Found old laptop. It still works.....


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Jul 5, 2007
I was looking for something and in the back of a closet I found a really old, no, ancient laptop. An AST Research Ascentia 900n to be exact. Still powers up and boots into Windows 95. It was WAY outdated when I used it at uni to type up papers during 1998-2000. Keyboard is still better than modern laptops. Mouse is a Microsoft two-button serial ball mouse, connected to laptop via serial-2-PS/2 converter.

<5 minutes later after connecting cat-5 cable and rebooting>

Wow. I'm on the internet via Netscape Communicator v4.72. Storageforum looks like crap, tons of javascript errors, but hey something came up.

Storageforum's appearance on ancient laptop:


-80486, 75 MHz.
-24 MB RAM (upgraded from 8MB).
-500 MB HDD.
-10.4" 640x480.
-Two, PCMCIA slots w/cards.
- 10 Mbit ethernet card.
- 14.4kb modem.
1.44 MB floppy drive.

Edit: I can't connect with HTTPS sites. yet. :(


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Feb 1, 2003
I'm not so sure about that. But I suppose it's possible there's a tree nymph somewhere in the mix.
The Android has a mind of its own. :dunno:

Some kind of NiMH pack would be normal for that era. I recall we would be issued some crude laptops for travel back in 1995 with some kind of dongle for the dial-ups. :lol:
We had to turn them in on return and they would be reinitialized or whatever it was called before the next user.