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  • Hi David
    Would you please drop the 3200+ Athlon CPU and the Seasonic power supply 500W in the mail to me? Looks like P.F. is going to give me the computer back.

    Have to check and see if it's just the cpu, or the entire motherboard that went.


    Greg S
    Hi David
    I'm looking for a portable, fast laptop, like the IBM 201. If you have one used, you want to move, let me know.

    I have a software guy that needs a desktop, so likewise, if you have something to move, let me know.
    I'll present it to him, and see if he's up for it.


    Greg Santilli
    Hi David

    I was wondering if you might have some old, LONG cables laying around.

    My home theater system is driving me nuts. I'm looking for a long cable to connect the sound card to the amp. I use the one plug cable that looks like, and currently is, a monster cable, single end on both sides. Male plug-in.

    I also need the old, almost sentronics printer cable, with the old clips for a Xerox XD130DF laser printer. The current 6 foot one is stretched to the hilt, as is the sound cable.

    Another one stretched is the double ended S-video cable, that currently is about 3 feet,
    and needs to be 6 feet or more.

    If you don't have them in your cable box, give me a good lead on where to order?


    Gregory Santilli
    Hi David

    P160. It's actually a caddy for a removeable Sata, just like the one above it. They have little blue tabs limiting the reward travel of the drives on the ones above it.



    I don't even remember what type of case you have. P160? P180? What type of drive? Optical? Hard drive?

    Hi David
    I'm trying to install another drive in the computer you built me. I'm missing some kind of clips that hold the drive in place for the last drive bay. Looks like a blue, screw in piece to hold the drive in place. Do you have a couple more?


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