Tool to Read/Browse Folders Full of .msg Files


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Jan 21, 2002
Québec, Québec
People here often save lots of individual e-mails (.msg files) in project folders. The files have the e-mail subject for names. Of course, several files share the same name (with a different number to differentiate them at the end), so finding the right message can sometimes be a chore.

Is there a tool to view a bunch of individual .msg (in the form of a library), with a viewing pane on the side. Or do I need to convert all the .msg in .eml and view them with Mozilla Thunderbird or similar? It is too late to ask the employees to save the file folders in .pst files. I'm stuck with thousands of .msg files now and I must find a tool to allow quickly browsing them.

MS Outlook can only open one .msg file at the time, which is tedious.

Any idea?