Dir Utils - organize files


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Nov 22, 2002
Somewhere in time.
Several people have asked for a tool that does something like this one does; maybe not exactly, but close. Check it out.

Dir Utils

Summary of features:

Extensionize: categorises files by their extension and moves them to pre-designated directories.

Alphabetize: creates sub-directories based on the first letter of each file and moves each file into the appropriate sub-directory, e.g. A - Z.

Arrange: this is useful for organizing multi-part files such as RAR parts or MasterSplitter/JAS parts.

Unzip: finds all .zip files in the directory and unzips them to sub-directories named after each zip file.

Unify: searches through any sub-directories of the directory being operated on and moves all files to the immediate directory, thereby emptying the sub-directories.