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Jan 15, 2002
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StorageForum’s Rules of Conduct

By participating you agree to abide to StorageForum’s rules. StorageForum may modify these rules: becoming effective immediately upon posting. Failure to follow the rules may lead to sanctions. Further, you agree that StorageForum has the right to move, remove or edit posts.

StorageForum makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning content. All posts are the sole responsibility of their authors. StorageForum neither endorses nor shall it be held responsible for material by third parties.

Do not post or link any material that is illegal, injurious, threatening, sexually explicit, disrespectful, or offensive: as determined solely by StorageForum. Chain letters, pyramid schemes, and spam are all prohibited.

Do not make available anything protected by copyright, trademark, or which is proprietary: without the permission of the owner.

All posts shall be limited to the appropriate forum(s) especially advertising and off-topic (OT).

Any activity interfering with the normal operation of StorageForum is prohibited.

Please report abuses by E-mailing

Our motto: show respect at all times.
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