Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPU @ 5.3GHz


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Nov 8, 2006
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In short, while these CPUs can reach 5.3GHz, the power supply and cooling solutions on most (if not all laptops) is grossly inadequate...

It does mean that in order to hit 5.3 GHz, the Core i9 is by default allowed to take 135 W across two cores, or 67.5 W per core. Even at 60W per core, you're looking at 50A of current per core... in a laptop.

I only mention this here, as time recently had issues other Lenovo? laptops not reaching advertised specifications...


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Nov 20, 2013
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Apparently the 10900F will consume 224W for 10c/20t. Ouch. I consume less than half that -- hell, a little over a quarter that -- for over half the core count. Of course I'm not at the blistering clockrates of the 10900F and at that price-point, power consumption doesn't matter for much anymore... but the kicker is that the 10900F is rated for the same 65W footprint my 1600AF is in at stock.

That's... frankly pathetic. That's Pentium D levels of desperation. I hope Intel comes back with something big, like they did with Core2, but the more time passes the more I'm concerned that isn't happening.