RIP Dell Dimension 4400


Storage? I am Storage!
Nov 22, 2002
Somewhere in time.
This was a hand-me-down for my daughter from my sister's family in ~ 2004; no idea how old it already was. Ran well, but had consistent video card problems. I kept alternating between two AGP video cards I had, and things would be fine for a year or so, then the same problems would resurface.

It didn't survive the move, looks like. Power on, the HDD spins, but no video, not even to say OS not found. Monitor LED still amber, as in power-save mode because of no signal. I put the HDD in my system and pulled off her iTunes library, so the HDD is fine. Don't know if it's a motherboard, power supply or video card issue. System too old, no spares available to test. I'll just junk it.

I'll give her my old work laptop for now. It's about 7 years old, but it'll do, and I'll get her a new laptop later.

For a vomit box, the Dell did pretty well.