Laptop time?


Florida Man
Nov 20, 2013
Eglin AFB Area
I'm still biding my time waiting for the price on the 16GB kit of RAM I want to buy for my work laptop to go down. I wonder if I shouldn't bite the bullet and go straight to 32, but I don't want to pay those prices -- then again, I don't even want to pay for the 16GB kit, I feel that should have been the base config of the machine. But, the SKU that had 16GB from factory also had an i7, which I don't need (the difference between the i5 and i7 for this gen is just clocks and cache), and cost almost twice as much all-told, so maybe I should just suck it up and grab the RAM I need. I'm also contemplating buying a bigger SSD -- I'm not having space issues... yet... but if I move my AD lab from my work desktop, I'll definitely start to feel the pressure.


Storage? I am Storage!
Jan 15, 2002
Huon Valley, Tasmania
Having got all this lovely new kit, I won't be using it for another month or two. I'm off to the old house for a month or so shortly, and I'll take the old laptop because it is compatible with the stuff there (screens mostly, and there is a docking station) and I can't be bothered looking around for and possibly buying adaptors and stuff (HDMI or DP to DVI, maybe other things). The only things I can't run on the old Thinkpad are the latest version of music recording and photo editing applications, and I won't be wanting those things over there anyway.

I hear you on factory configs and crazy pricing, Sedrosken. Speaking of crazy pricing, I'm laughing at the "Black Friday special" discounts scam. The Kingston hard drive I bought on a "Black Friday special" is now selling as standard for that exact same price, and the Samsung drive I ordered yesterday is cheaper now that it was when the specials were on. Mind you, Black Friday is mostly an American thing, a lot of the rest of the world pretty much ignores it. In this country, "Black Friday" always means 13 January 1939, the dreadful day when the temperature passed 45c (about 115f) with a scorching northerly wind, and bushfires killed 71 people in Victoria.