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    Nvidia RTX 2080 & 2080Ti announcement

    If absolute performance is the goal, the new Titan still seems to be the thing?
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    Bathroom fan replacement (v. quieter + more CFM)

    I had an old, undersized unit that was an unusual size that I didn't want to mess with. I bought an in-line unit that I mounted to a rafter and wired it in parallel with the existing unit. Easy to do and very effective.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    ...and it looks like this car will not be getting a spot in the garage. And I'm not good at cleaning/maintaining this kind of thing. Did someone here do a ceramic coating of some kind at one point? Stereodude? I'm interested in suggestions for helping maintain the paint (don't care about...
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    Post your photographs here

    I haven't put pictures there for years, but here is the full stream:|
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    Post your photographs here

    Nice work Snowhiker. I need to recover some of my old work from places on the internet. Lately all I do are pictures of the kid.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    It goes, and as quickly as you like. Cars I've had in the past were fast, but only if you made the right preparations; downshift, put into sport mode, enable launch control, etc. This one is as fast as those but without the prep; as soon as you press your right foot. No clutch or torque...
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    Netgear Arlo = bugs, bugs, and more bugs

    More expensive, but I use the Nest cameras at home. Well built and my experience was better than the one Tea describes above.
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    Home Solar

    I had solar city do the install at my place several years ago. I'm sure I did a thread about it here somewhere.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    I bought. It is quite used. 2016 Model S 90D. Had 53k miles, but every option. Under $50k. I've had quick cars in the past, but this is a whole new level. You feel like Neo from The Matrix moving through traffic.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    New toy
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    Window treatments v. cellular shades

    Our 10-year old cellular black-outs are starting to show their age (not working all the time, some threads wearing). I'm now looking for one that I can automate using either the Insteon or Echo systems. Did you investigate those?
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    PoE Cabling

    You'll be fine. I've run 35W+ wireless links on the end of 150' Cat5e STP cables without issue. I've never even had a cable get warm (could be because the STP I use has braided steel around it?
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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    Indeed, the largest I could find were 2TB. And with that there are many options with MLC 3-layer.
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    Ancient PC with Windows 98

    I had to do something similar, ended up crossing my fingers and turning it off. Connected to an IDE-SATA adapter and imaged the drive to a file. Now runs as a virtual machine on newer hardware. In my case I felt it was worth it as they not only needed the data, but the software install (no disks...
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    I do want to buy a used car

    Now that there basically isn't a waiting list, resale values are coming down considerably. The model I'm looking at retailed for $85k 3 years ago and is now basically 70% of that. Seems roughly in line with other luxury vehicles. And I know that Tesla's feature set leads to more attention for...