question Where can I buy DDR2 1066 SDRAM for a desktop pc?


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Mar 3, 2012
New York City
Never having been on this forum before now, I innocently wrote this thread in the "Computers" forum.....

I just ordered a 180GB Intel 530 series SSD. I'm going to install Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit on it. It will be the newest addition to a 4 1/2 year old desktop pc. My current boot drive is a Samsung 250GB SATA drive with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit installed on it. I have 2 x 2GB DIMMs on an ASUS P5Q SE/R MB that can accommodate 16GB. Since the OS is the 32 bit version, only 3.328GB of the 4GB total are usable. With the 64 bit version of Win 7 installed on the SSD, I can expand the MB to the full 16GB. Doing some window shopping, I found that DDR2 1066 SDRAM is very expensive. I'll settle for 8GB due to the high cost. Can anybody advise me where I can buy 2 more 2GB DIMMs and not end up in the poor house? However, the DIMMs don't have to be NEW.

If anybody has any new or used DIMMs that they're willing to sell, I'd be happy to buy them from you and make both of our lives easier. I'll have the SSD in my hands on Fri. or Mon.