1. S

    Upgrading WiFi card in laptop

    Has anyone tried upgrading the WiFi adapter in a laptop? Seems like it's just a matter of swapping out the old Intel HMC card for a different one. I've got a few laptops that are Wireless N (or older) that I'd like to change to AC. One HP and one Acer. It looks like I need to use an Intel...
  2. Handruin

    update Updates to forum (vbulletin version 3.7 from 3.6)

    I've patched us to the latest version. We now have a new reCAPTCHA tool enabled and I've re-enabled new user activation to see how things go. You may find some new features in the forum as time goes on. One I might point out is the tag feature in vbulletin. If you want to see some of the...