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    What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Better Than Copper Cables?

    I have just installed one of these: in my office. They are less than $1k here in Aus which is pretty good for a 16port 10G switch. It gives you 12 SFP+ ports and 4 RJ45 ports. The Ubiquiti fibre transceivers are also very well priced and...
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    Defect with Intel C2000 Atoms, multiple NAS units affected

    Yep, got a SuperMicro server dead from this problem. Six months out of warranty, still fighting with them to get it replaced. :-(
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    Have your tried one of these: ? Takes two m.2 SATA SSDs and one NVMe m.2 drive. Have you found one that works? Looking for something like this to access client m.2 drives on my...
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    Laptop Recommendations

    I have found these to be pretty good: 14" with carbon fibre so 1.7Kg with five year warranty. 12Gb ram, one M2 SSD and space for a 2.5" drive as well. or these (if you really want some grunt)...
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    CISCO RV320 port forwading woes...

    :eek: it works! The cisco firewall rules are nuts! Thanks Howell, I got the same answer from Samir at the Small Net Builder forum. I never considered doing this because the access rules page has a default rule to Deny all traffic from WAN1 to any destination. It appears that even though the...
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    CISCO RV320 port forwading woes...

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some help configuring a Cisco RV320 router. The RV320 is at a remote location, I want to configure a port forward for remote desktop from my public static IP address through the RV320 to a server on the RV320's internal lan. I have setup port forwarding on the RV320...
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    How can a router open your browser?

    Hi Tea, I alot of ISPs are not offering the use of the UniV ports on the NBN modems as that is an extra fee they then pay to NBNco. You should be able to request a UniV service from Telstra but it will be more expensive than the VoIP service through their Tel$uck router. 2nd point is you can use...
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    What to do with a problem like VGA?

    Have you tried plugging a normal DVI to VGA adaptor dongle into the monitor? I have a few high-end Dell monitors that come with two DVI ports and no VGA port, I found at least one of the DVI ports worked with a VGA signal through a normal adaptor. Cheers, mangyDOG
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    The magician software comprises of two components. The first is a basic SSD utility that enables firmware updates (for the SSD), monitors total write usage and also links to various windows settings that can be configured to improve SSD performance. The second component of the software is RAPID...
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    For Windows 10 and Samsung SSD users. Samsung have finally updated their Magician software to support RAPID mode under Windows 10.
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    Replacement gaming card

    I have one of these 2nd hand (only six months of use, still a year or so of warranty remaining) for $220.00 Should be faster I think than a pair of GTX690s. In new cards, I would look at one of these: Galax GF GTX 970 Black Edition V2...
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    problem Computers blocked from Local Network.

    Thanks, will try this arvo or tonight. Cheers
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    problem Computers blocked from Local Network.

    Hi All, I have a strange network issues with one of my clients. Their network consists of 100+ computers & printers with another 40 or so wirelessly connected notebooks and mobile devices. The network is managed by a Netgear UTM150 router (DHCP and DNS) and wireless is by a Ubiquity Unifi...
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    Longer-haul wireless

    Second vote for the ubnt stuff. Easy to configure and here in AUS I have a choice of 5Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz radios.
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    "Windows Technical Services"

    Love it. I never have the patience to string them along for more than a couple of minutes. Well done on the PB! Cheers, mangyDOG.