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    Backing up memory cards on the go without a laptop

    Has anyone made a setup to backup / save content from their camera's memory cards to another card or HDD without a laptop? I've read a few articles that say it's possible to use your phone or tablet's USB OTG capability with a USB hub to connect a SD card reader and a USB HDD simultaneously and...
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    question HDD advice, PLEASE?

    Hello! I'm looking for the "best" HDD for my PS3 - cool, quiet, fast, & dependable. What should I upgrade my old fat60 to? Never had the first problem with my system, but I'm always out of space. Finally ready to change the HDD, but searching reviews I find as many pros as cons for just...
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    Antec ISK 300 Case & 12.5mm thick 2.5" HDs

    I couldn't find an answer to this question anywhere on the web so I'm putting it here. You can fit a 12.5mm thick 2.5" HD in one of the two 2.5" "bays" in the Antec ISK 300. As you can see in the picture below it sits just a touch below the metal edge of the case. The cover slid onto the case...
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    question external hdd dock with dual slots and hotswap?

    is there any product out there like this? if by any chance it would support both ide and sata that would be awesome.