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    10TB hard drive

    Come on, you'll like Libra.
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    I mean 161 users online.
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    This the pub. Any pub questions or musings?
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    NAND is it. Let's live with it.
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    Case with most 5.25 bays, to use multiple removeable Hard Drive bays?

    If you don't need to remove the HDD's often, and can do with removing a side panel when you do, the Antec Nineteen Hundred has a good amount of HDD slots.
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    Something Random

    Oi. Bartender, no more Cognac.
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    HP laptop still slow -help me determine why

    What was the OS before you upgraded to 10? Maybe a restore to that configuration would help.
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    Proposed NAS build

    For CPU needs focused on singled threaded, serialized calculations, the i3 is the same as that i5. If CPU cache or multi-threading matters, choose the i5.
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    Proposed NAS build

    Yes, and they may never do so.
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    NSK2400 build notes

    Indeed it does. SMART is basically a data gathering program, so it won't fix anything. Windows cannot reallocate sectors, nor can it accurately detect the difference between a bad sector and OS corruption issues. The only way to attempt to solve sector issues is to use the manufacturer's tools...
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    Another mass build and some hardware thoughts

    Typically not my first choice of motherboard manufacturers, for a recent low budget build, I did use an ASRock H97M Pro4 and it worked great....five months later and no failure.
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    Another mass build and some hardware thoughts

    That is a decent selection for a low budget. I second Dave's recommendation for a larger SSD, unless you have plans to use an HDD for data storage.
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    That would be an interesting poll. To some extent, David Bowie was influential to the genres that his music supported, such as: art rock, glam rock, art pop, electronic, and experimental (it just happens to be music that does not interest me). Nonetheless, it seems to be more typical that a...
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    Something Random

    I am glad my products aren't in this classification yet. My buddy and I fly fixed wing RC planes like the Multiplex TwinStar. My buddy's filmed flights. He has a DJI quad, which he has registered and uses for work. He's also an AMA member.
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    Something Random

    I am sure you already know about this: FAA UAS Registration