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    dSLR thread

    On my way through the airport last week for a work trip I dropped in to the duty free electronics shop to get a US power adaptor and ended up buying a D800 with a 28-70 lens. I haven't actually had a chance to use it yet since I've been really busy with work and annoyingly I can't find an...
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    eBook Readers

    I have one of the older Sony readers a PRS-505. I'm constantly cleaning the screen even without touch functionality so I know I really wouldn't want that, but then I don't make notes on books either. I generally use Calibre on Linux to handle transferring books on to the device, it works well...
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    Big screen phones? Anyone have a HTC Sensation?

    I'm pretty sure the Sensation does have a microSD slot. Only one person I know has owned one, there was some kind of persistent problem though and he got rid of it and got a Galaxy Nexus instead and is much happier. I don't really remember the details though so it's not much help I guess.
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    Custom roms like Cyanogen use the back lights on the back and menu buttons of some Samsung phones as notification lights. That works pretty well on my Galaxy S and is probably preferable to something that has keep part of the CPU and graphics chip running to keep its notification going...
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    Virtual Offices

    If you just spent a little more time with them, that someone could be you...
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    Virtual Offices

    Hosted PBX is probably a better option for the scenario you describe than setting up your own. PBX's are not fun to configure and if you set it up you'll get blamed for everything. If people are working from home or from a small office then you're probably going to be dealing with consumer...
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    question Which Tablets

    The Toshiba Thrive is probably the best fit, 1280x800 display, reports vary on if it's IPS or PVA but it's better than TN in any case (But not nearly as good as the 10" Galaxy tabs screen). It has a full size USB2.0 port supporting exfat formatted mass storage devices and a full sized SDXC card...
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    Android phones: Tips, tricks?

    I was pretty surprised by HP announcing that they're definitely going to continue to support WebOS, they're open sourcing it and they'll think about actually shipping products that run it...
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    iPhone syndrome

    Apparently they've fixed some of the serious problems with getting data on, and more so off, iThings. Or so I'm assured by people who use iStuff more than I and like it about as much. But the fixes are quite recent and before that iDevices were pretty strictly monogamous.
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    Android phones: Tips, tricks?

    Assuming you don't insist on full size SD the Huawei MediaPad seems to have you covered. In the US it's old as the T-Mobile Springboard. The inevitable catch is that there is no WiFi only version, hence T-Mobile (Or Orange in the UK) being involved.
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    The destruction of liberty

    You could do it with one time pad encryption, one key decrypts the data to something harmless, another to something incriminating either way they have exactly the expected amount of data. Of course you then have the problem of storing the keys safely...
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    Android phones: Tips, tricks?

    I'm not sure that article is particularly accurate. I'm pretty sure Medfield is actually Intels second attempt at a mobile SOC, it's just that the first one (Moorstown) was more like an SO5Cs and nobody ever actually put it in a shipping product. Even Medfield is more of an SO3Cs, and I doubt...
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    Linksys E4200 134.99 at local Costco

    At least some of the packets in the early part of a wifi hand shake are unencrypted and contain the MAC address of the endpoint so getting a MAC to spoof is just a matter of timing (Or interfering with the network enough to force endpoints to reconnect). The best looking option I've seen so far...
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    PC Gaming = World of Suck

    I think a lot of the people who didn't like it, myself included, would disagree about the humor. But it has a lot of toilet.
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    The obligatory Blackberry thread

    I'm guessing that that guy doesn't realize that the notification bar can be pulled down. I've found that to be a pretty common problem amongst people who are given Android phones for work. They download a file from a web site or email and the file comes down O.K, but they don't know that when...