pretty darn cheap for $410. I'll need to add a couple more Gigabit NICs into...
  4. Handruin


    Who's done basic iSCSI setups? I'm new to them and want to figure out how to get this working for a learning project. I'd like to setup a home test environment of VMWare ESXi with SAN storage so that I can use vmotion. Since I'm somewhat familiar with fibre channel from past experiences, I'd...