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    Android 7.0 reviews?

    You know Greg is always on the cheap? :lol: Maybe there was a black Friday super-low deal.
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    Wireless Mic recommendations

    I'm not sure about remote antensa either/. You need to comly with the FDC regulations.
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    Nichia Develops 60 Lumen Per Watt White LED

    Are there an decent GUI based bulbs? I tried one once and it was extra dim.
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    Something Random

    Garyu Henderso and Steve Groltz are alive. Its a mircale!
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    Something Random

    #6 ;P
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    Something Random

    SR lost all my psots due to teh human errrors. Then Davin quit and Eugnege announced gong out of busitness.
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    Will Dynamic Disks survive a Vista to Win 7 upgrade?

    Dinyamic Dicks can survive almost anythign that wuld not kill the host. :D
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    Ad-Aware with anti virus

    tRIAl pay? That id free, my ass!
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    8425 Miniscribe

    Maybe Tony stil has one in teh back of the shoppe. :lol:
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    Why must TV forsake me?

    tV has gone crazy in the decades since. Tonigth on TV commercial old Lieftenantt SUllu is selling quadractic cooloered TV sets. WFT?
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    Something Random

    #6 :p
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    Does anoyne care eno9hgh about you to follow and hack itn? What sis so impotante?
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    Rotating your IP address?

    Itr make sno differnce. If they wanmt ot, they wikll get you and ruin your flife, No thing can be done for teh resistance.
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    Lest fAC ETHE facts,. Gergory has a fetsih for SCSI intefrcvae and hard direvs. :D he was tuarimatized by the falsity of Promise /Maxtor and never the sasem again.
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    Cheese or Font

    oH brothers. Some Peple have way too mauch free time in therio lives,. It is rather fun y in concepot I must admiont.