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    Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPU @ 5.3GHz

    Shouldn't portable heaters come out in the fall, not the spring?
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    Intel to introduce new ATX12VO PSU spec

    I don't think that this is going to make it past OEM systems which can save money by doing it this way. There's not enough in it for your average builder to switch.
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    His podiatrist would know, right?
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    Yubico Yubikey - increasing your authentication for services

    I think that I'd prefer a huge pain than losing 2FA to someone who managed to break into my phone.
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    Next gen Epyc will be out next year. They better be pretty deep into Zen 3.
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    Sure, if my main use for the computer was burn-in testing and benchmarking the CPU....
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    Search function is garbage.

    Hmmm. I have almost 900GB, the vast majority of which is FLAC. Do we need to switch user names? ;)
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    Prison Break

    Isn't the easiest solution to just build a Faraday cage around the prison? ;) Unless there's a worry that the "users" may be able to tap into it, wired is the way to go. Any wireless solution would be unwieldy or nonstandard, or both.
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    I picked up a 3600 non-X. I'm running it stock on a B450 board with the stock cooler. It runs 100% load all day at 3.8GHz and pretty quiet. Intel has work to do.
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    TDP is, unfortunately, a load of baloney. Intel's seem more honest but considerably more useless; their TDPs are basically what the cooling solution needs to dissipate for the chip to only hit the base clock. AMD's TDPs are supposedly what the cooling solution needs to dissipate for the...
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    Well, first and second gen Threadrippers and x399 boards should get real cheap soon....
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    I'm guessing that you're dead already, then. You may want to check if Gmail will fetch the mail for you. I haven't set it to up with any other accounts since the days of POP, so I don't know what it supports now.
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    Well, Intel isn't doing it with Ice Lake, either. Threadripper 1000 and 2000 chips have a much more compelling price/performance.
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    Stop using it. Problem solved!
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    Doesn't AMD already offer more than 18 cores for less than $1000? This looks kind of like Intel trying to fight AMD's mainstream desktop with HEDT.