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    Home Solar

    So you ended up going with a 20 panel 6kw system?
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    Lots of Snow

    There are no conversion parts to run Buddy heaters on natural gas. But if you go for solar+batteries you could wire up your natural gas furnace to run the blower/ignitor off battery power, prob around 4-500W or so for a 1/2 HP blower. Or get a whole house natural gas genny, though to get long...
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    Lots of Snow

    Prob too late now jtr but may want to look at getting a Mr. Heater Buddy propane heater for times when the power goes out and you need emergency heat, especially for your mum. It takes the small portable propane tanks but you can get a hose to hook up a 20lb bbq tank for longer run times. It has...
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    UPS for server room

    How about a big bank of flooded lead acid batteries and an appropriate charger/inverter? Main downsides would be venting, space and weight. Also would prob want to limit discharge to 50% of potential to extend battery system life.
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    Something Random

    Nice, did you get it when it was on sale for $2k? Seems to be the best option right now for HDR playback.
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    Question on WD MyPassport Ultra 3TB

    So here's why they are thicker - they integrated the USB interface onto the HDD circuit board, making then fatter but not as long as the slimmer drives where the USB interface sits at the end:
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    Question on WD MyPassport Ultra 3TB

    Ah ok, my mistake. I was confusing the Backup Plus drives which use a 9.5mm drive inside with the MyPassports which must be using the fatties. Thanks.
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    Question on WD MyPassport Ultra 3TB Does anyone know anything about this 3TB model? Is it a 9.5mm 2.5" drive inside? I have the 2TB model but will grab this to extract and upgrade a PS4 if that is the case.
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    Something Random

    Coug, I think when he says "there" he means Mother Russia. As opposed to "here", in California.
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    4k TVs and Monitors

    I haven't seen anything look good on Time Warner cable, just horrible macroblocking with high motion due to insufficient bitrate. Reading around looks like Amazon uhd streams are 16mbit/sec using h.265, and in general a 1080p blu-ray disc will look better. Which makes sense as blu-ray can...
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    I want to buy a new car

    That's a pretty high credit score. There's a few companies that provide scores/scales and it's hard to compare without knowing the source. I believe FICO scores generally max out at 850 so 868 is prob a TransUnion score, which would be the equivalent of 790 with Equifax, and 776 from Experian...
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    4k TVs and Monitors

    Pretty sure it was in 4k as he has a 50mbit download speed and this was on a Saturday morning with nothing else going on at the time. After the initial buffering I didnt see any change in clarity. There's no way to see what it's delivering at any one moment thru any menus that I can find. Also...
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    4k TVs and Monitors

    A friend of mine recently got a 65" curved Samsung 4k tv, I was watching The man in the high castle series on Amazon on it (the 4k version). Honestly at about 8 feet away I really couldn't see much if any difference to the 1080p version. Need a bigger screen or closer viewing distance I think.
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    8k TVs and Monitors

    Yes my last design I used 10 50" 1080 panels in a five wide two high array.
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    Surface Pro

    Will need to see if they are still limiting performance with thermal throttling, and which actual nvidia gpu they are using. The hinge seems strange in its closed position, I guess they couldn't pull off the Lenovo look with the full watchband type hinge.