I want to buy a new car


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Jun 17, 2018
I visited Amsterdam once and i loved exactly what you just described! Maybe it's just me but i get the sense that in the Netherlands the air seems to be much more clearer. I swear i felt like my lungs were going through rehab...but then again i was a smoker for 5 years and i quit 2 years ago. The air there gave me new lungs! and i will forever be grateful. The more that i talk about it. The more that i feel like i should go back, i.e visit one more time.
Headed there in a month's time, this sounds amazing and I really can't wait to experience it as someone who lives in Southeast Asia, where the traffic gets crazy and pollution rampant with the number of motorcycles and cars around. Can't wait to be in a city where the primary mode of transport is actually cycling.