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    Something Random

    I was just looking through this thread, recalling many of the usernames. So, ummm... did something catastrophic happen to Udaman or did he just decide to move on 14 months ago? Last Activity: 03-May-2010, 11:36 Friends: udaman has not made any friends yet
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    question Frys

    I've got multiple Fry's and Microcenter to choose from. I usually go to Fry's so that I can look for specials on oddball things like tools, LED flashlights, odds'n'ends, and electronic crapola. I rarely buy this stuff, but every once in a while they have something I need for low $$$, like a...
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    USB 3.0 drives

    Power Over eSATA came out about the same time 6.0 Gb/s SATA and SAS hit the marketplace. A PCIe Power Over eSATA interface card... Two (2) external Power Over eSATA connectors; which supports any two of: - Two (2)...
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    And, congrats to CougTek for joining the SF millionaire club. >>> 1,549,264 <<<
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    I'll probably have to write this myself ....

    Just as a side note to this conversation, one of the best -- if not THE BEST -- file renaming utility software is BulkRenameUtility, which is currently at version It is to be found here (including a 64-bit version):
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    Christmas Lights

    And, they tend to leave the outdoor yuletide decorative lighting up all year long. And, they may even fire up this "permanent" lighting once or twice during the summertime when they're drunk out of their skulls. PS: Even if I wanted to mess with this decorative light pollution seasonal...
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    Cheap Core2Quad Q6600 @ Fry's today only

    There are 3 Fry's in this metro area. One has wild west theme, one has outer space theme, and the oldest (i.e. -- the one with worn out floors) has an oil derrick / maritime theme. Otherwise, I went to Fry's on "Black Friday" and saw a *hell of a lot* of bargains everywhere (and a zillion...
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    Where's everybody?

    Damn! I just about upchucked an hour's worth of sardines reading that one.
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    Vista: The first 24hrs with Vista

    Well, I've been calling Vista "ME 2" for a little while. Of note: I bought a retail full version (non-upgrade) WinME package a couple of years ago, still in its original shrink wrap and all, for US$40. At the time of purchase, I certainly had known for years how crappy WinME was, but I...
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    July 22nd Intel price drops

    Well, it seems 1333 MHz FSB will be around for at least a year, until Nehalem shows up. The Nehalem processor family will be the first Intel processors to have an on-die memory controller, but, early word now has it that a (budget?) model line of Nehalem processors will also be available...
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    Same here. There was apparently (yet another) error with the Stanford database. On a related note, that points database error that occurred about ten days ago was an absolute freeking doozie! Ever since the PS3 machines started cramming data into Stanford's F@H system, the weak links in...
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    Another Digital Camera Thread - Point and Shoot

    Believe me, the D-100 is absolutely fine. Even though the D-100 has all those whiz-bang features, and I have a couple of auto-focus lenses, I'm primarily a manual photographer. I still have, and use, my 1999 Olympus CL-2500 Camedia (with its ED glass lens). The 8-year-old camera writes to 2...
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    Erasing your data before dumping your drive

    "Darik's BOOT AND NUKE" (a.k.a. -- DBaN, now at version 1.07) will do all of that -- for FREE. You can select from various methods of data sanitising, such as the DOD 3-pass or DOD 7-pass. Every sector is overwritten. Just download the ISO from SourceForge, burn the ISO image to a CD-R, and...
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    80 Cores

    80 processor cores on the board, 80 processor cores, Take one down and pass it around, 79 processor cores on the board. 79 processor cores on the board, 79 processor cores, Take one down and pass it around, 78 processor cores on the board. 78 processor cores on the board, 78 processor cores...
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    ATI / AMD Streams Processor

    Since there is already higher-end ATI GPU support for F@H processing, one would have to expect the eventual support for this new coprocessor as well.